No excuses for conditioning your body: KO8 functional fitness system review

KO8 is a functional fitness system that allows you to choose suspension/resistance mode on the fly. Easy to use and expand your conditioning workout with KO8 Direct equipment link KO8 is one complete system that does it all, and the best part is......

whatsSUP: ICF Workshop with Coach Larry Cain

ICF Coach Larry Cain
Don't miss this Sunday's ICF workshop with Coach Cain. The ICF have partnered with Starboard to offer free series of online workshops from the world's top SUP paddlers. Each workshop will be presented by different world-class experts covering unique materials to teach novice to intermediate paddlers...

Phoozy Product Review

Phoozy Product Review The Smartphone, and many other electronic devices, only like to operate in certain temperature ranges. Phoozy can protect your phone from those cold/hot weather swings, Phoozy also delivers drop protection, it is also a floating pouch just in case you drop it...

Reflections On 2020, Confessions from the Middle of the Pack

I’ve had an amazing 2020 paddleboarding season. I’m lighter, faster, more competitive, and I’m having more fun. With the end of the Midwest Paddle League season this past Saturday it seems like a good time to pause for some reflection. Partly because I’m not...

Zoom Session – Live Video Technique Analysis with Coach Seychelle and Coach Cain” – Tuesday, September 29th at 3:00 pm ET

Coach Cain and Coach Seychelle will be performing video technique analysis live September 29 at 3:00 pm ET on our next Paddle Monster Zoom session. They will be reviewing a few paddlers from the Paddle Monster community and breaking down all aspects of their...

The Inland Paddler: Almost “Normal”

My favorite thing in our paddle world is surfing. Period. Surfing in the outrigger, in the ski, in the open ocean dowinwinding, or on a board in the lineup. And as much as I love downwinding, conditions are rarely what I would call optimal for...

Gear Review: Technical performance cloth for all sports enthusiasts by VIRUS

Technical cloth doesn’t happen to be a simple and boring design anymore. VIRUS is brining in more pattern designs to look cool and have all the famous fabrics to performance the best. Look for a promo code at the end of the video. June is a...

The Inland Paddler: Learning a New Way to Slow Down to Go Fast

I have recently been learning about the Japanese art of “Forest Bathing” or shinrin-yoku. No, this is not some sort of version of “Naked and Afraid” and it doesn’t involve undressing. Forest bathing might best be described as an ”active” form of meditation or...

Insta360-One R Camera Review: Capture your moment, swappable 360 & Wide angle lenses

Most innovated module system that allows you to choose lens your want to use for your footage without owning two cameras.  Waterproof (IPX8) up to 16feet or use diving case for deeper depth.  Support IOS/Android. Production show in this video ONE -R Twin Edition  GPS Remote  Bullet Package...

The Inland Paddler: The Fear of Falling

Let's talk about falling. Or, if you paddle outrigger, huli'ing. Or, if you paddle surf ski, capsizing or flipping. If you are a long-time paddler, then maybe the topic doesn't feel all that relevant to you. If you are new or new-ish to the sport, then maybe...

Dehydration Relief: DripDrop ORS to the rescue when you need it

DripDrop ORS Review What is dehydration?  Simply put, it’s a fluid imbalance. But before we explain a troubled state, we’ll start with a happy one. Picture yourself floating in a calm sea, surrounded on all sides by warm salt water. Happy, right? Well that’s how...

The Inland Paddler: Oh Garmin! Don’t Fail Me Now!

I am a slave to the data.  I live and die by my metrics. And I am addicted to wearables. Even though there is clearly a limit to how many you can actually wear at one time. (Or is there?) I have tried and tested...

The Inland Paddler: Paddling Through the Pandemic

It’s Day 136 of my Pandemic spring and summer...and I can report that in some ways, getting out to do a paddle workout it getting easier. I have chosen to be extremely conservative during this time.  I absolutely do not want to get sick, and...

An Interview with VPL SUP World Leader Donnie Freens

Netherlands Junior paddler Donnie Freens has been shaking up the Virtual Paddle League leaderboards since our launch in April 2020. Throwing down lightning-fast times on his SUP Lightboard, he's dominating in all categories and leading two at the ripe old age of 15 years...

June the Machine reviews the Nite Ize runoff waterproof phone pouch

Nite Ize is a company that manufactures very cool and innovative products from tie downs, to key chains to mobile products. RUNOFF® WATERPROOF products is one of the reliable and durable smartphone case you will find. Zipper technology called TRU-Zip assure you to keep the seal...

Why a Year of No SUP Races is Transforming the Sport

Someone performing and posting a world best time that can be verified by GPS data does the entire sport a service. Their performance is a gift to all of us. While we know it was not done in a real race, it was still done by a human being, on a board, with a paddle, over a set distance, in neutral conditions. We can all relate to it. It redefines what is possible and moves the sport forward for all of us, inspiring each of us to do a little more to go a little faster. We all end up winning because of it.

The Inland Paddler: It’s a Virtual World

Virtual Paddle Racing Like many of you, I started 2020 with a plan.  A race plan.  I was going to return to the Carolina Cup after a two-year absence and tackle what would have been my third Graveyard course in the surfski.  Then Paddle Imua...

DryRobe Review: One jacket you need to own one for the THE NORTH!

Dryrobe Review
If you live in a 4 season or colder climate state/country then look no further. One jacket that will keep your warm for all your outdoor activity. In case you need to change cloth DryRobe give you that option with plenty for room to...

The Inland Paddler: Let’s not Lose our Aloha

Trying to Share the Stoke In the Time of Corona Last Saturday, I got up early and headed out to Lake Jordan, one of the watershed water supply lakes just southeast of Chapel Hill, NC and southwest of Raleigh. Since it was the weekend, I...

Save the Date: Picking the Right Board with Coach Larry Cain 5/21 at 3PM EST on Interactive Session on Zoom

Coach Larry Cain will be hosting an interactive discussion on Zoom about Picking the Right Board this Thursday at 3:00 PM ET.  This session is available for all Paddle Monster All Access and Basic Members. If you are not members, join all access coaching...

Hyperice Hypervolt Review: Be your own personal masseuse

Hyperice is one of the leading brand in  manufacturing percussion massage device and others.  Company recently acquired “NormTech” adding  to the products line and growing strong Hypervolt -    (Shown in a video) DIMENSIONS5.23” x 3.25” x 10” WEIGHT2.5 lbs. BATTERY LIFE3 hrs. Hypervolt Plus- DIMENSIONS 5.23”...

The Inland Paddler: These are a few of my Favorite Things

My favorite things and what I am looking most forward to Post-Covid-19 Last week, I wrote about paddling for the first time in several weeks because of the pandemic. I wrote about how for 80 minutes things felt normal.  At the time, that felt wonderful. But...

The Inland Paddler: Getting Back to the Water

Getting Back in the Water I am a rule a rule. Maybe it’s because as a child I was afraid of getting in trouble.  Maybe it comes from being a public servant for years. Both? Anyway, I have been observing our state’s stay at home...

Personalize your safety gear with XM Surf Leash review by June the Machine

Build your own personalize leash made to order right here in California with 3 year warranty. Cord Strap Neoprene Strap Webbing Strap Velcro Strap Pull Tab Rail Saver Webbing Rail Saver Velcro Labels Add Special Features (Power Clip, Tangle Free, Long Neck) ALL LEASH...

The Inland Paddler: My Covid-19 Non-Paddling Life

Perhaps I need to change the title of my posts here to “The Inside Paddler” since the Stay At Home Orders where I am have closed the lakes where I would normally be training. So, like many of you, I have turned to other...
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