Improve your reach and rotation by Coach Seychelle

These are two simple, active stretching techniques that you can use to help increase the rotation in your thoracic, or upper spine. Add them to your daily warm up and see if your “set up” or your “reach” improves. If you have any issues with...

Ready to Go Winter Paddling: Gear Video from Paddling in Canada

Here's what we wear in -17 degrees Celsius on Lake Ontario with Larry Cain

Paddle Monster Training Platform Forum Launch

Paddle Monster forum in available to All Access and Basic Members on mobile (IOS and Android) and on the web at and has active discussions ranging from maximizing your catch to gear to events and is moderated by our coaches at

Photo Gallery: Winter Wonderland

Winter Paddle Warriors The members of the Paddle Monster 100 Day Paddle Challenge Facebook group are a hearty bunch! Here are just a few examples of these paddle warriors battling the elements on what has already been called one of the coldest winters in quite...

Setting your 2018 Goals with Coach Seychelle

Seychelle launches on January 15th. She will be launching four different paddle training groups: Three levels for warm-climate paddlers including Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner; And a fourth group focused on long, paddle-endurance races. Sign up for the waiting list here:

Channel your Inner Viking Winter Team Paddle Challenge

Happy New Year paddlers!  It's time for the next 100 Day Challenge: Jan 1-April 10, 2018 by Larry Cain, Paddle Monster Head Coach With winter taking a really firm grip on most of North America as we launch this it might be hard for many...

Welcome Coach Seychelle to Paddle Monster

Seychelle launches on January 15th with a paddle retreat and a Paddle Monter clinic in January. She will be launching four different paddle training groups: Three levels for warm-climate paddlers including Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner; And a fourth group focused on long, paddle-endurance races. Get on...

Seychelle Paddle Monster Clinic Jan 20 in Melbourne FL

Seychelle Paddle Monster Clinic
Seychelle Paddle Clinic TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: Improve stroke efficiency for speed and endurance Discuss proper training, and recovery for paddlers. Racing tactics and strategies. Starts, drafting, finishing strong Buoy Turns Q & A – (nutrition, strength training, distance paddling, sprints, etc.) Come prepared to ask for...

Seychelle Joins the Paddle Monster Coaching Team

Seychelle joins Paddle Monster Coaching Staff
Paddle Monster Adds Seychelle to Coaching Staff Seychelle, a perennial Top 10 standup paddle racer and SIC Maui team rider, is joining the Paddle Monster coaching squad for the 2018 paddle season. A native of the Florida Keys, Seychelle has always had a deep connection to...

Why the Off-Season is still ON for Training

by Paddle Monster Paddle Strength Coach, Chris Chapman Race season has come to an end. The weather is turning for some of you and forcing you off of the water, while others change focus away from paddling as next season is in the distant horizon....

Video: Paddling Home Waters With Larry Cain

Larry Cain on his home paddle turf Videographer and drone pilot Kenneth Chapman captured Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain on his home waters in Oakville,  Ontario, Canada and the result is pretty awesome. Take a look.  But be careful, you just might want to plan a paddle...

Paddle Monster Launches new Fall and Winter Training Program: Shorter Days

Many of you, especially those living further north may be finding it increasingly difficult to paddle during the week with dwindling daylight hours. To assist you we've created a special program using weekends for water workouts to give you some structure to your training...

Video Trailer: Drafting with Larry Cain!

SUP Drafting for Racing - Larry Cain Ever want to know what it's like to be Larry Cain, drafting?  Take a look at the new Paddle Monster trailer for his Drafting 101 video and find out!  You'll see how the master does it! The full video...

Maui Jim’s Profile of Travis Grant

Profile of Travis Grant In advance of the Molokai to Oahu race coming up in just a few weeks, Maui Jim's has released this awesome video of NSP paddler and Paddle Monster Coach Travis Grant.  What a multi-faceted athlete!!  

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind

We're early, we know. It's by design. From now on, CHUM Newsletters will arrive on Wednesdays to reflect on the past weekend's events and give you time to jump last minute into next week's events. The weather has a funny way of cancelling or changing...

Surfski and Kayak Paddling Essentials for Summer and Winter by Teneale Hatton

THINK kayaks PFD
This short post outlines equipment and apparel I see as essential to make paddling safe and comfortable. I may make some brand suggestions because I’ve tried them out and really like them but it’s all about what feels good for you! Absolute essentials Personal Flotation Device...

The first 100 people to respond will be able to try the Paddle Monster App as a Basic Member for 10 days. 

We are 3 weeks from Sharkbite, 5 weeks from the Carolina Cup, 6 weeks from the Key West Classic, OluKai Ho‘olaule‘a and Bay Bridge Challenge, and 7 weeks from Paddle Imua .. The list foes on and on... And while the miles are accruing,...

Making the Most of the Last Four Weeks Before the Carolina Cup

Making the Most of the Last Four Weeks Before the Carolina Cup We’re 4 weeks out from one of the biggest events of the year – the Carolina Cup.  No matter which one of the three different races you’re entering, this is a challenging event...

Travis Grant joins Paddle Monster as Outrigger Canoe and Ocean Standup Paddleboard Coach

Paddle Monster, Inc. has added multiple Outrigger Canoe and Standup Paddleboarding World Champion, Travis Grant, as Head Outrigger Canoe Paddle Coach at   Coach Grant will be specializing in training paddle athletes on OC-1 and OC-2s (one and two-man outrigger canoes) and assisting OC-6...

Paddle Monster Launches Surfski & Kayak Training and App with Surfski World Champion Teneale Hatton

Coach Hatton will be specializing in surfski and kayak technique and training and will be coaching a select group of paddlers online through and the Paddle Monster app for the upcoming 2017 season and beyond. "I am super stoked to be a part of...

10 Questions With Teneale Hatton (Actually 11 but who’s counting)

Teneale Hatton
Meet Teneale Hatton Fans of the Mullet and Paddle Monster are going to be seeing a lot of Teneale Hatton in the next day or two.  She's the newest coach to join the  Paddle Monster team.  She will be offering online coaching for surf ski and...

Paddle Monster App Rollout video

Paddle Monster is launching a new training app that went live on the iTunes App Store and Google Play (for IOS phones and Android phones, not iPads/tablets). There is an introduction app that anyone can register and see that gives you an idea what...

Paddle Monster : The Official Coaches of the 2017 Chattajack

Paddle Monster has just become the official coaches for this year’s Chattajack. We’re here to help you with the tools and resources to get you to this amazing 31-mile adventure. If you’re really serious about your performance. If you want to be on that starting...

Kettle Bell Swings

Purpose: Hip hinge explosiveness, eccentric (decelerating) hip flexion Transfer: SUP paddling involves repeated double hip flexion and extension. However the load is only on the pulling part of the stroke. KB swings involve decelerating hip flexion opposed to creating it so it is working the...

Exercise of the week: Split Stance Landmine Row Demonstration from Paddle Monster

Section: Paddle Monster Strength & Power Purpose: Pulling Strength, Core strength/stability; Leg stability Transfer: This exercise requires you to control/stabilize your whole body in an offset position while pulling on a load. While the position is not exact, standing on a board and paddling is a similar...
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