Why a Year of No SUP Races is Transforming the Sport

Someone performing and posting a world best time that can be verified by GPS data does the entire sport a service. Their performance is a gift to all of us. While we know it was not done in a real race, it was still done by a human being, on a board, with a paddle, over a set distance, in neutral conditions. We can all relate to it. It redefines what is possible and moves the sport forward for all of us, inspiring each of us to do a little more to go a little faster. We all end up winning because of it.

Zoom Session Thursday, June 11 at 3PM EST: Training Part 1 – The Abilities & Skills Needed for Success in SUP

Coach Larry Cain will be discussing what abilities and skills are needed for success. If you've ever wondered what you should be focusing on with training, this discussion will help!  Join us Thursday, June 11 at 3:00 PM ET This is available for all Paddle...

Sprinting Technique and Tips – REVISITED – with Coach Larry Cain THIS THURSDAY June 4th, at 3PM EST on ZOOM

Coach Larry Cain revisits his very popular ZOOM on Sprinting Technique this Thursday. This is available for all Paddle Monster All Access and Basic Members. If you are not a member, join all access coaching or Basic Plan here or, join this session only by...

Zoom Session Today at 3PM EST: Pacing yourself and lactic acid management with Coach Larry Cain

Coach Larry Cain will be discussing how to pace yourself and lactic acid management today on ZOOM. This is available for all Paddle Monster All Access and Basic Members. If you are not members, join all access coaching or Basic Plan here As a refresher, lactic...

Paddle Monster and SUP Racer launch Virtual Paddle League—Now Live

Virtual Paddle League
  What is the Virtual Paddle League? The Virtual Paddle League is the name of a new racing league created by Paddle Monster and SUP Racer. We’re not just creating a virtual race series where you can submit your time, we’re creating an entirely new...

Paddle Monster / SUP Racer Launch The Virtual Paddle League!

Paddle Monster and SUP Racer have joined forces to offer an answer to the 2020 race season. Today, we're super stoked to announce The Virtual Paddle League! The best thing about our sport is our community. That’s what motivated the crew from Paddle Monster and SUP Racer to team...

Paddle Monster Solo Voyager Virtual Paddle Race Series: Race #1 — Race Results

This race was a time trial race. Participants uploaded their best 5k time via our event app or by uploading their Garmin data file. Participants could make as many attempts as the wanted, uploading and replacing their previous time when they improved. The Results Congratulations to...

Training the Mind for the Mental Game of Racing with Guest Host Jeramie Vaine

jeramie vaine
In this Facebook live, Jeramie Vaine discusses how your mind can and will get in the way of your racing if you let it. He offers ways to be mindful and keep your mind in check on race day!

Paddle Monster Solo Voyager Virtual Paddle Race Series: Race #1 | 5K Best Time | $10 | March 19-31

voyager virtual paddle series
This is a rapidly developing situation. For the most up-to-date information, check local, national and international resources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) regularly. This story and virtual event will be updated as new information becomes...

Midwest Paddle League 2020 Season Preview

Midwest Paddle League
The Midwest Paddle League has a great 2020 season planned with someone for everyone. One of the league’s priorities this year is to continue to promote our events as not just a race, but also destination worthy recreation opportunities. The league has been working...

Connor Baxter takes victory in a spectacular Sprint Final

Photo by John Carter / APP World Tour When looking at Connor Baxter's incredible career, it is hard not to notice that his form through the 2019 season hasn't been what we have come to expect from the multiple times World Champion. However, watching him...

Seychelle Webster is crowned 2019 APP World Tour Racing Champion in Paris

Paris, France 7th December 2019: The action inside the Nautic Salon Nautique in Paris today was red hot - the APP World Tour is in town for its final, climactic stop of the 2019 Season and the Sprint Racing today did not disappoint: There were...

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