Shop of The Year: Surf Expo Interview with Karen Marvin, South Shore Paddleboards

The State Of Paddle Retail We interviewed Karen Marvin from South Shore Paddleboards at Surf Expo 2018 in Orlando, FL and discussed the state of retail in Long Island, what she enjoyed at the show and her philosophy on running a successful retail business in...

Retail Discussion with Michael from UrbanKai: 2018 Surf Expo

Perspectives from  Florida's Urban Kai Michael and Aimee Conlee own Urban Kai, a Standup Paddleboard retailer with 2 locations in the Tampa Bay Area and one more opening this spring. They've had some growing pains but have found a few things that have helped them...

Gear Review: Sailcloth Bags from Sailbags Maui and Mafia Bags

Repurposing Materials: Sailcloth and Sustainability One of my new favorite things is gear bags made of recycled, or rather repurposed sail cloth from a couple of our “sister sports” - windsurfing and kiteboarding.  Sails and kites can rip, and when they do, apparently, they are pretty...

Quickblade Video: When Jimmy Met Larry

When Olympic Paddlers Meet We watched this again the other day and just thought it was worth's Jimmy Terrell's story about meeting fellow Olympian and Paddle Monster coach Larry Cain. and, as they say, the rest is history...      

International Coastal Clean Up Day

International Coastal Clean Up Day
International Coastal Clean Up Day: Pick up trash, maybe win a board! Editor's Note: Starboard is one of the leading board companies working on behalf of environmental sustainability.  So we're passing this along in hopes that when you paddle today, you'll take part in today's International...

Geek Alert: Electric Self-Inflating “Smart” SUP

Self-inflating and self-propelling paddleboards Want an inflatable that can go from bag to bay in just five minutes? Want someone or rather something to "paddle" it for you, too? Then look no farther than Sipa Boards. Apparently the company has launched what appears to be two...

Interview: Aussie Pro Angie Jackson and One SUP

Angie Jackson - One SUP We had the opportunity to meet Australian paddle champ Angie Jackson in Hood River this past week and Distressed Mullet's Pacific Northwest Correspondent Jhacoli Yang of the Village of Stoke interviewed her about her new line of paddleboard - One...

New Starboard Line Features Art by Sonni Honscheid

There are a lot of cool boards out there, and a lot of cool designs and colorways out there, but how many of them are actually created by one of the top pros in the biz? Starboard has just release a line of colorful new...

Starboard Trash Picker to Come Standard with Paddles

Starboard Adds Trash Picking Device to Paddles What an ingenious, simple, clever idea! And another example of how Starboard is leading the way when it comes to helping protect the aquatic environment we all love!! Details from Starboard's Facebook page: "Sometimes it’s the simple things that make...

SURFTECH Names Jeramie Vaine as Team Manager

SURFTECH Names Jeramie Vaine Team Manager
Editor's Note:  Congrats to Jeramie and Surtech and NSP! The following news release details Jeramie's new role with the company: SURFTECH Names Jeramie Vaine Team Manager Carlsbad, California. May. 5, 2017. Surftech the manufacturer of Surf/ Stand Up paddle boards has hired Jeramie Vaine to manage...

Video: Zane’s Deep Blue Life

Zane's Deep Blue Life Video Pono   A state of harmony and righteousness  and balance. In other words, a Deep Blue Life, as explained in this new video from Starboard, featuring a day in the island life of Zane Schweitzer, with a focus on deep love and...

Sonni Hönscheid Joins Starboard and the Tiki Family

Sonni Hönscheid
New Release Sonni Hönscheid, the three-time (2014-2016) SUP World champion, is joining the Starboard team. “We are stoked to see Sonni Hönscheid joining our Starboard team. The mix of her exciting artistic work and amazing paddling makes her a very valuable partner looking into the future...

ISA collaborates to make the 2016 Fiji World Championship Deep Blue

Deep Blue Event
Editor's Note: A Deep Blue Event is kind of like LEED certification for buildings- but instead of applying to new construction that is rated based on environmental friendliness, it's a surf event that is held with the least impact on the earth.  According to...

New Brand Ambassador For SIC Hails from Greenville, NC

SIC Sarah Muir Westbrook
One of our favorite Jane Paddlers is now a brand ambassador for SIC Maui! We are so proud of and excited for Sarah Muir Westbrook, who is featured this week on SIC's blog. In this excerpt, she breaks down how she plans her paddling sessions and...

Big Sized Family Fun from Fanatic

Fanatic Flay Air L
Now doesn't this look like fun for the whole family?! Fanatic has just announced the latest addition to its Fly Air inflatable line - the new Fly Air L.  It's the smaller brother of the Fly Air XL  and it's designed to take up...
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