New WPA Surf Drafting Rules

Drafting in the surf has gotten out of hand as of late. An incident at the Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race this past weekend prompted swift and definitive World Paddle Association action. In the above photo by Chase Kosterlitz, Brody Welte is in clear violation. Boards will...

Standup Paddle Races: Standardized Distances?

First, let's start with what's out there from the WPA and the PSUPA: From section 6A and 6B of the WPA Rule Book:  6. Race/Courses Defined a) Short Course – it is recommended that short course races should be conducted on a safe and manageable course free from...

Reasons why standup paddlers are laying down

I know. It's just another thing. A trend on the end of a movement? Maybe not. Prone paddling was here first. So was surfing. This has nothing to do with anything, except that you'll see a post once in a while where paddlers who have...

Key West Classic: More than a race, a happy bicycle town beckoning

"Remember the Mullet Stickers." If you know Katie, the Editor of Distressed Mullet, AKA, Bossy Girl, you know when she reminds you 10 times, you better not forget. I'd kept the stack of Distressed Mullet stickers in the car for 3 weeks to make sure...

I am not a waterman

I am a man. I love the water. But I'm not a waterman. I looked it up. Or rather, I read its definition in an amazing book called Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade written by Peter McGuire and Mike...

What’s at stake for top elite paddlers

For top paddlers to get to events, with equipment, they need sponsors. Sponsors pay the bills. When a person wins or places in a race, they get exposure for their sponsors and prize money to help them support their dream. Every time Annabel wins, people...

Danny Ching talks Hippo Sticks

The paddles have two shaft configurations: One for race and one for surf. Check out the video. Let me know if you have any questions.

Paddle for Humanity DC: What I learned about how to run a great race

I raced hard at the P4H DC race. Still, I barely held that maniac Kiwi Annabel Anderson off at the finish. She was on an old 12'6" that she borrowed the day before the race. I was on my shiny new 14' race board....

Chattajack31: What I learned about how to run a great race

Nothing can prepare you to run an event than going to other events and paying attention. Being a competitor will help you be a better race director. Every problem that you will face has been solved, somewhere, by someone else. Take note of the...
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