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And Another Thing with Julie Nicholls

Summertime Hours

On May 1st, we hit the reset button for our 100/100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group. We started tracking summertime paddling hours vs. winter miles. Hours are harder. Any hours on the water whether it be sup fishing, sup surfing, sup family time, or prone...

Gear Review: Season Five Kiowa Hoodie

On November 8th, I broke the rule of “never try anything new on race day” and have lived to tell about it. In fact, I am thrilled with my deviation from THE golden rule. Having just finished the Chattajack 31 mile race on a...

Flat Julia and Other Stories and photos From the 2015 Chattajack31

Flat Julie
At every paddle event, big or small, the real success lies in the experience and attitude of everyone involved; organizers, volunteers, spectators, and of course, the paddlers. The water can be a nightmare and the weather even “worserer”, but if the people are stoked,...

And Another Thing: The Day I Earned My (Pizza) Pie

We Are Connected By Water Sounds so trite, but it’s true, “we are connected by water.” Saturday October 11th, paddling support for the third annual Swim the Loop in Wrightsville Beach, I was responsible to be out front of the lead swim pack for the...

Gear Review: Starboard All Star Dry Suit

Starboard Dry Suit
Top TEN Reasons I bought a Starboard All Star SUP Drysuit Carolina Paddleboard Company in Wrightsville Beach had them in stock. Immediate warmth, repeat, IN STOCK. They know me and helped me size appropriately (can’t do that online.) I could, in turn, show my financial loyalty and spend...

Moving this sport forward by a back of the packer

This blogpost really should read “Letter to the Editor” as it’s my opinion on how all of us can help move the paddle sport we love so much forward. Whether we standup, surf sup, prone, boat in an outrigger, surfski or whitewater, we all...

100/100 Paddle Challenge (Almost) March 2014 Update

(Above photo from Coral Hine) We have a Winner! Our paddle challenge, 100 miles in 100 days, has taken on a life of its own. Even though it’s an unofficial event, we already have a winner! Susan Beck Ballenger of South Carolina reached 100.93 miles on...

100/100 Paddle Points Challenge Starts Sunday!

Featured photo from Leslie Maclin The 100/100 2Fer Challenge Comes to an End On November 22nd, 2014, the 2Fer Challenge comes to an end, the third in a series of 100 day paddle challenges for 2014. We did 100 miles, we did 100 hours and we...

Share Your Love! Mullet Charity of Choice Day – February 14

The 100/100 Paddle Challenge facebook group is into its second month of 100 miles in 100 days mission. We are a “tribe” of close to 450 members. Tribes build sideways. Most paddlers I know are involved in a zillion good causes. We care about...

WE WANT YOU in 2015! 100/100 Paddle Challenge starts January 1st

All I wanna do is have a little fun, I have a feeling I’m not the only one, the party has just begun….. What? The 100/100 Paddle Challenge starts January 1st. I want you to paddle 100 miles in 100 days WITH me. You, and you,...

And Another Thing with Julie Nicholls: Winter Woes with 100/100

The 100/100 Paddle Challenge Group has just passed the 30 day mark for our first 2015 challenge. Most of us have the winter woes. Paddling a mile a day for 100 days seems easy until you live someplace where there’s nothing but snow, ice,...

And Another Thing: Throwback Thursday–Paddling Pep Talk

Throwback Thursday pictures on social media have become incredibly popular (and sometimes kinda scary.) I was posting photos of my past "life's"; looking at what I was, what I do today, and what I think my future is. Never would I have imagined I'd be paddling,...

100/100 Non-Challenge: DeTrain/DeStress/DeTox/Move Your Body

100/100 Challenge
Oh No, Ho Ho, the winter NOT a paddle challenge season is upon us! It’s time for the 100/100 Paddle challenge group, to NOT paddle. WHAT WHAT?! Paddling is a sport, and most of us raced both short/fast and long/endurance events this last year....

Who’s Your 100/100 Daddy? 2Fer Paddle Challenge Update

Chucktown Showdown Course
The 100/100 facebook training group is well into our third challenge with the thirty day marker coinciding with this weekend’s (Sept 13th) Chucktown Showdown in Charleston, South Carolina. There will be hundreds, thousands, millions of 100/100’s there! Ok, maybe only ten or twenty. One...

Define “Being a Paddler”: The 100/100 on “Where They Stack Up”

Paddlers Defined
The 100/100 “Who?” The 100/100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group, now three years old, is almost 800 members strong. We are a community, a family, of paddlers completing (note I did not say “COMPETING IN”) 100 day paddle challenges. Sometimes it’s 100 miles, sometimes 100 hours,...

100/100 Pictures Speak for Themselves

January 1st, 2015; the 100/100 Paddle Challenge Face book Group started our now annual 100 miles in 100 days base building, deadline April 10, 2015. Then “Ice-A-Nado” made itself known with a gusty and bone-chilling THUD. Unless you live in California or Florida; have...

The Risks and Rewards of Mixing It Up: An Experiment of One

First, let me say, do not take this blogpost as serious heavy duty training advice. This is just me, Julia Nicholls from the 100/100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group. It’s just me, it’s “Hi, my name is Julia and I’m an Overtrainer” and I need...

And Another Thing with Julie Nicholls: Careful What You Wish For

Recently there was a birthday video by Chris Aguilar (QuickBlade Paddles and Fin Film Company) which included a clip of “to be a tough dude, you have to do tough dude shit.” Well, for some unknown reason (middle age crisis?), I want to be...

And Another Thing: Getting Schooled

Above, Kate from Stand Up Outfitters Getting schooled means getting your clock cleaned, getting the stuffing beat out of you, and eating a big piece of humble pie. Yup, all those things and cupcakes too. With paddling, it’s being willing to listen, try, fail, get...

Dave Kalama Clinic Recap: Silver Bullet? Magic Beans? Brooms & Sticks?

Having just finished the Molokai 2 Oahu in 4:24:44, Dave Kalama’s credentials in the water world are unquestionable. He’s a big fish in a big pond, a real deal. Signing up for his clinic at The Carolina Paddleboard Company, I wasn’t looking for a...

SERIOUSLY, the Science of SUP Training

My Disclaimer and Credentials First, I am neither a scientist nor a physician.  What I am, is a woman who became a wannabe athlete in my late 30’s and found the study of how to train whether it be running, biking, swimming, lifting, and now...

And Another Thing with Julie Nicholls: “Paddlesourcing”

There’s crowd-sourcing, out-sourcing and bob-sourcing; now there’s paddle-sourcing. It may not be an actual Webster defined term, but who cares, I just made it up. By my own definition, it’s the act of using online SUP resources to figure out how-to and where-to paddle...

Julia Nicholls: Jumping From Eddy to Eddy is Not What You Think

There are certain markers when you know that you have become a StandUp Paddleboarder. You don’t have to do the Graveyard at the Carolina Cup or the Battle of the Paddle in California. You don’t have to own more than one board or have...

Homestretch for the 100/100 Challenge

As spring arrived (at least on the calendar) and we were still having North Pole conditions, this group continued to have paddlers surpassing the 100 mile mark, the 200-300 mile marks, going on epic expeditions, and those just getting out of the “I Suck...

Why NOT to do a Standup Paddleboard Race

Why shouldn’t you do a StandUp Paddleboard race? I’ve started a list of some of the reasons why you should NOT to do a Standup Paddleboard race, can you add to it?   1.     You’ll wear spandex and mini-bottoms on your not-so-mini bootie, you’ll sweat profusely,...
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