It’s not too late to train for Chattajack

We’re within100 days until Chattajack.  It seems like a long time away on one hand yet on the other it seems rather close, especially since it’s approaching the point where you have fewer days left to train than there are days since you registered. ...

New 100-Day Paddle Challenge:: Crank Up The Miles :: Starts Sunday, July 21

100 Challenge
Congrats, everyone on finishing the most recent Challenge!  We're looking forward to hearing how much time you spent on the water over the last 100 days so please share. For our next challenge, starting on July 21 and running until October 29, we're going back...


by Coach Larry Cain You’ve probably all heard of Malcolm Gladwell and his “10000 – Hour Rule” from his book Outliers, which states that to be a world-class expert in something it takes approximately 10000 hours of practice. While I think the number 10000 is somewhat arbitrary and...

What your sneakers are telling you about how you should be paddling

Larry Cain Nike Swoosh
I find that one of the most useful things I can do when paddling is to visualize the path of the paddle in the water.  Understanding what you should be trying to accomplish with the paddle to move your board forward with optimal efficiency,...

Transitioning to a narrower board

Larry Cain Narrow Board
In a recent post I shared a number of tips you can use to enhance stability on your SUP that are especially useful when paddling in rough water and on narrow boards.  Now that we’ve discussed them, let’s take a look at narrow boards...

Summer and Fall SUP Training Camps in Ontario Canada with Coach Larry Cain

Join Coach Larry Cain in Canada for one of three summer training camps on and around Lake Ontario in Oakville, Canada, just outside Toronto. Each are long-weekend SUP camps—3 days long and focused on a specific skills set and limited to a small group of...

SUP 11 City Tour 14 week Training Program with Coach Seychelle on Paddle Monster

Starts June 3rd. Cost $240 one time fee Includes: 14 week training program written by Coach Seychelle - 3 X Grand Champion of the SUP 11 City Tour Designed specifically to prepare you for the 220km ultimate SUP challenge. This is a unique event that will challenge even...

Training for Summer Races and Chattajack has begun!

Start Training with Paddle Monster for your paddleboard and OC events. There are summer and fall peaks, plans for Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Strength and Conditioning and Sports Nutrition options. There are no contracts. And even if you have limited time—a weekend warrior—we can...

Paddle Monster’s Sports Nutrition Coach Launches Race-Specific Coaching

Victoria Burgess Sports Nutrition
Coach Victoria Burgess has just launched 1, 2, 3, and 4 month Nutrition Plans to help you prepare for your A races. Initial consult, including goals, macros, event planning, etc. Nutrition plan to match your physical training programming up to race day Pre race nutrition...

2019 Crossing for a Cure 16-week plan with Coach Seychelle

Crossing for a Cure 16-week Training Program - with Coach Seychelle
Seychelle's 16-week training program written specifically for paddlers participating in the Crossing for a Cure begins Monday 2/25! The cost is $250 for the whole program and includes weekly paddle workouts, strength training workouts, coach's notes, direct access to your coach, Paddle Monster all-access membership...

Paddle Monster Sports Nutrition with Victoria Burgess Is LIVE

Sports Nutrition
Certified sports nutritionist and world class stand up paddleboard competitor Victoria Burgess has joined the Paddle Monster team as its nutrition coach, starting TODAY. Burgess has CISSN certification as a Sports Nutritionist and is pursuing a PhD in Health and Human Performance. Victoria Burgess Discusses Sports...

Spring Competitive Phase training with Paddle Monster begins January 21

For those with consistent access to open water and racing major early season events like the Carolina Cup at the end of April, this phase begins on January 21. Here is where we start to ramp up work on the water, with anywhere from...

Paddle Monster to launch Sports Nutrition Programs with Certified Sports Nutrition Coach Victoria Burgess

Certified sports nutritionist and world class stand up paddleboard competitor Victoria Burgess is joining the Paddle Monster team as its nutrition coach, starting February 1, 2019. Burgess has CISSN certification as a Sports Nutritionist and is pursuing a PhD in Health and Human Performance. “I’m...

How You Paddle Matters: New Paddle Monster Video Analysis Program

video analysis
It’s clear to anyone that has been on a training program that “training works”. If you’re training to race you see a big difference in your performance as a result of the effort and consistency you put into your daily workouts. If you’re not...

Paddle Monster Balance: Walk the Plank

Balance: Walking the Plank from Paddle Monster on Vimeo. LEVEL 1 A good way to work on my balance and ability to move around on my board was to lay a 2x4 on the ground and then cross step back and forth on it, just like...

Paddle Monster Starts Off Season Paddle Strength with Olympic Paddle Strength Coach Chris Chapman Nov 5

PADDLE STRENGTH AND POWER IS COACHED BY CHRIS CHAPMAN, MSC., CSCS, CSEP-CEP Coach Chris Chapman will provide weekly dry-land strength and power training programs for novice, intermediate and advanced levels including both in-gym and at-home options. The dry-land training will complement the on-water training and...

Molokai Training with 4x Champion, Travis Grant

travis grant
Super Coach Travis Grant talks about a commitment to training and its benefits for any distance race. Train with Travis at Paddle Monster

Paddle Monster Becomes the Official Coaching Platform of The Paddle League

Paddle Monster And The Paddle League Paddle Monster, Inc. has teamed up with The Paddle League to be it’s official training platform, providing training and technique expertise for the 2018 season for all paddle levels from the novice paddler all the way up to the...

Paddle Monster Launches Summer Training Phase

April 30 marks the launch of the Paddle Monster Summer Training Programs for Northern Hemisphere paddlers.  This 16-week training block culminates in mid-August, peaking for races like the NY SEA Paddle, OABI and the Gorge.  Coaches Larry Cain, Travis Grant and Seychelle can personalize...

Sage Advice on How to Deal with Race Weekend

Race Day Advice Paddle Monster Coach and Olympic Gold Medalist Larry Cain knows a thing or two about racing. In his Paddle Monster blog this week, he talks about how "ultra-focus" on the race you've been training for all winter can actually work against you. "Focusing...

6x World Champion, Teneale Hatton, Launches Gorge Downwind Championships and Canadian Downwind Championships Training Groups

Includes: Weekly training programs up to the event Direct communication with your coach Weekly blogs/articles of interest Full access to paddle monster and database and the bonus group clinic pre race and specific race tips/tricks and course advice Option to go to either workshops...

Paddle Monster’s Coach Larry Cain Launches Spring Paddle Base Training Next Week

Next Week (Feb 26 - Mar 4) is week one of the Spring Base Program. With the long awaited arrival of warm weather and longer days and 7 weeks till the Carolina Cup,  it's time to get back on the water with the "Spring Base...

Nervous System Fatigue: A Q/A with Coach Larry Cain

Paddle Monster Nervous System
This is an example of the discussions taking place daily on the Paddle Monster Forums, available to all access and basic members: QUESTION: Larry, I am not too familiar with nervous system fatigue and what feels like. I’m sure I have felt it but how is...

Training For Spring Paddle Races: Spring Competitive and Spring Base Training Blocks Starts Next week with Paddle Monster

Spring Competitive Block on Paddle Monster
If you are competing in March, April, or May races, Larry Cain starts a new block of training this next week targeting that Spring peak. Join today if you want to prepare to compete or complete spring races like the Sharkbite Challenge, Carolina Cup,...

Paddle Monster Coach Seychelle Starts Today: Includes Ultra Endurance Group

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