View from the Back: So What Happens Now?

(Above photo from Lisa.) So what happens now? I paddle off into the sunset. It's been a good year.  No, wait. I actually paddled off into the sunset last weekend. (Photo from Sharna.) Note to paddlers: If you take your headlamp out of your CamelBak, if you take your strobe...

Meet Joe Paddler: Tara Harris

We welcome Tara Harris from Ottawa, Ontario, as our Joe Paddler of the Week!    Meet all of the "Joe Paddlers" here.   Grab the questions to submit here.   Where do you SUP the most?     Mostly on the Rideau River, Ottawa, Ontario,  but hoping that competes with somewhere...

If your lower back hurts, you might not be rotating

I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, which means I'm not qualified to diagnose your injuries or analyze your technique. That said, I learned something interesting that came into play today on my paddle workout: lower back pain and it's reflection...

Annabel Anderson talks post-M2O at the 2015 Outdoor Retailers Expo

We had a moment to sit with Lahui Kai's Annabel Anderson at the Outdoor Retailer Expo Demo Day to discuss life after the Molokai 2 Oahu race. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT Lahui Kai Go to your local Lahui Kai Dealer or check them out at http://www.lahuikai.com/ Lahui...

Gear Review: Expedition/Touring Dry Backpacks

Dry bags
If you've never gone camping via your paddleboard, you're missing a real treat. If you like camping, that is. And maybe even if you don't. But touring and camping a la sup requires a little bit of a twist in thinking when it comes...

View from the Back: The End Is the Beginning

I went for a paddle on Sunday. I've been off my standup board for a month while it got fixed. Wow, did I get a rude awakening. It was windy and choppy. I felt fatigued. I think I'm just out of shape. Fitness goes...

The Inland Paddler: Age – It Really is Just a Number

Age Doesn't Have to Stop us from Paddling
Age Doesn't Have to Stop us from Paddling This month, I turn 54.  And while I firmly believe that age is indeed just a number, there are some undeniable truths about how your body deals with “things” the more trips around the sun it takes. Simply...

Paddleboarder on surfer violence, staying safe and surf etiquette

I came across this article this morning and it struck a nerve. First, it's on a site that is obviously anti-paddleboarder, so the tone rose my temperature as I read. But then, it looks like the standup paddle boarder used his paddle as a...

The Inland Paddler: It’s a Virtual World

Virtual Paddle Racing Like many of you, I started 2020 with a plan.  A race plan.  I was going to return to the Carolina Cup after a two-year absence and tackle what would have been my third Graveyard course in the surfski.  Then Paddle Imua...

Jane Paddler: Meet Alexa Suess from Greenport, NY

Alexa Suess
Where you were born and where you live now? I was born in Southampton, NY and raised in Greenport, NY. After moving to NYC for awhile I came back to Greenport. I just couldn't be away from the water. What is your occupation? I'm a silversmith, a...

Dealing with post paddle aches and pains

Aches and pains still annoying you after a full summer of paddling or racing? More and more research is pointing to inflammation as the culprit. Amy Beausang offers some great suggestions for reducing inflammation in her blog post Five Healthy Ways to Quash Inflammation. In a...

View from the Back: Goodbye to All That

What's "all that?" All That is April Zilg, a.k.a Vanilla Gorilla, a.k.a VanGor. She leaves this week to BRING IT at the big Paddle extravaganza in Utah, and shortly after will jet to India. Monday we're having a farewell paddle and breakfast. Then,...

Race Profile: 9th Annual Cold Stroke Classic presented by Coastal Urge, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Cold Stroke Classic in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
Cold Stroke Classic in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina January 21, 2017 (Race starts at 10am) Location Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina   Describe the Race  Shiver with your friends during one of the longest running paddle races on the East Coast. Race day begins with hot tunes from...

Custom Board Candy: Joe Bark Unlimited SUP built for the SEVENTY48 Race

Dean Burke, Joe Bark Custom
Specs This is a custom Joe Bark UL SUP. "Purpose built" for the SEVENTY48 race. Length: 17' Width: 25" Tail: Square/ 10" wide Nose: Displacement entry....but....has some rocker AND is a bit more rounded on the bottom edges. The entry and the rails were an important discussion point in making this...

SUP International: Annabel Anderson-Training to the Red Line

A great article in SUP International Magazine--an interview with Annabel Anderson. Read the Rest >> Psychologically, what are the warning signs of burnout? And can you suggest some tips to sort that out? There are many different signs of burnout and this is resonant of anything in...

Joe Paddler: Jac Citera

Jac Citera
Where do you SUP the most? Long Island, NY...primarily on the eastern end and North Fork. What board do you ride? Currently and almost exclusively, a BARK Laird.  I also have an Al Merrick (ancient) & JPatterson What paddle do you use? Kialoa, mel pu'u Shaka Have you changed boards/paddles...

Buy Local SUP Shop Profile: Stand Up Outfitters, New Bern, NC

Stand Up Outfitters
Stand Up Outfitters, with two locations in historic New Bern, North Carolina, offers a wide variety of boards, paddles, and services. Kate and Charlie Lewis and crew also host many paddle-related events in the community, including The Colonial Cup race each August.   Location Downtown - 244...

Safety Discussion from the Surf Expo

surf expo safety meeting
"We need to take responsibility for the safety of the people in our sport." Tyler callaway leads off the stand up Paddleboard manufacturer's safety meeting at @surfexpo. On Friday, September 9th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida manufacturers, media, and representatives from the...

Sonar Report 2018 Winter Surf Expo

Discussion on the vendors and shops attending the 2018 Winter Surf Expo in Orlando, FL with host John Beausang and Guest Matt Lennert from Blackbox Surf.

View from the Back: Fins in the Water

I saw the first fin about a week ago while we were on our picnic paddle to the swimming hole. A school of small fish jumping and darting away from something. Then the telltale left-right-left sinewy shimmy of the shark. I've never seen a...

Why a Year of No SUP Races is Transforming the Sport

Someone performing and posting a world best time that can be verified by GPS data does the entire sport a service. Their performance is a gift to all of us. While we know it was not done in a real race, it was still done by a human being, on a board, with a paddle, over a set distance, in neutral conditions. We can all relate to it. It redefines what is possible and moves the sport forward for all of us, inspiring each of us to do a little more to go a little faster. We all end up winning because of it.

The Inland Paddler: Filleted by the Fin

When SUP Fins Act Like Chef's Knives It was a nice, beautiful Carolina morning at Wrightsville Beach. A small rain squall was moving offshore, little to no wind and the waves looked pretty clean.  A perfect morning to have a long overdue sup surf session...

Phoozy Product Review

Phoozy Product Review The Smartphone, and many other electronic devices, only like to operate in certain temperature ranges. Phoozy can protect your phone from those cold/hot weather swings, Phoozy also delivers drop protection, it is also a floating pouch just in case you drop it...

Sonar Report for January 12th

An Update from John Beausang, Publisher of Distressed Mullet. This is our 10th Year posting about paddling. Over 12,000 posts. Thank you for your support. Here's what's going on in our paddle world.
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