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Catalina Classic 2018 presented by Bark Paddleboards

A look at the 2018 Catalina Classic , thanks to Bark Paddleboardsfor getting me out on the course each year. We always try to shoot everyone..but its a challenge with 32 miles of ocean to cover! Thanks to Loraine Gruber for the video at the pier of...

Lachie Lansdown, DJ O’Brien, Costner McIntosh take top finishes in 2018 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race

Lachie Lansdown by Chris Aguilar
photo by Chris Aguilar, Fin Film Company This is one of those magical events that happens each year without much fanfare, with no mainstream coverage, only the core paddlers with gear—thank you Chris Aguilar—and with boatloads of heart and soul for paddling. Congratulations to everyone...
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