Surf Expo Day One and the stoke factor

For those of you unfamiliar with Surf Expo, it is a convention held twice per year (September and January) where manufacturers bring their product lines for the coming year to sell to surf shops, resorts and outdoor outfitter shops. The buyers from each retailer...

Distressed Mullet 100/100 Paddlers at the Carolina Cup: Farmer Family

The family that SUPs together stays together, right? We're excited to welcome 100/100 paddlers "The Family Farmer" to the Carolina Cup. Make sure you find them to say hi! Important stats: Darin Farmer Board: Bote HD 12'6" or Naish One iSUP (depends on whether I let Piper...

The Inland Paddler: Under the Weather – Strategies for Beating The Winter Cold

beating the winter cold
Let me just say up front: I am not a doctor or any other medical professional. But as a paddler who trains year round, I have a vested interest in learning all I can about beating the winter cold. Or  at least trying to....

Inland Paddler: Ohana Is Family

Ohana Is Family
In our sport of paddling, we use a lot of words, terms, and gestures that come from my home state of Hawaii. It makes sense, because so much of our sport hails from the islands or at least comes to the mainland through the...

Go Paddle Event Profile: PaddleSplash Festival, Folsom, CA

Date October 9, 2016 Can you describe the different races and courses? We offer a 2 and 5 mile race as well as a kids short course race. Our finale is a 4-person relay race with lots of buoy turns....all the action can be seen from the...

Meet Joe Paddler: Kevin Seall, Columbus, Ohio

Where you were born and where you live now? I was born in Circleville, Ohio (home of the famous Pumpkin Show! Woot!) and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio (Home of the Buckeyes and White Castle!) What is your occupation? I drive a Semi for UPS (...

Flooding Forces Rescheduling of 7th Annual Tyler’s Dam that Cancer Event

Go Paddle Event Tyler's Dam Cancer
Due to current lake conditions and flood gate activity, The Flatwater Foundation has postponed the 7th Annual Tyler’s Dam That Cancer fundraising event to Monday, July 11, 2016. The event, a 21-mile course from Mansfield Dam on Lake Austin to Tom Miller Dam (Hula...

River Dancing–with Annabel Anderson at the Payette River Games

Man-o-man…welcome to Kook Central. You may normally expect such a place to be situated nearer the coast, but this week Kook Central is definitely as far from the ocean as you could potentially get. Yes, we’re in the middle of America, transplanted in the ‘blink-and-you-miss-it’...

Gear Review Redux: Another Look at a Classic – Bluesmiths Kanaha Shirt

Bluesmiths Kanaha
Three years ago, Cousin Mullet extolled upon the Mullet Nation the virtues of the Kanaha long sleeved paddle shirt from Maui-based Bluesmiths. But, after spending nearly three weeks just about living in one, I am compelled to take another look at it.  In three...

Learning Moments: Sarah Callaham, know a paddlers true ability level

Sarah Callaham with Boga Yoga talks about when a normal day with a beginner paddler when things went bad quickly when the wind shifted offshore. What Sarah learned: Always know a person's real ability and always plan for wind when you're on Maui. For more information about...

Go Paddle Race Profile: Music City SUP Race, Nashville, TN

Date July 30, 2016 Location Nashville, TN  Can you describe the different races and courses? Our course is on the Cumberland River in the heart of downtown Nashville. Start and finish are the same spot: In front of Nissan Stadium, where the NFLs' Tennessee Titans play. We have a...

Meet Joe Paddler: Glen Barroncini

Today we welcome Glen Barroncini  as one of our "Joe Paddlers" Do you want to be featured as a Distressed Mullet "Joe Paddler?" Click here to read about it and nab the questions.   Read about all of the other "Joe Paddlers" by clicking over to the...

Paddleboarder on surfer violence, staying safe and surf etiquette

I came across this article this morning and it struck a nerve. First, it's on a site that is obviously anti-paddleboarder, so the tone rose my temperature as I read. But then, it looks like the standup paddle boarder used his paddle as a...

9 killer tips for SUP shop websites

Web Advice for SUP Shops
1) Contact info should be everywhere Have your address and phone number on every page, in readable, copy-able text, and not on an image. Every additional action a person has to take to contact you is an opportunity to not contact you. Make it easy....

Go Paddle Race Profile: Barrier Island Challenge

Barrier Island Challenge
Race Date: 2016-05-07 Describe the courses Beginner and Experienced SUP riders will choose from 2 courses, based on level of experience and challenge. Both heats will paddle with the outgoing tide towards the finish line at American Fish, CO., Old Yacht Basin, in Southport, North Carolina. Novice...

The Inland Paddler: Live Aloha, Y’all

I am writing tonight in Wrightsville Beach.  It’s the eve of the Surf to Sound weekend…which this year also coincides with my least favorite day of the year - the End of Daylight Savings Time.  This year, on the day we turn the clocks...

Op-Ed: Making SUP Races More Viable by Shortening the Courses

Editor's Note: This is another post, from a fellow paddler, father and doctor Steve Phillips, weighing in on the discussion about improving the status of paddle races. Maybe SUP Races Need to be Shorter I really liked your piece on finding a happy place. I agree...

View from the Back: Onslow Bay Challenge–Choose Your Own Adventure

Pre Race Photo Once Saturday, June 30th slipped into the 10 day view on the weather forecast, everyone’s eyes were peeled. Would it really be 120 degrees? Would we have head-high swell or nothing? How about wind?  I know I wasn’t the only one obsessively...

Sonar Standup Paddleboard Report for September 11, 2013

Paddle for Humanity DC, Standup for Soldiers, Chucktown Showdown, PaddleFit, ESA, Eastern Surfing Championships, Standup paddleboarding, SeaSucker, and SUPPocket

Fast Five: Annabel Anderson

  This is the third in our series of "Fast Five" interviews with your favorite paddling friends and pros. Annabel was one of two people who inspired this series, because she was eating something I'd never heard of (coconut manna) while visiting us for the...

Op-Ed: Heavy Water and the Women

I don't often write about things that are political. Or super controversial. We like to say it's a Stoke Only Zone here at the Mullet.  But there is some serious stoke missing in our world this week and lots of people are talking about...

The Other Point of View: Lexy speaks on the near untimely demise

NOTE: This is a response to April's piece here.  Let me preface this with a few important points: ~ I love my friends (even when they’re crazy-pants) ~ I love paddling and paddle surfing! Devastating Loss: Setting the Scene Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost a four-legged furry...

Go Paddle Race Profile: OABI Detroit – Once Around Belle Isle

Go paddle oabi
Date August 13,2016 Location Belle Island, Detroit River, Detroit, Michigan Can you describe the different races and courses? OABI stands for 'Once Around Belle Isle'. The race is a 7-mile circumnavigation of Belle Isle in the Detroit River under the iconic Detroit skyline. This river course offers up- and...

The Inland Paddler: Great Expectations and the Neptunalia Challenge

Expectations.  It’s all about the expectations. It seems like every time I expect to have a good race, expect to place in my division, expect to kick ass, I don’t.  Something goes awry.  I finish the race with a crappy time, or a cracked board,...

Can leashes solve all our paddleboard safety problems?

Every month, we hear of someone either drowning while paddleboarding, or having to be rescued because they either underestimated the wind or didn't see it coming. Consistently, those in danger are separated from their boards, most often in high winds with choppy, cold water....

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