The Race Debate Continues: A Prone Paddler’s Perspective

Editor's Note: East Coast Prone paddler Lisa Malick weighs on on the race division issue from the perspective of a category of racers long used to inconsistent recognition on the podium. How to Handle Prone Paddlers in a SUP Race By Lisa Malick I admit it.  Traditional...

LOCAL SUP SHOP Profile: SOPOSUP in South Portland, Maine

This is a new series on local SUP Shops. Our goal is to help support local SUP shops, and to connect the people who paddle with their local SUP communities. This is our first shop profile in the series. Meet Raf (short for Rafael, but everyone...

The Inland Paddler: Filleted by the Fin

When SUP Fins Act Like Chef's Knives It was a nice, beautiful Carolina morning at Wrightsville Beach. A small rain squall was moving offshore, little to no wind and the waves looked pretty clean.  A perfect morning to have a long overdue sup surf session...

Go Paddle Race Profile: 2nd Annual Flora-Bama Gulf Coast Paddle Championship

Go Paddle Race Flora-Bama
Date July 23, 2016 Location On the Alabama-Florida state line, near Pensacola Can you describe the different races and courses? The long course will be approximately 9 miles, racers will do a beach start, turn on a hole shot buoy and head East, Turn again and head West to...

The Inland Paddler: Amor Fati

Live Like Cody I have not been seriously hurt that often - a torn MCL longboard skating and then 27 stitches in my calf thanks to a sup surf fin. After each of those incidents, I was admonished on more than one occasion to rethink...

The Inland Paddler: Getting Back to the Roots

Paddling is Paddling It’s funny how we sometimes define ourselves by what we paddle - what craft - SUP, OC, Prone, Ski - or by what kind of blade we use - single, double, none. My gateway to paddlesports was sea kayaking. I picked up my...

Gear Review: Surf-Fur WaterParka

The last couple of weeks here in North Carolina have definitely been Autumnal. Leaves are changing, even falling, there’s a pleasant lack of humidity in the air, the nights have dipped into the 40’s. And most sadly, my local lake temp has dipped below...

Meet Joe Paddler: John Acosta, San Diego, California

Joe Paddler John Acosta
Where you were born and where you live now? Born in Salt Lake City, UT. Currently living in San Diego, CA. What is your occupation? Commercial Truck Driver. Where do you SUP the most? Mission Bay and Coronado, CA. Do you have a favorite local paddleboard shop? Yep, West Coast Paddle...

Buy Local Shop Profile: No Snow Paddleboard Shop in Mesa, AZ

No Snow Paddleboard Shop
No Snow Paddleboard Shop in Mesa, Arizona is one of our favorite shops in the US. They carry tons of brands, are a hub for the paddle community in their area and go above and beyond to grow and maintain standup paddling. We can't wait to...

Everything in Moderation – Including Moderation

Are you a moderator or an abstainer? Amy Beausang examines how discovering that personality trait can be a key to making sure your nutrition is dialed in as an athlete in her blog post "Why Eating in Moderation Might not Work for You." "I have...

Buy Local SUP Shop Profile: One Love Beach

Owners Chris and Blake Dowling met on the water. With a shared vision to supply their community with a meeting place for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, One Love Beach was created. More than just a place to rent and buy paddle boards, One...

Cousin Mullet Reviews the World (of SUP): Prone Paddleboarding

WAIT! What does laying down on the board have to do with SUP? "COUSIN MULLET: YOU ARE WRITING ABOUT THE WRONG THING HERE! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE REVIEWING SUP IN THIS COLUMN!" To that, I say "Eh." Also, I'm totally capable of having a whole conversation with...

Meet Joe Paddler: Eric Mims, Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Eric Mims, surfski paddler
Meet Eric Mims, surfski paddler Where you were born and where you live now? Tennessee, now living on Isle of Palms, South Carolina What is your occupation? I work for Epic Kayaks, Inc. Where do you SUP the most? I surfski in the Atlantic Ocean off of Isle of Palms. Do...

The Quest for the Perfect Bag: Boreas Gear Erawan Pack

Gear Review Boreas Erawan
The search for the perfect bag is a thing with me. It's a quixotic thing...like Don Quiote chasing after those windmills, I am always chasing after the better bag- the better bag for everyday carrying, for gear, for travel, and especially for travel with...

Meet Joe Paddler: Noah Hall, Detroit, Michigan

Joe Paddler Noah Hall
Where you were born and where you live now? Born in upstate New York, live in Detroit. What is your occupation? Environmental law professor and Great Lakes water lawyer. Where do you SUP the most? The Detroit River and all over the Great Lakes. Do you have a favorite local...

The Inland Paddler: Street SUP

land paddling
My winter training plans, well, they all went to pot, as my grammy would say, on or about December 20, 2014, when my dad had a heart attack and I had to fly out to Phoenix, AZ. Truth be told, they were severely compromised...

Welcome to the latest version of Distressed Mullet

You may have noticed some changes in the Mullet recently. We recently upgraded the Mullet to include a base foundation for some very exciting things to come. You’ll Notice That There Are Numerous New Features Including A ”Who’s Online” Function, A Messages Function, A Very Detailed...

If your lower back hurts, you might not be rotating

I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, which means I'm not qualified to diagnose your injuries or analyze your technique. That said, I learned something interesting that came into play today on my paddle workout: lower back pain and it's reflection...

Buy Local: Mountain to Sound Outfitters, Seattle, WA

Buy Local Shop Mountain to Sea
Location West Seattle 3602 SW Alaska St. Seattle WA 98126 What board companies do you carry? Pau Hana, Surftech, Riviera, Bic, Earth SUP, Boardworks. What paddles do you carry? Werner, Boardworks, Aquabound, Accent. Do you have Paddleboard Rentals? Yes Do you offer lessons? Yes What other services do you provide? SUP repair, clinics and community events. What...

Go Paddle Event Profile: Battle on the Blueway Race Profile

Battle on the Blueway
When: Jun 11 to Jun 12, 2016 Where: Fort Myers Beach, FL The Races and Courses Ron Jon 7 Mile Pro is a spectator friendly multi buoy turn race just off Fort Myers Beach. Fish Tale 2 Miler is one lap of the seven mile race. Open Vessel race is a...

Competition or Personal Accomplishment: A thought on race courses

This is an observation for race directors looking to get more people to come and enjoy their races. When you have a challenge that goes beyond a simple 5K or 10K race, one that has obstacles that transcend a straight line, a start and a...

Gear Review: Virus International Keep Warm Coffee Charcoal Series

Virus base layers
To say I love coffee is an understatement.  Not only do I love the taste and texture but I love the way it makes me feel - whether it is waking me up and getting and keeping me going, or warming me up. So, naturally,...

Meet Joe Paddler: Ken Lambrecht and his cat, BUG, from Madison, WI

Ken Lambrecht, Bug, Madison,
Where were you were born and where you live now? Born in California actually but moved away when I was way young (darn!) live in Madison, Wisconsin now. What is your occupation? I am a veterinarian; I own my own clinic with special interests in cats, pet...

Race Profile: 9th Annual Cold Stroke Classic presented by Coastal Urge, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Cold Stroke Classic in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
Cold Stroke Classic in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina January 21, 2017 (Race starts at 10am) Location Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina   Describe the Race  Shiver with your friends during one of the longest running paddle races on the East Coast. Race day begins with hot tunes from...

Meet Jane Paddler: Karen Figueroa, Hawaii and Florida

Jane Paddler Karen Figueroa
Where you were born and where you live now? I grew up landlocked in the small town of Bellingham, Massachusetts. I loved Cape Cod and the ocean, though ever since I was little. Now, I split my time between Hawaii and Florida and can spend...
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