How to create a paddle destination race

Let people know why your area is a place paddlers want to visit It's the most basic question, but a good one. Is this located in a place that you'd visit without there being an event? Lake Tahoe? Heck yeah. Maui? Yep. But it doesn't have to be exotic....

What’s in the name Battle of the Paddle?

Battle of the Paddle
Photo: Slater Trout and Brandi Baksic at Battle of the Paddle in 2010 What are in the letters B-O-P? I would have said a lot. The Battle of the Paddle created an industry and defined the way we race. It gave us our first heroes. The tents gave fledgling SUP...


As you know, there have been plenty of reports of #nakedLaird popping up all over Pacific and Atlantic. But don't be afraid. While this is a serious matter, apex predators assure us that the chances of having #NakedLaird hop on your back and paddle...

Gratitude for an amazing morning paddle off Wrightsville Beach, NC

Ever since I signed up for the Catalina Classic, my buddy Dave has been beating me up in our Tuesday and Thursday dawn patrol workouts. Paddling, running, swimming, getting my whole being in shape and shaking off a second year of rehabbing an injury. Those workouts...

9 killer tips for SUP shop websites

Web Advice for SUP Shops
1) Contact info should be everywhere Have your address and phone number on every page, in readable, copy-able text, and not on an image. Every additional action a person has to take to contact you is an opportunity to not contact you. Make it easy....

Virtual ding repair $10

virtual ding repair
Did you drop your board? Did someone bang into it? Or did that dock cleat pop a hole in it? No worries. Send us a photo and we'll repair it digitally. It'll look as good as new on Facebook, through email and even on...

Paddling vs television: Overcoming vacant expressions

Photographer Donna Stevens
There is a frightening portrait exhibit on Hypebeast from Photographer Donna Stevens of children who are watching television. We thought it would be a good exercise to juxtapose these vacant expressions with the expressions of children who are paddling to see if there is a difference....

Planning a road trip to a SUP race

Updated June 29, 2016 If you are hopping in your cars and heading for the nearest SUP event, here are a few things to remember: The first step: Cover the basics Register for the event Make a reservation at the event hotel or one close by ...

What is the future of SUP events?

what is the future of SUP events
One popular SUP event model has been to build a race, then add events until it becomes a festival—a destination. Meanwhile, in the outdoor sports and whitewater paddle and river worlds, they have festivals that are adding SUP events. How and when will these worlds...

Races are changing, here are some great tips for running and great race

At one point early on, races were actually about the podium. If you were in a sport with 10 people, you could expect a top 10 finish. Hardware was cool and plentiful. Then, it was finishing high in the age groups. It worked for BOP,...

Flourish in SUP 2.0: Surftech is making some great moves

SUP 2.0
Is anyone paying attention? We're seeing so many brands relaunching, rebranding, and redefining who they are, what they do and how they do it.  Are you making moves? Or are you watching and scratching your head? At surf expo, so many companies were talking about the contraction of...

I’m down with B O P, yeah you know we’ll see

This was originally published Friday as a editorial in the CHUM Newsletter, posted here, expanded and revised. I bumped into a guy who had been living under a rock and he asked me if I'd heard about Rainbow Sandals pulling out of BOP and the...

PFD Exception for Prone – Traditional Paddleboards

According to the Coast Guard, vessels propelled by hands or feet without the use of engines, sails, oars, paddles, propellers (the rule gives the full list) are excepted from the USCG life jacket requirement as per rule 33 CFR 175.11 (CFR stands for Code...

The gator, the stand up paddle board, and homeland security

Enough time has passed perhaps to tell you a little story about an-unplanned, ill-advised training run that nearly resulted in landing me and Jason from Carolina Paddleboard Company in jail for terrorism or even worse, gator rolled and fish food at the bottom of...

How to be happier: Find a charity and donate time or money—Great Options

Giving makes you happier. It's scientific. It's psychology. The 201o Do Good. Live Well Survey by United Healthcare surveyed more than 4,500 American adults and found that 68 percent of those who volunteered in the past year report that volunteering has made them feel physically healthier. Volunteers agree...

How to correct a standup paddle race finish time and place

You've trained. (or maybe not). You've executed your race strategy (or maybe just paddled). You've battled it out with a few other competitors (or maybe just paddled by yourself most of the time). And you finished. Then, you look at the results and your time...

Goodbye old friend, hello new ones

I said goodbye to a friend on Wednesday. No, nobody died. Nobody moved away. I sold a board. I stopped to get gas at a truck stop just south of Wilmington in the early-morning twilight. I saw the board strapped to my roof for the...

Ryobi Powertools promotes violence against Paddlers

Here is an ad from Australia where they've cut up what appears to be a Surftech Laird and a paddle with the tagline: Tools for Surfers. You can buy whatever brands you want, but knowing how they feel about our sport, I'd think extra...

Connor-Kai BOP altercation spills over into the ugly ugly

Everyone is starting to get home and watch the video. Emotions are starting to spill over. The on-water skirmish is now migrating online. I saw one parent's post on Facebook and totally understand their frustration. I imagine if neither Kai nor Connor won, both families...

Why We Paddle

We paddle for many of the same reasons. It's what makes paddling so unique. Follow the series. Follow the who series on Distressed Mullet Instagram: Or on Twitter: @supmullet Or on Facebook: And start thinking about why you paddle, what you love, what makes it unique. #whywepaddle

A lightsaber is a little like a paddle, right?

I'd been driving for about 10 hours when I pulled off the road to find a bathroom in a hotel. It was about one o'clock in the morning and that west side of Nashville. I pulled into the first hotel I saw that had enough lights outside...

Ultimate SUP Challenge 2014 Recap Video from Distressed Mullet

Race organizers Harmony Dawn from UrbanOcean and Starboard Team Manager, Dan Gavere, put on the Ultimate SUP Challenge: an amazing multi-day camping, whitewater and flatwater event with the help of volunteers, family and friends.

Top 5 things to pack for a SUP Camping trip

(1) Bring a recording of someone screaming for help. If you get in trouble, you can play this really loudly. (2) Bring a Drakar Noir Belt PDF. Because falling off your board stinks, unless you fall off with a Drakkar PFD. (3) Carry a Lego Lifeguard Board...

9 things to think about this weekend

1. Don’t wait. If you have a window, jump out of it and land in the water. We get to do something extraordinary. There are mornings when I paddle around our south Jetty and think, “I can’t believe I get to do this.” If there...

Happy Father’s Day: Get your Dads on the water

One of the best gifts we can give our kids as fathers is to get them on the water. It opens doors. It gives them a place to think, mourn, dream, rest, achieve, and play. It brings respect and humility as much as it...
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