SUPTHINKTANK: Makers of LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plugs

We got to meet up with Matt with SUPTHINKTANK at the 2015 Surf Expo in Orlando and walked through LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plug system. LiftSUP is the first reinforced, injection molded handle designed specifically for Stand Up Paddleboards. hey sit flush with the deck...

RinseKit Portable Shower Review

If I had to rank things that I like from Surf Expo and things I'm going to get from Surf Expo, the RinseKit Portable Shower tops the list. I need one. I surf, paddle, fish, get dirty, get sandy, have a 4-year old daughter...

Packing a board

Great time-lapse shots of packing a board for shipping and travel, notice how they wrap over the bag

New Prone Source: Cynthia Aguilar Prone Paddleboard Accessories

If you're looking for bottle cages, GPS Watch holders, bottles with hoses, Cynthia Aguilar, the same one who has paddled twice from Cuba to Key West, is now carrying them. Go to:

Gear Review: Camelbak Tahoe Model Hydration Pack

I'm a heavy drinker. Of water. When I paddle. GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER. I have a 70 oz Camelbak and a 100 oz Camelbak. The 100 oz version is made for cyclists and it is pretty bulky, but it is good for...

Joe Tip (because I ain’t a pro): Pelican Case Snack and Keys Box

Pelican Case
If you own an OC and are sick of reaching behind you for your gels or a snack, try affixing some female velcro to the bottom of a Pelican Case and sticking it below your knees. The knee bend when you paddle provides plenty...

Insulated Polar Mullet 24 Ounce Water Bottles limited release

Mullet Water Bottle
There's nothing worse than a warm drink on a hot workout. The Mullet 24OZ Insulated Polar Water Bottles keep your drinks cold in your paddleboard or bike bottle cage. It's time to stop using plastic disposable water bottles. Carry this around, fill and refill it...

Study: Vibram FiveFingers Lead to Greater Risk of Foot Bone Injury

From Runner's World By Scott Douglas:   In a 10-week study, 10 of 19 runners who transitioned to doing some of their mileage in Vibram FiveFingers showed signs of foot bone injury at the end of the study, compared to one of 17 runners who continued...

The custom Rivieras and the fin setups from the sessions video

Ryan Helm - Riviera "Door 2.0" Custom - 7'4" x 25" Ryan likes finless, but run's FCS Knubsters as a tri or he has some Knubster's that he handshaped. Brandon - Riviera "El Tigre" Custom - 7' x 24.5" Brandon likes the Futures Rasta Quad setup. For more...

Gear Review: Geckobrands Waterproof Sports Series All Sport Backpack

Geckobrands Allsport Backpack
So....were you at the Carolina Cup this year?  Did you do the Graveyard Race? On SUP? Well, let me just apologize to you now for making you wait for your turn to go through the shorebreak carnage.  I was the one outrigger who huli'd...

Summer Jewelry Sale at Pashey Bella

Yesterday, I mentioned meeting Talia at the Gorge Paddle Challenge in Hood River and her Clothing and Jewelry Company, Pashey Bella. Well she emailed me back to let me know that they were having a summer sale. Anyone who is on their computer and not on...

Waterproof Bandages—Nexcare works

Nexcare Waterproof bandages—If you've ever taken out a new paddle or have a problem with death grip or monkey grip with your paddle, then you've had blisters. I took out a great new paddle the other day and unfortunately, went too hard for too...

Kathy Summers demonstrates the SUPSKIN Diabolo Race Review

Kathy Summers (paddlDC) demonstrates the ultra light, highly breathable dry suit, SUPSKIN Diabolo Race Review in a very cold 36 degree DC. I was waiting for her to take the plunge, but props for going in as deep as she did. The only thing I...

Flatwater Futures Fins: What you Need to Know

So, do fins confuse you? You're not alone! Trying to decide which fin to put in your board for that perfect balance of speed, ease of turning, going straight, surfing, etc.? You're going to want to read this. Put together by one of the...

KeeBunga! Shock and waterproof key case on Kickstarter

The days of stuffing your key in a rack pad, hidden under a rock, buried in the sand, or on a back tire somewhere are over. This is one of the cooler, more useful and smart things we've seen on KickStarter. It's perfect for paddlers....

Mile 22 Monster Straps – Product Review & Marketplace Addition

Monster Straps - Protecting Your Gear with Mile 22 You may be questioning what's going on lately at The Mullet?  "Are you guys promoting gear, boards, equipment? What's all the hubbub?" We've been doing lots of posts lately from helping our friends at CPC clear their...

Gear Review: The New Speed Coach SUP2

Speed Coach SUP2
By Steve Dullack I jumped on board the Speed Coach train when they first introduced the Speed Coach SUP last year. NK is an established American company with the rowing version of the Speed Coach being the standard in coxswain’s seats for decades now. The...

Gear Review: Reflekt Unsinkable Polarized FLOATING Sunglasses

Reflekt sunglasses
It's well-known that the bottoms of Falls and Jordan lakes, as well as many other aquatic substrates are littered with things that belong to me. And some things that don't, like a sup yoga 10-pound anchor I lost Sunday (sorry Outdoor School!) But, usually...

Kanahas Transition Towel and Seat Cover

The Kanahas Transition towel and seat cover helps you change in the parking lot without worrying about your towel falling. It comes in 7 colors and is available at This is must-have gear. I own one and use it every time I paddle....

Standup Paddleboard Nearshore Dive Vehicle (NDV) -patent pending

This technology is a converts inflatable standup paddleboard to a dive vehicle and dive buoy so that divers can reach near-shore jetties or reefs. It is to reach the sites that are just out of swimming range. Small trolling motor, cut down and modified, controlled from...

Gear Review: Catalyst Waterproof, Shockproof Case for iPhone 7

Catalyst iPhone 7 Case
Catalyst  iPhone 7 Case Several iterations of iPhones ago, I tried a Catalyst case and found it lacking. Bad sound quality was the overall problem.  But I have been impressed with Catalyst’s Apple Watch Case and so when the case for the iPhone 7 came...

CamelBak Hydration Pack Accessories

CamelBak Antidote Replacement Reservoir
This post is part of the Kevin Woodin Reviews Everything column and Hydration Week on Distressed Mullet! It's useful to have extra bladders and kit elements in case you're doing a long paddle or you're traveling. CamelBak Antidote Replacement Reservoir Different sizes available (50, 70, and 100oz) To...

Hyperice Hypervolt Review: Be your own personal masseuse

Hyperice is one of the leading brand in  manufacturing percussion massage device and others.  Company recently acquired “NormTech” adding  to the products line and growing strong Hypervolt -    (Shown in a video) DIMENSIONS5.23” x 3.25” x 10” WEIGHT2.5 lbs. BATTERY LIFE3 hrs. Hypervolt Plus- DIMENSIONS 5.23”...

Explanation of Twin Fins on Infinity Race Standup Paddleboards

Dave Boehne walks us through a short explanation the Twin Fin project we've been working on with Larry Allison and ProBox fins. Why it works, what are the key design features behind the set up, and it's advantages.

Where we print our hats, why and how you can get free shipping by using our link

Pukka Custom Hats
Pukka That's right. Pukka. They make amazing hats and we've used them for Distressed Mullet and Paddle Monster to create some or our favorite all-time hats. Why do we use Pukka Headwear? Low minimums You can order 24 hats, divide it into two...
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