The Inland Paddler: Street SUP

land paddling
My winter training plans, well, they all went to pot, as my grammy would say, on or about December 20, 2014, when my dad had a heart attack and I had to fly out to Phoenix, AZ. Truth be told, they were severely compromised...

The Inland Paddler: I Mean, Inland, Really Inland

Normally, "inland" for me means about 100 miles from the coast of North Carolina, where the red clay shoreline gives way to sweet tea colored water, ringed by long and short leaf pines and hardwoods. Where great blue herons and beavers express their disdain...

The Inland Paddler: Lisa’s Luxury List of Must-Have Cold Weather Gear

I am determined to be a Weather Weenie no more. I’ve already written about the magical Fall mornings I have experienced in the crisp air around Barton’s Creek at Falls Lake here in Raleigh. The 48-degree temps were manageable with the right kit. Then, we...

Because We’re All About The Base

base layer for paddling
NOTE: So Lisa, the Inland Paddler, made this graphic and we stole it, but we made her the author of this post because she's the inspiration, but we don't want to be confusing and make you think she said what we're saying below, which is, IT'S COLD AF...

Gear Review: Season Five Kiowa Hoodie

On November 8th, I broke the rule of “never try anything new on race day” and have lived to tell about it. In fact, I am thrilled with my deviation from THE golden rule. Having just finished the Chattajack 31 mile race on a...

The Inland Paddler: Winter Approaches

Perhaps I am making peace with the Powers that Be, the Keepers of the Time (not to be confused with the Time Lords) the Changer of Seasons, and/or the fact that Winter is Coming. My last two Dawn Patrols have been, in a word,...

The Inland Paddler: Chattajacked Up and Ready to Go!

Lisa Schell at Chattajack
At about Mile 18 the gunshots started. The first one was, well, attention getting. Then the second one rang out. “That’s a bit....disconcerting,” I said to the young woman in the recreational kayak I’d been trading places with on the river for the last three...

The Inland Paddler: It’s a Sore World After All

Remember when you were a kid and you were looking so forward to doing something really cool, something that would just be stupendous, something you’d anticipated all year – like, maybe going to Disneyland for your birthday. You dreamed about it day and night,...

The Inland Paddler: Hope Floats but that’s about it

Scuppers the Sailor Dog
There must be a water entity that loves to collect things. Specifically, a demigod of sorts that covets my eyewear. Were you to drag the little cove across from the Beaver Dam swim area at Falls Lake, near Raleigh, NC, you would find at...

The Inland Paddler: Fall Ahead

Fall Sunrise
The river in autumn knows just where to go, through short days and falling leaves. It measures a pace neither hurried nor slow, as it makes its way down to the sea - Joe Newberry My Facebook news feed has been lit up with paddle...

Gear Review: Four Mobile Apps that Make Paddling Alone Safer

We all know that the buddy system is best. Sometimes, though, that’s just not an option. Maybe you just want to paddle alone to clear the cobwebs, or to keep from strangling someone. Maybe you are focusing on training goals. Or maybe your preferred...

The Inland Paddler: Of Forecasts, Cell Phones and Death Toads

Sometimes we get complacent. We've paddled the same spot so many times without incident that we could do it with our eyes closed. The one hour workout is so routine, we needn't worry about anything, especially the what ifs. How many times have we...

Inland Paddler: Lisa Schell on her Falls Lake Adventure

I whine a lot about living inland.   No surf, no current, no ocean chop, no downwinders. Can’t really practice for the “real” paddling and racing that takes place on the coast.  Can’t just run out the front door and be on the water in...
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