Leashes 101: It’s that Time Again

It’s time to talk about leashes. Why we need them. What kind to use. What kind not to use and how to take care of them. Again.  Lots of new folks are joining us on the water during the pandemic so here's a primer. Why...

Review: Black Project Hydro Paddle and Sonic Fin

I am not a natural paddler, nor am I physically gifted with a paddler’s body. I’m short (5’5”), I have a short reach, and I’m overweight (190). However, I work hard and I compete to the best of my ability. I’ve been training with...

Insta360-One R Camera Review: Capture your moment, swappable 360 & Wide angle lenses

Most innovated module system that allows you to choose lens your want to use for your footage without owning two cameras.  Waterproof (IPX8) up to 16feet or use diving case for deeper depth.  Support IOS/Android. Insta360.com Production show in this video ONE -R Twin Edition  GPS Remote  Bullet Package...

Jeremy Riggs on Jumping the Bump

If you want to learn downwinding, especially if your goal is a North Shore Maui Maliko Run, there is no one better to learn from that the Jedi Master himself, Jeremy Riggs of Paddle with Riggs. This week, he dropped a great video on how...

The Inland Paddler: Oh Garmin! Don’t Fail Me Now!

I am a slave to the data.  I live and die by my metrics. And I am addicted to wearables. Even though there is clearly a limit to how many you can actually wear at one time. (Or is there?) I have tried and tested...

Sports Nutrition for Long Distance Races – Zoom Discussion – Monday July 20 at 3:00 PM ET

Coach Seychelle and Coach Burgess will be discussing sports nutrition for long-distance races - Monday, July 20 at 3:00 PM ET This is available for all Paddle Monster All Access and Basic Members. If you are not members, join All Access coaching or Basic Plan...

Save A Session Kit: Items to Always Have on Hand Just in Case

Save-A-Session Kits If you’ve ever arrived at your paddle destination all excited for a workout or a surf with you buddies, only to realize someone doesn’t have a fin screw, then this is for you. It happens - we forget things. Things break. But keeping...

Product Review: The SUP Hipster

When I first started paddleboarding, I lived maybe 100 yards from Lake Michigan. 50 yards up a dune, and 50 yards down a steep set of stairs. Needless to say, I pretty quickly started looking for an easier way to carry the board to...

GPS tracking with SpeedCoach and program your internal training for Paddle Monster Program

Water sports specific GPS Tracking devices with 4 live data on screen at all times. Standard and Metric (Km/Miles)  support with bluetooth  connection for your heart rate monitor support allow you to train with your interval training. Product direction link  NK Speedcoach for SUP     -Option...

Kicks and Paddling: Let’s Talk Footwear!

If You Have to Wear Shoes I’ve seen lots of folks on different platforms asking about footwear for paddling so I thought I’d weigh in.  Just my personal thoughts after years of paddling all kinds of craft in a variety of conditions and places. As a...

June the Machine reviews the Nite Ize runoff waterproof phone pouch

Nite Ize is a company that manufactures very cool and innovative products from tie downs, to key chains to mobile products. RUNOFF® WATERPROOF products is one of the reliable and durable smartphone case you will find. Zipper technology called TRU-Zip assure you to keep the seal...

Inflatable PFDs – Practice Deployment Might Just Save Your Life

You may have read in a past Paddle Monster (Mullet) article about safety and knowing your paddle ohana - that something as simple as knowing how to or having used your PFD in a non-emergency situation might just save your life. As a result,...

Chattajack Nutrition Program with Victoria Burgess, PhD

The Chattajack Nutrition Program with Victoria Burgess, PhD, CISSN certified Sports Nutritionist, includes: —In depth customization for nutrition based on current training plan for Chattajack 2020 —Constant guidance in nutrition and supplementation to help increase performance up to and throughout event —Any nutrition/supplement questions answered —Individualized pre race,...

Hyperice Hypervolt Review: Be your own personal masseuse

Hyperice is one of the leading brand in  manufacturing percussion massage device and others.  Company recently acquired “NormTech” adding  to the products line and growing strong Hypervolt -https://hyperice.com/hypervolt    (Shown in a video) DIMENSIONS5.23” x 3.25” x 10” WEIGHT2.5 lbs. BATTERY LIFE3 hrs. Hypervolt Plus- https://hyperice.com/hypervolt-plus DIMENSIONS 5.23”...

Personalize your safety gear with XM Surf Leash review by June the Machine

Build your own personalize leash made to order right here in California with 3 year warranty. Cord Strap Neoprene Strap Webbing Strap Velcro Strap Pull Tab Rail Saver Webbing Rail Saver Velcro Labels Add Special Features (Power Clip, Tangle Free, Long Neck) ALL LEASH...

Give Some Thought to That Home First Aid Kit – Might Come in Handy As We Stay at Home

First Aid Kits Most paddlers probably have a first aid kit in their car, or maybe they carry one on their board or boat. But in this time of Codvid-19 and working out at home, it is time to re-think where that kit is and...

Listen to your favorite music with safety in mind: Aftershokz Bone Conduction Technology headphones review

June the Machine
Aftershokz is one of the innovated company specialized in “Bone Conduction Technology” headphone. Offers IP67 rating  which is perfect for all waterman Products mentioned in the video is below three and featured product is “Aeropex” Aeropex  (IP67 / 8hrs run time / one size) https://aftershokz.com/products/aeropex Air (Sweat proof...

June the Machine Gear Review: Stay Healthy Using a Heart Rate Monitor

Start your 2020 season with Heart Rate monitor using Paddle Monster’s how to setup the heart rate zone! Whether you are causal or serious paddler Heart Monitor can easily identify your fatigue. Know your body and be smart and be healthy. Heart rate zone calculation page...

Saltwater Hydralight

saltwater hydrolight
#Energy💡from saltwater!via @techinsider #Innovation #Renewables #Sustainability @alvinfoo @TopCyberNews @chboursin @mvollmer1 @NevilleGaunt @Julez_Norton @AkwyZ @JoannMoretti @Fabriziobustama @sarbjeetjohal @DigitalColmer @enricomolinari @kalydeoo @labordeolivier @robvank pic.twitter.com/kTeMN1ctlt— Franco Ronconi (@FrRonconi) February 10, 2020

First Look: Vaikobi VXP Race PFD

New Life Jacket from Australia’s Vaikobi! First off, whilst we’ve been advised that the US Coast Guard actually prefers the term life jacket now, Vaikobi’s official name for this new vest is “PFD.” Since that’s what the manufacturer is referring to it as, so shall...

Gear Review: O’Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit

The Surprising O’Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit This is a review I never in a million years would have expected to write. If you know me at all, or have followed my posts here on the Mullet, you know I have always bemoaned the advent of neoprene season....

Joe Tip (because I ain’t a pro): Pelican Case Snack and Keys Box

Pelican Case
If you own an OC and are sick of reaching behind you for your gels or a snack, try affixing some female velcro to the bottom of a Pelican Case and sticking it below your knees. The knee bend when you paddle provides plenty...

Carolina Paddleboard Warehouse Sale Part 2 :: The Next Load

We have a few more boards and 2 OCs in the mix for this next load. More accessories at the end of next week also. 2019 Kai Wa’a Ares OC1 Naish Mana 2019 Tempest OC2 2019 Surftech 9′ BARK Prone Blacktip Softtop 2019 Surftech Bark Downwinder Pro Elite 14′...

Mile 22 Monster Straps – Product Review & Marketplace Addition

Monster Straps - Protecting Your Gear with Mile 22 You may be questioning what's going on lately at The Mullet?  "Are you guys promoting gear, boards, equipment? What's all the hubbub?" We've been doing lots of posts lately from helping our friends at CPC clear their...

VestPac Blowout Sale!!

The Mullet has been asked by the folks at the Derema Group, the premier marine, outdoor & RV manufacturer representative, to move all their remaining VestPac merchandise at over 50% off regular pricing with free shipping to the 48 contiguous states.  Their clearance need...
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