The mainstream media and stock photography have no idea about SUP safety

While news reports tend to find a local expert to guide them through the sport of SUP, the articles written for the general public by newspapers and local magazines are poorly researched and fact checked and pick stock photos that don't show how to...

Can leashes solve all our paddleboard safety problems?

Every month, we hear of someone either drowning while paddleboarding, or having to be rescued because they either underestimated the wind or didn't see it coming. Consistently, those in danger are separated from their boards, most often in high winds with choppy, cold water....

Tips for Race Directors starting a SUP race

victory at sea
In the past 6 weeks, there have been two examples of disastrous races. Races that barely escaped being headlines in the local paper. Races where paddlers could have been injured or killed. I can't call them out, but one was on the East coast and one...

After years of abuse, SUP surfers return to lineup with knives attached to boards

In response to rising verbal and physical anti-SUP harassment, a team of standup paddleboard surfer/engineers have designed the first V-Edge blade hydrofoil SUP board. Not only will it catch a wave a mile before anyone else in the lineup, but it can half any surfer...

Paddleboarder drowns in Whangamata and a discussion on leashes

We read this tragic story from the website about the death of paddleboarder Amie Russell whose leash got stuck under the keel of a boat, she was held under, couldn't release her leash from her ankle and drowned. According the the article, Amie fell off her board. The...

How can a paddle race with 100 people have 3361 divisions? Let’s do the math

This mathematical exercise is based on a comment that suggested we as a sport adopt standard marathon age groups and recognize every division in each race We are going to take the Myrtle Beach Marathon which had 1805 participants in the full marathon as our model for age groups. We...

Trailblazers: It’s time to bring your own division

I've been around events for a long time and there seems to be a consistent theme. With 80,000 potential divisions, people end up paddling a craft, age group, and/or gender that sets them in their own category. Inevitably, they are left out of the awards...

We’re launching a magazine and it’s all about you

In April, we are launching The Mullet magazine: The first free, quarterly community paddle magazine that tells the stories of local paddlers, local events, local shops and local causes on a national stage. This community needs a unifying mechanism and we believe The Mullet is it. We...

Danny Ching to paddle stock class in M2O

404 SUP
What happens when a top pro owns his own board company? He rides the boards he produces. According to instagram, "This means all our team riders will be racing 14ft for the foreseeable future." It makes sense when you consider the costs of shipping unlimited boards to...

Finding a way to give back to your community: The 24

I received a text from a friend, "my 7-year old nephew has a rare form of brain cancer and we're looking for a few items for a fundraiser auction to help the family. I was wondering if you could donate anything."    At the same...

Paddleboard Safety: Personal responsibility and it’s impact on others

At what point do our choices affect others? At what point does saying "personal responsibility" really mean we're not taking personal responsibility or responsibility for the other competitors or the race directors? In the past, most personal responsibility posts have been more on the back...

Reflections on the 2016 Winter Surf Expo

I keep having the same off-the-record conversations about the 2016 Surf Expo in Orlando. For many of you, this glimpse into the industry won't make a lot of sense or really matter. Keep paddling. Keep racing. Keep having fun. (And bring friends paddling.) For the...

We just want to say that Mickey Muñoz is amazing

Mike Muir from Riviera Paddle Surf sent me this photo this morning. What a gift. "We should all aspire to be doing what Mickey is doing at 76." I'm a huge Mickey Muñoz fan, and not just because he was Gidget's stunt double. He's everything that's awesome about the...

The SUP Narrative is changing: Letter from the Publisher of Distressed Mullet

A number of years ago, our friend Casey at SUP Gladiator posted about SUP as being the Gateway drug to other watersports. Can you say SUP Prophet? We think so.   This week, there are two OC videos on Distressed Mullet, both from OC-legend, Kai Bartlett....

Celebrating under 17, over 50 paddlers and categories with less than 3 competitors

Results. Wow. Let me tell you about race results. From a race director's point of view, they often are the hardest part of running a race—especially when they are trying to tackle timing and results on their own. Putting race divisions into perspective Here are 12 common...

Lina Augatis on paddling and pregnancy

Lina Augatis 7 months pregnant
2014 Battle of the Paddle and World Series Champion and 2015 Lost Mills Champ, Lina Augatis, is enjoying time with her husband Andrew in anticipation of their first child. Werner Paddles caught up with her for a few questions. How far along are you? We are...

Basic Skills Test: Should a Paddleboard Skills Certification be required to rent or race?

Bruce Lee
What if prior to a race or rental, people had to show that they could safely perform a set of basic paddleboard skills in order to be allowed to rent boards or participate in a race? Safely demonstrate the following Launch and comfortably stand on a...

Paddleboarder on surfer violence, staying safe and surf etiquette

I came across this article this morning and it struck a nerve. First, it's on a site that is obviously anti-paddleboarder, so the tone rose my temperature as I read. But then, it looks like the standup paddle boarder used his paddle as a...

Sponsor a Special Olympic Athlete

Special Olympics South Florida
This is an opportunity. An opportunity to share your stoke. To share your love for paddling. To share the sport you love with a Special Olympic Athlete. On Oct 17 to Oct 18, 2015, Higgs Beach, Key West, Florida, Special Olympics Florida- Monroe County is holding the SUP Invitational, to...

Stand Up Paddle Board Safety Progress: A Surf Expo Update

It's been three weeks since Andres Pombo went missing in the Gorge. And while it may seem like things are quiet, there is actually quite a lot going on behind the scenes on two fronts. This is a quick update on what I've heard here...

Gratitude: The 2015 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to take part in my first Catalina Classic: 32 miles from Two Harbors in the north of Catalina Island, past the R10 Buoy at Palos Verdes, and finishing at the Manhattan Beach Pier. The entire experience changed...

Paddle boarder dies days before Outdoor Retailer Expo when separated from paddle board

Joshua Merkley
Photo from Fox 13 News Salt Lake City courtesy of Summit County Sheriff’s Office There seems to be a clear and present danger from people being separated from their equipment. On July 17th, Joshua Merkley, 21 of Layton went missing in Rockford State Park in Utah when...

Round the Rock Paddle Board Race offers free event registration through charity fundraising

Round the Rock
The 2015 Round the Rock is a non-profit event and all net proceeds go to Athletes for Cancer. This terrific organization offers adventure-based experiences such as surfing, outrigger canoeing, standup paddling, skiing and snowboarding, to young cancer survivors as channels of healing, achievement and...

Let’s talk about safety, because someone has to

safety in stand up paddle boarding
At first I thought, "Is it too early for an article on this?" Then I realized on some levels it's too late. Nevertheless, it's a conversation we need to have. Are we safe when we stand up paddle board? The warning shot It started when Zbigniew Moryn,...

Handling the loss of Andres Pombo

A quick note on the paddlers and the Gorge Paddle Challenge The difficult truth is there was nothing anyone in the race could have done to prevent this except for Andres. Canceling the race would not have made a difference. He was already gone. These...
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