Ready to Go Winter Paddling: Gear Video from Paddling in Canada

Here's what we wear in -17 degrees Celsius on Lake Ontario with Larry Cain

Paddle Monster Balance: Walk the Plank

LEVEL 1 A good way to work on my balance and ability to move around on my board was to lay a 2x4 on the ground and then cross step back and forth on it, just like you do on your board when you are...

Off-Season Paddle Training for Cold and Warm Climates Starts November 9th

paddleboard training
The Paddle Monster Off-Season Programs are designed to build the fitness foundation upon which a successful 2021 racing season can be built. Programs specific to those in warm climates, who have regular access to the water for paddling, and those in cold climates who are...


by Coach Larry Cain You’ve probably all heard of Malcolm Gladwell and his “10000 – Hour Rule” from his book Outliers, which states that to be a world-class expert in something it takes approximately 10000 hours of practice. While I think the number 10000 is somewhat arbitrary and...

SUP 11 City Tour 14 week Training Program with Coach Seychelle on Paddle Monster

Starts June 3rd. Cost $240 one time fee Includes: 14 week training program written by Coach Seychelle - 3 X Grand Champion of the SUP 11 City Tour Designed specifically to prepare you for the 220km ultimate SUP challenge. This is a unique event that will challenge even...

6x World Champion Teneale Hatton joins Paddle Monster as Surfski and Kayak Coach

Teneale Hatton joins Paddle Monster
Paddle Monster has added six-time World Champion, Teneale Hatton as Head Paddle Coach for Surfski and Kayak Training at paddlemonster.com. Coach Hatton will be specializing in surfski and kayak technique and training and will be coaching a select group of paddlers online through Paddlemonster.com and the...

Exercise of the week: Split Stance Landmine Row Demonstration from Paddle Monster

Section: Paddle Monster Strength & Power Purpose: Pulling Strength, Core strength/stability; Leg stability Transfer: This exercise requires you to control/stabilize your whole body in an offset position while pulling on a load. While the position is not exact, standing on a board and paddling is a similar...

Paddle Monster App Rollout video

Paddle Monster is launching a new training app that went live on the iTunes App Store and Google Play (for IOS phones and Android phones, not iPads/tablets). There is an introduction app that anyone can register and see that gives you an idea what...

Behind the scenes look at Paddle Monster Site

Here's a quick video walk-through on how to get, understand and ask questions about your weekly training plans for Paddle Monster All-Access members. Go to Paddlemonster.com to log in or for more information about joining.

Paddle Monster Becomes the Official Coaching Platform of The Paddle League

Paddle Monster And The Paddle League Paddle Monster, Inc. has teamed up with The Paddle League to be it’s official training platform, providing training and technique expertise for the 2018 season for all paddle levels from the novice paddler all the way up to the...

10 Questions With Teneale Hatton (Actually 11 but who’s counting)

Teneale Hatton
Meet Teneale Hatton Fans of the Mullet and Paddle Monster are going to be seeing a lot of Teneale Hatton in the next day or two.  She's the newest coach to join the  Paddle Monster team.  She will be offering online coaching for surf ski and...

6x World Champion, Teneale Hatton, Launches Gorge Downwind Championships and Canadian Downwind Championships Training Groups

Includes: Weekly training programs up to the event Direct communication with your coach Weekly blogs/articles of interest Full access to paddle monster and database and the bonus group clinic pre race and specific race tips/tricks and course advice Option to go to either workshops...

How time and intensity of training affects sleep quality

Do you think the time you exercise or the intensity of your exercise affects your quality of sleep? Thirty four men and women participated in a one-week study on how the timing of their exercise and the intensity of their exercise affects their sleep...

Paddle Monster Strength and Power Training Update

Coach Larry Cain and spent the past few days shooting exercise videos in Toronto Canada with our new Strength and Power Coach, Chris Chapman. Here are a few videos introducing Chris (read this blog post for more info on Chris and the plan), why...

Paddle Monster Strength Training is Live

This is a big week at Paddle Monster. First and foremost, they have now posted the strength plans, video demonstrations of each exercise in the video library and video walkthroughs on how to read, use, and discuss the plans with Strength and Conditioning Coach Chris...

Sage Advice on How to Deal with Race Weekend

Race Day Advice Paddle Monster Coach and Olympic Gold Medalist Larry Cain knows a thing or two about racing. In his Paddle Monster blog this week, he talks about how "ultra-focus" on the race you've been training for all winter can actually work against you. "Focusing...

2020 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis 20-week Training Program with Coach Seychelle on Paddle Monster

Are you ready to start training for the paddle of a lifetime? If your goal is to cross from Bimini to Florida this June, this program is designed to get you there. It is scalable to all levels of paddlers and to individual or team...

Suzie Cooney kicks off Paddle Monster Webinars this Wednesday

Suzie Cooney Webinar
On Wednesday at 6pm EST, Paddle Monster (http://www.paddlemonster.com) will host its first webinar with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui and author of the Bible of SUP training, "How to Increase your Stand Up Paddle Performance." Suzie Cooney Webinar: Setting Yourself Up for SUP Success For All...

Transitioning to a narrower board

Larry Cain Narrow Board
In a recent post I shared a number of tips you can use to enhance stability on your SUP that are especially useful when paddling in rough water and on narrow boards.  Now that we’ve discussed them, let’s take a look at narrow boards...

Setting your 2018 Goals with Coach Seychelle

Seychelle launches on January 15th. She will be launching four different paddle training groups: Three levels for warm-climate paddlers including Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner; And a fourth group focused on long, paddle-endurance races. Sign up for the waiting list here: Paddlemonster.com

How You Paddle Matters: New Paddle Monster Video Analysis Program

video analysis
It’s clear to anyone that has been on a training program that “training works”. If you’re training to race you see a big difference in your performance as a result of the effort and consistency you put into your daily workouts. If you’re not...

Learn how to steer your board with this Paddle Monster video: The Slalom Drill

There are three techniques to help you maintain the straight run of the board and counteract the propensity of the board to drift to the opposite side: Paddling along the rail, foot steering, and drawing the nose of the board. (drill videos are available...

Paddle Monster Launches new Fall and Winter Training Program: Shorter Days

Many of you, especially those living further north may be finding it increasingly difficult to paddle during the week with dwindling daylight hours. To assist you we've created a special program using weekends for water workouts to give you some structure to your training...

Welcome to Paddle Monster: Training Community Begins Wednesday, May 11

Paddle Monster is a subscription-based online training community that brings together training groups and professional coaching in one spot. There are three subscription levels: Free, Basic and All-Access. Descriptions and memberships will be available on Paddlemonster.com in the next few days. A limited number of All-Access...

Tabata Thursday and fitness test on Facebook live today at 3pm EST

Base fitness test the first part (its like 5-8 mins) then a 10-12 min tabata workout Join us on the Paddle Monster Facebook Page at 3Pm EST
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