JM 10: Decade of Dominance back in stock

Are you thinning of paddling a prone board? Want to see what the behind-the-scenes spirit and characters that go into winning Molokai 10x, here’s your chance. We just got 10 more in stock. $20 Buy Now

Hobie Mirage Eclipse creates an entirely new class of SUP (stand up pedal)

Hobie Eclipse
Standing. pedaling. How many more divisions are there? Is it a biathlon? Whatever it is, it's going to be at the Carolina Cup to try. Like a segway? Whatever gets you on the water. Go for it. Riding the Eclipse is as easy as walking....

Lahui Kai Team Training

The Lahui Kai racing team training session in preparation of Battle of the Paddle 2014. They went on to place 2nd for Team Relay, only off first place by 2 seconds. They also had three placements in the mens' elite top 10!

Snacktacular: Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites

I was looking for something to hold me over between meals, something to stick in a pocket when I went paddling. Somethign small, but satisfying and something healthy. Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites nailed it.  They are over 50% whole pistachios. Pistachios have less calories...

OneWheel Shenanigans in Virginia Beach: OneWheel Review

So unless you have been living under a social media rock…a rock with no WiFi…you have seen that one of the hot new tickets this fall is motorized skateboards. Several companies are selling the two side-wheeled “Hoverboards”, although I read today that Amazon...

How to put a Fin in a Standup Paddleboard

 Bringing this back because it is useful info! Installing a fin is really pretty simple when you know which way everything goes. The most important thing to note is which direction the fin faces… the top points towards the back end of your board. The fin...

Tandem SUP foiling with Kite foiler

Alex Aguera, Professional Kiter, Windsurfer, Designer, Founder, Partner of GoFoil (gofoil.com) on a kite foil, towed Kalia Aguera in a tandem kite/SUP foil session in very light winds on Memorial Day. Alex Aguera lives in Haiku, Hawaii and is the founder of Go Foil. (gofoil.com) The crazy part...

Footwear Review: Bedrock Carin Pro Minimalist Sandal

Bedrock Minimal Sandals - Perfect in and out of the water
Bedrock Minimal Sandals - Perfect in and out of the water In my sup classes, I am often asked what you should wear on your feet while you sup. I absolutely, positively prefer to go barefoot because of board feel (ie a better connection with...

GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K

All around the world, GoPro users are capturing incredible experiences, from the heart-stopping to the heartfelt. Into the caldron of an active volcano, the neon streets of Japan, a refuge for wild mustangs, scaling an iceberg, the world’s biggest dance party, or a whale...

Mullet Trucker Hat Sale $10 plus shipping

Mullet Trucker Hat
When you buy a hat or shirt, you help support the Distressed Mullet. We are a small company with a huge love of paddle boarding. Every hat and shirt counts and we really appreciate the support. The Mullet Trucker I paddled all afternoon and came to...

The AtlanticSUPerGirls review the Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD

Louanne Harris walks us through one of the most critical safety elements of their adventure from New York City to Key West: the Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD Lifejacket. The reason Jules and Louanne chose the Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD is because it has a ton of...

Listen to your favorite music with safety in mind: Aftershokz Bone Conduction Technology headphones review

June the Machine
Aftershokz is one of the innovated company specialized in “Bone Conduction Technology” headphone. Offers IP67 rating  which is perfect for all waterman Products mentioned in the video is below three and featured product is “Aeropex” Aeropex  (IP67 / 8hrs run time / one size) https://aftershokz.com/products/aeropex Air (Sweat proof...

Book Review…Standup Paddle: A Paddlers Guide

A Steve West/Kanue Culture/Batini Books Paddlers Guide to  STAND UP PADDLE: A Paddlers Guide Forward by Travis Grant REVIEW: Steve West took 5+ years to compile this 500-page definitive resource on SUP. That's about a pound of information per year. When you stay at a hotel for...

Where We Like to Stand Up Paddle

The 100/100 paddlers are a hardworking bunch, paddling and posting and recording their miles. This challenge, started by Julie Nicholls, got everyone out on the water last winter (2014) and just keeps getting people out on the water, despite their work schedules, despite the...

Kevin Woodin Reviews Everything: Quickblade V Drive and Kanaha Paddles

This is part of the Kevin Woodin Reviews Everything column. To read all of his entries, click here.  I’ve been paddling for several years now and getting better each summer.  For me I made the mistakes of buying before trying and the end result is...

Carolina Paddleboard Company Warehouse Blowout Sale: NC Saturday 12/9 – 12/10

Our friends at Carolina Paddleboard Company are having a huge blowout sale! Boards start at $400! Deals on cold weather gear, hobie polarized starting at $25!!! Please share this post and spread the word!!! 293 Green Meadows Dr Wilmington, NC 28405 Saturday 12/9 - 12/10

John Kleintop interview at Pukka Custom Headwear, Shirts and Sweatshirts: 2018 Surf Expo

Custom Hats By Pukka Pukka Headwear makes all our hats and we love the level of customization coupled with the low minimum orders (48) that can then be broken up into different styles in groups of 12. They also have shirts and sweatshirts and you...

SUPTHINKTANK: Makers of LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plugs

We got to meet up with Matt with SUPTHINKTANK at the 2015 Surf Expo in Orlando and walked through LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plug system. LiftSUP is the first reinforced, injection molded handle designed specifically for Stand Up Paddleboards. hey sit flush with the deck...

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks Stand Up Paddling with Kai Lenny

Kai teaches us how best capture the sport of stand up paddling.

Preview: 2015 The Starboard Nut

"For the SUP long-board enthusiast, there’s no doubt this is a massive leap forward.” A variation of a theme from the 11’2”x30” Blend for those willing to look outside the box. Maintaining the excellent glide charcteristics of the blend, the unique outline shape greatly enhances...

Gear Review: KanuLock

I met the KanuLock people at Surf Expo in January and looked forward to reviewing their locking straps. I have other locking straps but they are awfully rigid and difficult to use. So when I stopped by the booth and saw some locking straps...

New Gear: Hydro Holder: Great alternative to a water bottle cage

Hydro Holder: I chose a spot between where my chin rest would go and the vent plug and bottle cage fin box is.
I finally had the chance to test out the Hydro Holder water and was thoroughly impressed. The simple system, touted as "The most secure and easiest way to attach a drinks bottle to any water going craft," lived up to all the claims on...

NEW: Yoga Mat Paddleboard from Riviera

Riviera Paddlesurf announces addition of new Yoga Board to the line By Taylor Rambo July 23, 2013 San Clemente, Ca Locally owned Riviera Paddlesurf announced today that it will be unveiling a new Yoga Paddleboard at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah on July 31st. . We have...

Drysuit Comparison: Starboard All Star SUP Suit v. Ocean Rodeo Heat

Cold Weather Options
Dress for the Water: A Comparison of Cold Weather Options The days are starting to get longer, and here in the South we've had some extremely unseasonably warm weather lately, but the water is still cold. My flatwater paddling venues still are well below the...

A few of my favorite things from this year: Riviera Bump Paddle and Ergo Grip

The Riviera Bump Paddle is a great option for SUP Surfing. It has a great grip from the top to bottom. It's a lot of fun.  The shaft gets tacky when it's wet for a great grip. The Ergo Grip Handle, is perfect because you hand just...

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