Standup Paddle Races: Standardized Distances?

First, let's start with what's out there from the WPA and the PSUPA: From section 6A and 6B of the WPA Rule Book:  6. Race/Courses Defined a) Short Course – it is recommended that short course races should be conducted on a safe and manageable course free from...

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind

We're early, we know. It's by design. From now on, CHUM Newsletters will arrive on Wednesdays to reflect on the past weekend's events and give you time to jump last minute into next week's events. The weather has a funny way of cancelling or changing...

Gratitude for an amazing morning paddle off Wrightsville Beach, NC

Ever since I signed up for the Catalina Classic, my buddy Dave has been beating me up in our Tuesday and Thursday dawn patrol workouts. Paddling, running, swimming, getting my whole being in shape and shaking off a second year of rehabbing an injury. Those workouts...

Key West Classic: More than a race, a happy bicycle town beckoning

"Remember the Mullet Stickers." If you know Katie, the Editor of Distressed Mullet, AKA, Bossy Girl, you know when she reminds you 10 times, you better not forget. I'd kept the stack of Distressed Mullet stickers in the car for 3 weeks to make sure...

What is the future of SUP events?

what is the future of SUP events
One popular SUP event model has been to build a race, then add events until it becomes a festival—a destination. Meanwhile, in the outdoor sports and whitewater paddle and river worlds, they have festivals that are adding SUP events. How and when will these worlds...

Lessons and Tours: Are you paying attention to your favorite customers?

Homies Relay teams
A friend with a successful SUP tour and rental business recently shared his success story with me. It was strikingly simple and while I can't share the specifics of who he targeted, I can surely share the how so you can create your own...

Round the Rock Paddle Board Race offers free event registration through charity fundraising

Round the Rock
The 2015 Round the Rock is a non-profit event and all net proceeds go to Athletes for Cancer. This terrific organization offers adventure-based experiences such as surfing, outrigger canoeing, standup paddling, skiing and snowboarding, to young cancer survivors as channels of healing, achievement and...

I’m down with B O P, yeah you know we’ll see

This was originally published Friday as a editorial in the CHUM Newsletter, posted here, expanded and revised. I bumped into a guy who had been living under a rock and he asked me if I'd heard about Rainbow Sandals pulling out of BOP and the...

Danny Ching to paddle stock class in M2O

404 SUP
What happens when a top pro owns his own board company? He rides the boards he produces. According to instagram, "This means all our team riders will be racing 14ft for the foreseeable future." It makes sense when you consider the costs of shipping unlimited boards to...

What does a cat litter scientist and Charles Barkley have to do with paddling?

shirley wang
I came across this article a few weeks ago and it struck a chord with me. If you haven't read it yet, Shirley Wang of WBUR, a public radio station in Boston, tells the story of the unlikely friendship between her dad, Lin, a cat...

Basic Skills Test: Should a Paddleboard Skills Certification be required to rent or race?

Bruce Lee
What if prior to a race or rental, people had to show that they could safely perform a set of basic paddleboard skills in order to be allowed to rent boards or participate in a race? Safely demonstrate the following Launch and comfortably stand on a...

Gratitude: The 2015 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to take part in my first Catalina Classic: 32 miles from Two Harbors in the north of Catalina Island, past the R10 Buoy at Palos Verdes, and finishing at the Manhattan Beach Pier. The entire experience changed...

Celebrating under 17, over 50 paddlers and categories with less than 3 competitors

Results. Wow. Let me tell you about race results. From a race director's point of view, they often are the hardest part of running a race—especially when they are trying to tackle timing and results on their own. Putting race divisions into perspective Here are 12 common...

How can the sport be growing when the industry is shrinking?

So many people have asked us what we think of the Standup Paddleboard industry after attending the Outdoor Retailer Expo in Salt Lake City. Is it growing or is it dying? What's going on? Did the bubble burst? The best way to describe it is...

The SUP Narrative is changing: Letter from the Publisher of Distressed Mullet

A number of years ago, our friend Casey at SUP Gladiator posted about SUP as being the Gateway drug to other watersports. Can you say SUP Prophet? We think so.   This week, there are two OC videos on Distressed Mullet, both from OC-legend, Kai Bartlett....

July 21 CHUM Update from the Mullet

Review of this week's articles, discussions, videos and events.   Consider being a Distressed Mullet Supporter and keep these articles and the free classifieds flowing. Support the Mullet Friend : $10.00 USD - yearly Friend with benefits : $25.00 USD - yearly Lifetime Friend : $50.00 USD - yearly Big Papi...

After years of abuse, SUP surfers return to lineup with knives attached to boards

In response to rising verbal and physical anti-SUP harassment, a team of standup paddleboard surfer/engineers have designed the first V-Edge blade hydrofoil SUP board. Not only will it catch a wave a mile before anyone else in the lineup, but it can half any surfer...

Reasons why standup paddlers are laying down

I know. It's just another thing. A trend on the end of a movement? Maybe not. Prone paddling was here first. So was surfing. This has nothing to do with anything, except that you'll see a post once in a while where paddlers who have...

What’s in the name Battle of the Paddle?

Battle of the Paddle
Photo: Slater Trout and Brandi Baksic at Battle of the Paddle in 2010 What are in the letters B-O-P? I would have said a lot. The Battle of the Paddle created an industry and defined the way we race. It gave us our first heroes. The tents gave fledgling SUP...

CHUM Video Update for July 28, 2017

Discussion on the drowning by a paddler who was wearing, but did not deploy his belt PFD, a series of videos by Travis Grant, the arrival of our Kumo Board, upcoming races, and more for this last week in July.

We’re launching a magazine and it’s all about you

In April, we are launching The Mullet magazine: The first free, quarterly community paddle magazine that tells the stories of local paddlers, local events, local shops and local causes on a national stage. This community needs a unifying mechanism and we believe The Mullet is it. We...

Paddling around a point, how to avoid the shallows

We are constantly paddling in the eddies, along the edges of the waterways and right next to shore when going against the prevailing current. Unfortunately, there's always that fear and possibility that you will go too close to shore and have your fin or...

Competition or Personal Accomplishment: A thought on race courses

This is an observation for race directors looking to get more people to come and enjoy their races. When you have a challenge that goes beyond a simple 5K or 10K race, one that has obstacles that transcend a straight line, a start and a...

Flourish in SUP 2.0: Surftech is making some great moves

SUP 2.0
Is anyone paying attention? We're seeing so many brands relaunching, rebranding, and redefining who they are, what they do and how they do it.  Are you making moves? Or are you watching and scratching your head? At surf expo, so many companies were talking about the contraction of...

Can leashes solve all our paddleboard safety problems?

Every month, we hear of someone either drowning while paddleboarding, or having to be rescued because they either underestimated the wind or didn't see it coming. Consistently, those in danger are separated from their boards, most often in high winds with choppy, cold water....
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