Lina Augatis on paddling and pregnancy

Lina Augatis 7 months pregnant
2014 Battle of the Paddle and World Series Champion and 2015 Lost Mills Champ, Lina Augatis, is enjoying time with her husband Andrew in anticipation of their first child. Werner Paddles caught up with her for a few questions. How far along are you? We are...

July 21 CHUM Update from the Mullet

Review of this week's articles, discussions, videos and events.   Consider being a Distressed Mullet Supporter and keep these articles and the free classifieds flowing. Support the Mullet Friend : $10.00 USD - yearly Friend with benefits : $25.00 USD - yearly Lifetime Friend : $50.00 USD - yearly Big Papi...

A lightsaber is a little like a paddle, right?

I'd been driving for about 10 hours when I pulled off the road to find a bathroom in a hotel. It was about one o'clock in the morning and that west side of Nashville. I pulled into the first hotel I saw that had enough lights outside...

If your lower back hurts, you might not be rotating

I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, which means I'm not qualified to diagnose your injuries or analyze your technique. That said, I learned something interesting that came into play today on my paddle workout: lower back pain and it's reflection...

Lessons and Tours: Are you paying attention to your favorite customers?

Homies Relay teams
A friend with a successful SUP tour and rental business recently shared his success story with me. It was strikingly simple and while I can't share the specifics of who he targeted, I can surely share the how so you can create your own...

Congratulations Sue Cooper, Lazy Dog Key West — Athena Award Winner

Sue Cooper Athena Award
We just want to congratulate Lazy Dog owner and operator, Sue Cooper on receiving the ATHENA Leadership Award from the Key West Chamber of Commerce. The ATHENA Leadership Award is presented to a woman ---or man--- who is honored for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women...

How to correct a standup paddle race finish time and place

You've trained. (or maybe not). You've executed your race strategy (or maybe just paddled). You've battled it out with a few other competitors (or maybe just paddled by yourself most of the time). And you finished. Then, you look at the results and your time...

Finding a happy place: One Board Class Follow Up

The One Board Class Post from last week definitely elicited a variety of responses. The end goal for all of us is a healthy, happy, thriving, sustainable sport. We want new people to enter and engage in the sport and the community. We want...

Races are changing, here are some great tips for running and great race

At one point early on, races were actually about the podium. If you were in a sport with 10 people, you could expect a top 10 finish. Hardware was cool and plentiful. Then, it was finishing high in the age groups. It worked for BOP,...

Danny Ching talks Hippo Sticks

The paddles have two shaft configurations: One for race and one for surf. Check out the video. Let me know if you have any questions.

Ultimate SUP Challenge 2014 Recap Video from Distressed Mullet

Race organizers Harmony Dawn from UrbanOcean and Starboard Team Manager, Dan Gavere, put on the Ultimate SUP Challenge: an amazing multi-day camping, whitewater and flatwater event with the help of volunteers, family and friends.

Don’t look to the brands to step up. Your event has to be able to stand on its own.

I freestyled this in the CHUM Newsletter this morning and have had such a response that I felt it wise to bring it over to the main site with some additions:   The posts continue on how to fix the race scene and there's an interesting...

Reasons why standup paddlers are laying down

I know. It's just another thing. A trend on the end of a movement? Maybe not. Prone paddling was here first. So was surfing. This has nothing to do with anything, except that you'll see a post once in a while where paddlers who have...

Has surf helped or hurt the growth of SUP?

In the beginning, after Laird created the heavens and the earth. ... he said, “Let there be a big board,” and there was a big board. Laird saw that the board was good. And he said, “Let there be a tall paddle so we shall...

CHUM Video Update for July 28, 2017

Discussion on the drowning by a paddler who was wearing, but did not deploy his belt PFD, a series of videos by Travis Grant, the arrival of our Kumo Board, upcoming races, and more for this last week in July.

Paddling around a point, how to avoid the shallows

We are constantly paddling in the eddies, along the edges of the waterways and right next to shore when going against the prevailing current. Unfortunately, there's always that fear and possibility that you will go too close to shore and have your fin or...

Detroit Rising: OABI (Once Around Belle Isle) as a reflection of a city’s rebirth

“We’re going to try to get you on the water and started on time to avoid the weather that’s forecasted for later today.” Thunder boomed in the distance. “OK. We’re going to check the weather again and we may have to delay the start.” More thunder. More thunder. Laughter. “I’m...

Top 5 things to pack for a SUP Camping trip

(1) Bring a recording of someone screaming for help. If you get in trouble, you can play this really loudly. (2) Bring a Drakar Noir Belt PDF. Because falling off your board stinks, unless you fall off with a Drakkar PFD. (3) Carry a Lego Lifeguard Board...

Ohio quarter celebrates Perry’s 2013 Paddleboard victory

Ohio Quarter
I was sorting through my change this weekend and spotted this celebratory paddleboard quarter. I had no idea how mainstream SUP had become, how popular SUP had become in Ohio. Congrats Perry! Was from Blazing Saddles or Riverfest? No matter. It's impressive. I can...

Connor-Kai BOP altercation spills over into the ugly ugly

Everyone is starting to get home and watch the video. Emotions are starting to spill over. The on-water skirmish is now migrating online. I saw one parent's post on Facebook and totally understand their frustration. I imagine if neither Kai nor Connor won, both families...

After years of abuse, SUP surfers return to lineup with knives attached to boards

In response to rising verbal and physical anti-SUP harassment, a team of standup paddleboard surfer/engineers have designed the first V-Edge blade hydrofoil SUP board. Not only will it catch a wave a mile before anyone else in the lineup, but it can half any surfer...

I am not a waterman

I am a man. I love the water. But I'm not a waterman. I looked it up. Or rather, I read its definition in an amazing book called Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade written by Peter...

Paddleboarder drowns in Whangamata and a discussion on leashes

We read this tragic story from the stuff.co.nz website about the death of paddleboarder Amie Russell whose leash got stuck under the keel of a boat, she was held under, couldn't release her leash from her ankle and drowned. According the the article, Amie fell off her board. The...

Gratitude for an amazing morning paddle off Wrightsville Beach, NC

Ever since I signed up for the Catalina Classic, my buddy Dave has been beating me up in our Tuesday and Thursday dawn patrol workouts. Paddling, running, swimming, getting my whole being in shape and shaking off a second year of rehabbing an injury. Those workouts...

Surf Expo Day One and the stoke factor

For those of you unfamiliar with Surf Expo, it is a convention held twice per year (September and January) where manufacturers bring their product lines for the coming year to sell to surf shops, resorts and outdoor outfitter shops. The buyers from each retailer...

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