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2020 VPL Results

The 2020 Virtual Paddle League and Paddle Monster are excited to announce the results of the 2020 Virtual Paddle League Race Series! First and foremost, we want to congratulate all participants for putting in time for the sport they love, committing time for themselves, and...

2020 VPL Results – The 2k Tangle

Congratulations everyone, the results of the 2k Tangle are complete for the Paddle League in 2020. To recap, here were the rules of the race: The 2km Tangle is a 2km sprint as the intro to our virtual race sprint series. Typically, sprint races are not part...

2020 VPL Results – King & Queen of the 1K

The King & Queen of the 1K race was a very interesting race for the Paddle League in 2020. To recap, here were the rules of the race: The King & Queen of the 1k is a 1k race that requires you to have a good...

Larry Cain interviews Bodie Von Allmen for The Virtual Paddle League

Bodie Von Allmen, from Lake Oswego, OR, has been surfing since he was three and winning races and surf competitions in the Pacific Northwest and along the west coast since he was 11. He's now 14, itching to race the top pros and tearing...

The 10K Throwdown is LIVE

The 10k Throwdown is a grueling 10k time trial race! If you’re looking for something longer, a race that you can settle into but still get in a game of golf, this race is for you.  The 10k endurance race is a longer style race...

2020 VPL Results – Heros of the Half Kilometer

The Half Kilometer sprint was one of our favorite races for the Paddle League in 2020.  As we mentioned in the 200m post, many of us train and race in longer races, as a result, the idea of all-out for 200 or even 500m...

New Virtual Paddle League (VPL) Race: Clash of the 200 Meter Titans

The Clash of the 200m Titans is a 200m sprint that is intended to weed out the fast short distance paddler on the planet! This race requires skill in sprinting, starts, technique, and strength and a great connection with the water to find the one person...

Virtual Racing How To Trim your paddle distance down to the required distance on the Garmin Connect App

Hi all, for those that aren't aware, when you're recording your distances and you go over, Garmin (and Strava and many other platforms) have the ability to "trim" your time to the desired distance. For example, if you paddle and record 5.1 km but...

2020 VPL Results – 200m Sprints

As we discussed in our master post, the results of the 200M Sprints - The Clash of the 200M Titans - is the first race we're reviewing from our 2020 Virtual Race Series. The 200M sprints were an exciting addition to the Paddle League in...

Coach Larry Cain, Facebook Live on The Cancellation of Chattajack and ongoing Training in 2020

Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain discusses the cancellation of Chattajack due to the Pandemic and what we should be training for in 2020. This Facebook Live originally aired August 4, 2020 at 3:00 pm ET. https://virtualpaddleleague.com https://chattajack.com https://paddlemonster.com #sup #racing #paddling #paddle #paddlemonster #pdlmnstr #virtualpaddleleague #2020

VPL Checkpoint – September 1, 2020 Leader Jersey Winners

The 2020 Virtual Paddle League is excited to announce the September 1, 2020 leaderboard!  This leaderboard, which is represented by craft, race, and gender, is quite extensive and represents the fastest currently in each position across these groupings. Each Virtual Paddle League leader will receive...

Haulin’ Half Marathon is LIVE

The Haulin Half Marathon is a grueling 21km race.  Finally, as we expect people have had some training time, this race is for the distance folks! Settle in and put in a good 21km! This isn't about sprinting, but about the long haul! Settle...

Virtual Paddle League New Race Starts Today: Heroes of the Half K

Heroes of the Half K
The Heroes of the Half Kilometer - 500m is a 500m sprint gives racers a bit more time to settle into a cadence and reach for a smooth, clean glide to drive you to the fastest time.  Similar to the 200m sprint in intensity,...

Haulin’ Half Marathon Launches Monday on the Virtual Paddle League

This race is for the distance folks! Settle in and put in a good 21km! This isn't about sprinting, but about the long haul! Settle in a reach for the fastest 21km time on the planet! Join us for The Haulin Half Marathon! For more...
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