TOPS Testing: Taking Three Paddlers through a Competitive Year

For the upcoming 2015 SUP season, the team at Carolina PaddleBoard Co. is voluntarily becoming guinea pigs. TOPS Athletics, a Wilmington based all-you-could-need gym/lab is going to observe paddlers through off season preparations, pre-race training, and competitive seasons while creating specific programing that improves...

You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next!

April Zilg
It was the end of the SUP racing season, and my last big event. I had been on this weird train-taper-train-taper schedule that I was sure wasn’t the best for my racing fitness. Every time I thought it was time to train, and event...

Hobie Photo Shoot in Costa Rica with The Vanilla Gorilla, Kid Rock, and Colin

Hobie Raw SUP Surfboard
Surf photos unless credited from James Rees at Blue Zone SUP About a month ago, I was “volun-told” that I would be heading down to Costa Rica for a Hobie Surf trip. Out of all of the things I’m volun-told to do, this was by far...

Gear Review: Season Five Kiowa Hoodie

On November 8th, I broke the rule of “never try anything new on race day” and have lived to tell about it. In fact, I am thrilled with my deviation from THE golden rule. Having just finished the Chattajack 31 mile race on a...

Dear Mullet I’m Distressed: April Answers your questions

mullet fish
Dear Mullet, I'm Distressed Q: You said due to being busy, some weeks you've had to cut down to a bare minimum of 3 workouts. (hey, I can relate)! The roughly "one hour race pace" I totally get. However, I was wondering about the other...

April Zilg: When We Tried to Kill Lexy (Because Katie was Busy)

“C’mon, it’ll be fun!” we said.  “It builds character and a strong soul,” we continued. Finally, Lexy agreed to follow us into the open ocean. Why do I say, “Because Katie was busy?” Is it because if Katie wasn’t busy editing her pot book would...

April Zilg: Cayuga SUP Cup Recap

Cayuga SUP Cup
Aerial yoga, SUP yoga, log rolling, adaptive races, clinics, movies, and parties are just a few of the activities available at the Cayuga Lake SUP Cup that was held August 16th in Ithaca, NY. I knew I would be visiting family in the area...

April Zilg recaps Stand Up for the Lake 2014 Burlington, VT

Stand Up for the Lake
Where do you get the chance to paddle at one of the most picturesque venues while navigating wind and chop created by helicopters? At the Stand Up for the Lake race in Burlington, VT – that’s where! Alright, so the helicopters weren’t there just...

April and Corey’s SUP Wedding Portrait Session

Go behind the scenes on a Day After Session with Dana Laymon Photography. April + Corey are huge paddle boarders so what better way to spend a day after session than on their boards! We went out at sunrise to capture the best time...

April’s OBX Race Recap: Gnarly!

Usually when you read a recap of an event you find yourself thinking, “Man, I wish I had made it out to that one.” Luckily, in the case of the OBX SUP Series, you don’t have to wait until next year to experience the...

Gear Review: Naish Kaholo Race LE Paddle

I’m not one for trends; I sometimes even go out of my way to do the opposite of whatever is in style. When people started increasing blade size, I was skeptical. When people started cutting their paddles longer, I was skeptical. Then the trend...

April Zilg: 2 Races; One weekend; Lotsa Driving

The Stand Up Paddleboard season has officially kicked off. Following the Carolina Cup, weekend events have started picking up and it becomes a bit difficult to fit them ALL into your schedule. Cousin Mullet provided a glimpse into this past weekend’s activities (http://www.distressedmullet.com/sup-stuff-weekend) and...

Dominion RiverRock: Under the Radar, Exceeding Expectations

Quite possibly one of my favorite events every year passes without much noise in the SUP world. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kinda like it like that, though. The event is far from small, recording over 100,000 guests over the three-day...

April Zilg: Race Day Diary

6:00am Wake up to an alarm set for 4 hours before the race. Open only one eye enough to see the “dismiss” button on the alarm. Press “dismiss” and feel around for food on bedside table. Eat as quietly as possible so as to...

The Carolina Cup 2014: Yee Haw!

Southern Hospitality and a word from our friends from around the world.

SUP Cheap: Proper blister popping technique

Training and paddling can sometimes lead to blisters on your fingers and hands. We’ve all heard that you should leave them alone, and this is true up to a point. The unbroken skin of your blister is protecting the squishy, vulnerable skin underneath. Popping...

April Zilg: Keep Calm and Enjoy the Taper

For those training for the Carolina Cup, the essential tapering weeks are almost here! If you’ve been training for the Carolina Cup and you’re wondering, “what’s tapering?” then you may be new to training. At about 2 weeks out from your goal event, you’ll start...

April Zilg: The Art of Competition

Stand Up Paddling is a unique sport, I’m sure you’ve heard it said time and time again. Recently on the Mullet, Julia Nicholls pointed out some things that make SUP unique: our sense of community, our willingness to help others and make a difference,...

April Zilg: The Paddler’s Playlist

Everyone has been talking fin selection, blade size for your paddle, paddle length, board shape, cadence and the like. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t learn a little more about how to get faster while paddling. Granted, it has more...

April Zilg talks ACA SUP Instructor Certification

April Zilg recaps her experience with ACA ------- Two years ago, I first heard that the ACA (American Canoe Association) was going to start offering Stand Up Paddle lessons and instructor certifications. I was skeptical. At that point I realized that most watersport businesses saw the...
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