The Inland Paddler: T-Minus Eight Days and Counting

Chattajack. If you haven't noticed, we've been kind of Chatta-obsessed here at the Mullet. And with reason.  This is the biggie. Our Inland Molokai to Oahu. Instead of bumps and tradewinds, we will slog 32 miles on flat water that might be torn up by...

Interview with SIC Maui’s Mark Raaphorst at the SIC Maui Factory

Lisa Schell stopped in at the SIC factory in Maui for this exclusive interview with Mark Raaphorst. Mark discusses design, materials, the women's paddleboard market and the potential of a future SIC prone paddleboard. For more information on SIC Maui, go to: SIC Website: SIC Store...

View from the Back: And I didn’t know I was lost.

I got a new board yesterday and Bob Risner left us. Well, he left us on Sunday, but I found out yesterday, so whenever I paddle my new board that I picked up yesterday I will think of Bob, if only briefly when I'm...

View from the Back: Twas the night before. . .race day

'Twas the night before race day and at Distressed Mullet I packed some snacks to be shoved down my gullet while paddling fast and gunning for Lexy 'cause drooling GU Chomps is so very sexy. If the race happens like one early this year there will be time on...

Go Paddle Race Profile: 5th Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race, Orlando, FL

Go paddle Lake Mary Jane
Date September 24, 2016 Location Isle of Pines Association Park, Orlando, Florida Can you describe the different races and courses? 1 / 3 / or 6 mile Races: -6 mileAlbert Cichra Builder's "Prize Money" Race (For intermediate to advanced or elite paddlers who want to win that $$$ - a...

Meet Jane Paddler: Anna Levesque, Asheville, North Carolina

Jane Paddler Anna Levesque
WHERE WERE YOU WERE BORN AND WHERE YOU LIVE NOW? I was born in Timmins, Ontario Canada and now live in Asheville, NC WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? My job is to inspire women to create the life that they want via whitewater kayaking, SUP, SUP yoga,...

April Zilg: The Art of Competition

Stand Up Paddling is a unique sport, I’m sure you’ve heard it said time and time again. Recently on the Mullet, Julia Nicholls pointed out some things that make SUP unique: our sense of community, our willingness to help others and make a difference,...

Joe Paddler: Meet Patrick Carver paddling the Isle of Hope in Savannah, Georgia

Where do you SUP the most? Isle of Hope (Skidaway River Intercoastal) in Savannah, Georgia What board do you ride? Mostly either 12’0 Bark Commander Prone or 14’0 Bark D2 What paddle do you use? Werner Grand Prix M1000 or Fuse (depending on the workout). Have you changed boards/paddles since...

Go Paddle Race Profile: Upper Ottawa River Race and Paddle Festival, Ottawa, CN

Go Paddle Race Profile Upper Ottawa River Race
Date August 6, 2016 Location Petawawa Point Beach in Petawawa and Riverside Park in Pembroke, Ontario Can you describe the different races and courses? Open to Canoe,Kayak,SUP,Outrigger - you have your choice of a 13km downwinder, 4km double lap buoy turn triangle and kids races that are free! What kind...

Hatching a Monster: Announcement from Larry Cain

It’s been a busy winter so far. I’ve been completing some projects for my job with CanoeKayak Canada, have been to Florida for two weeks to coach, and have paddled almost every day while maintaining my usual focus on winter strength and power training....

100/100 Paddle Points Challenge Starts Sunday!

Featured photo from Leslie Maclin The 100/100 2Fer Challenge Comes to an End On November 22nd, 2014, the 2Fer Challenge comes to an end, the third in a series of 100 day paddle challenges for 2014. We did 100 miles, we did 100 hours and we...

Gear Review: CamelBak 70 oz 2L Molokai Hydration Pack

Molokai CamelBak Review
The Camelbak Molokai 70 oz hydration vest was designed specifically for kayaking or standup paddling. I bought one last year to use for long distance paddling where I needed to bring not just sufficient hydration, but also nutrition that I could access easily. When...

View from the Back: And now for something completely different

At the beginning of September the  jellies appeared in the channels and waterways, large as dinner plates. Translucent pink and undulating. Fascinating and disturbing.  ------- Just a few weeks ago, my Mom said, with tears in her eyes, "I won't ever get over wishing that you...

Gear Review: Virus International Women’s Lunar Active Tech Pant

Virus Lunar
Virus International, you had me with a stretchy pocket on the thigh of your  LUNAR Active Tech Pant.  That one little detail is huge. Brilliant.  How many times have I wanted a place to quickly stash my keys, wallet or phone while loading boards,...

Summertime Hours

On May 1st, we hit the reset button for our 100/100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group. We started tracking summertime paddling hours vs. winter miles. Hours are harder. Any hours on the water whether it be sup fishing, sup surfing, sup family time, or prone...

Go Paddle Race Profile: Big Bear PaddleFest, Big Bear Lake, CA

BIg Bear
Date July 9, 2016 Location Big Bear Lake, California Can you describe the different races and courses? 20K Around the lake, 10K Out and back, 5K Technical turns What kind of paddling settings and conditions will racers face? The lake is calm in the early morning, and windy in the afternoon. What...

Music On the Water: Sneak Peak at a New Way to Take the Tunes Along

Gear Preview Fusion StereoActive
Several weeks ago, Mullet Central got an email inviting us to take a first look at a new audio device that its makers said was destined to change the way we think about music when paddling. I admit, I was skeptical. But definitely intrigued. I sometimes...

The mainstream media and stock photography have no idea about SUP safety

While news reports tend to find a local expert to guide them through the sport of SUP, the articles written for the general public by newspapers and local magazines are poorly researched and fact checked and pick stock photos that don't show how to...

Stand Strong with Mark Colino: Avoiding Burnout

“A candle lit at both ends burns twice as bright but only lasts half as long.” -anon Is it possible to feel “burn out” for something you love? I struggle with that question every October. For those that know me and my schedule, I’m pretty intensely...

Go Paddle Event Profile: Kristin McLain’s Get Out Girl Paddle Jam, Austin, TX

GO Paddle Event Paddle Jam
Date September 9, 2016 Location Lake  Austin, Austin, Texas Can you describe the different races and courses? This is a fundraising fun paddle on Lake Austin , Austin Tx. Women paddle, men support. 3 1/2 hours of full on water support with distance options out to 11 miles! What kind...

View from the Back: How do you Pick your Paddle Races?

I woke up the morning of April and Corey's wedding/ paddle race tired, grouchy, not feeling well. It was cold, threatened to rain, and I didn't want to paddle in the river. I was also afraid of having some sort of major internal organ...

Programming your workouts into your Garmin Watch via Garmin Connect

Paddle Monster Super Coach Travis Grant shows us how to programming our workouts into a Garmin Watch via Garmin Connect on your phone.

I’m down with B O P, yeah you know we’ll see

This was originally published Friday as a editorial in the CHUM Newsletter, posted here, expanded and revised. I bumped into a guy who had been living under a rock and he asked me if I'd heard about Rainbow Sandals pulling out of BOP and the...

Go Paddle Event Profile: North Shore Cup, Summerton, South Carolina

Go Paddle Event North Shore Cup
Date October 15, 2016 Location Summerton, South Carolina Can you describe the different races and courses? A spectacular kayak and SUP event that you definitely don't want to miss. The competition will begin in the beautiful, protected marina of the North Shore Villas. The course takes paddlers along the shoreline...

What does a cat litter scientist and Charles Barkley have to do with paddling?

shirley wang
I came across this article a few weeks ago and it struck a chord with me. If you haven't read it yet, Shirley Wang of WBUR, a public radio station in Boston, tells the story of the unlikely friendship between her dad, Lin, a cat...
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