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Outdoors with Annabel Anderson

SUP International: Annabel Anderson-Training to the Red Line

A great article in SUP International Magazine--an interview with Annabel Anderson. Read the Rest >> Psychologically, what are the warning signs of burnout? And can you suggest some tips to sort that out? There are many different signs of burnout and this is resonant of anything in...

Get on Board with Annabel Anderson: Lesson 2

Lesson 2: On the water

Get on Board with Annabel Anderson: Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Equipment and Safety

River Dancing–with Annabel Anderson at the Payette River Games

Man-o-man…welcome to Kook Central. You may normally expect such a place to be situated nearer the coast, but this week Kook Central is definitely as far from the ocean as you could potentially get. Yes, we’re in the middle of America, transplanted in the ‘blink-and-you-miss-it’...

Annabel Anderson talks post-M2O at the 2015 Outdoor Retailers Expo

We had a moment to sit with Lahui Kai's Annabel Anderson at the Outdoor Retailer Expo Demo Day to discuss life after the Molokai 2 Oahu race. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT Lahui Kai Go to your local Lahui Kai Dealer or check them out at http://www.lahuikai.com/ Lahui...

Get on Board with Annabel Anderson Lesson 3

Part 3: Transporting (Or where you can learn to tie straps!) Annabel Anderson walks through some basic how to SUP instructions in this series of videos from Subaru.

Annabel Anderson: Seasons of Change

Annabel Anderson
“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow.” ― Lao Tzu Change. It’s human nature to avoid it. After all, we’re creatures of habit. But as the clouds roll in, the weather changes, the long days of summer...

Outdoors with Annabel Anderson: The Bluffing Girl’s Guide to SUP

Annabel Anderson
You know how there are some things that some people just never remember to tell you when you’re starting out doing something new? Then you have those moments of ‘if only someone had told me the unwritten rules of engagement’? Yes, I do….especially if...

Eerily Prescient Pre-BOP Musings from Annabel Anderson

Battle of the Paddle 2014
Featured image from Riviera Paddlesurf  Annabel wrote this pre-BOP but didn't get it sent to us in time. It's a little creepy how dead on she was. ***** You know that feeling when you strike a match and it splinters as you scratch it against the box? Sometimes...

All the Gear and No Idea: Annabel Anderson reflects on the Payette River Games

Annabel Anderson Payette River Games
Have you ever walked past your corner coffee shop and noticed the daily morning posse of neon middle aged lycra clad men with a car yard’s worth of carbon fiber leaning against the window front? There’s team kit, space age eye wear and a...

First Peek: 2015 Annabel Anderson Touring Board from Lahui Kai

This is the newest offering from Lahui Kai for 2015: The 11'6" Annabel Anderson Touring Board enlists all of the elements Annabel loves about her Lahui Kai race board, only at 11'6" with more stability and tons of tie downs courtesy of SUPTHINKTANK's ConnexSUP....

Annabel Anderson joins Lahui Kai, uses top-secret sheep-wrestling training

Now that I have your attention. It's official, Annabel Anderson has joined Lahui Kai. Mullet: Cat's out of the bag. Annabel: To have the opportunity to join a group which shares the similarity of vision and values is a step worth taking. Collectively I have worked...

Grand Teton Standup Paddleboarding Adventure Trailer

It looks like they had an amazing program on yesterday. For those of you who missed it, here is the trailer and a clip from some of the whitewater footage. It looks like it was a blast. And Grand Teton National Park and the...

Annabel Anderson: Paddling for Humanity

Like most things, it’s more fun when you do it together. For this very reason Paddle For Humanity has always been on my favorites list ever since I accidentally ended up at my first one in Washington DC back in 2011. My DC experience was so...
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