Sneak Peak at the Futures SUP Fins Redfish Race Fin

The Redfish is one of Futures SUP fins new race fins for 2016. Jeramie Vaine walks us through the design and his go-to fin for racing in all conditions.

The AtlanticSUPerGirls review the Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD

Louanne Harris walks us through one of the most critical safety elements of their adventure from New York City to Key West: the Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD Lifejacket. The reason Jules and Louanne chose the Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD is because it has a ton of...

Supskin Dry Suit (or Starboard All Star Suit) vs. Xcel Dry-lock Wetsuit

As many of you may have seen on social media, I recently received a care package from Supskin Elementary Waterwear ( I’d been waiting for a package from Starboard bringing me their new All Star Suit, but it hadn’t arrived yet and Wolfgang Otfried...

Surf Expo 2016 Instagramable recap

surf expo
Make sure to follow the Distressed Mullet on Instagram: A certain Mulleteer we know absolutely fell in love with this touring board from @lahui_kai_paddleboards at #surfexpo!! @annabelanderson @lischell A photo posted by Distressed Mullet (@distressedmullet) on Jan 16, 2016 at 5:16pm PST They can't steal your...

Surf Expo 2016 Winter Show SUP vendors and a plan of action

Surf Expo Gear
We're looking forward to the Surf Expo in Orlando. Lisa Schell, Mark Colino are all here on team Mullet getting looks at the latest board and paddle lines and gear, gear, gear. It's like going to Disney for a SUP monkey like myself, except...

Winter Training-NK Speed Coach SUP2 and Paddle Power Training

NK Speed Coach SUP2
When I think of winter training, my mind isn’t usually flooded with positive images of sun and fun and races and friends and races. Why? Because it is cold here in Virginia Beach (not as cold as other places thankfully), and windy, and cloudy,...

Atlantic SUPer Girls review dry bags for their NYC to Key West Expedition

Jules Gismondi of the Atlantic SUPer Girls review dry bags for their NYC to Key West Expedition. They are using a 60 liter Sealline dry bag and a 30 liter sealline dry bag which keeps their food and a 20 liter that keeps their kitchen stuff....

Delorme InReach Explorer global satellite communicator overview

This is an overview of the global satellite communicator now has built-in navigation with waypoints and routing. The Atlantic SUPergirls, who are in the second half of their epic journey from New York City to Key West, Florida walk us through the Delorme InReach Explorer,...

Falling Short: Thule Atmos 5X iPhone 6/6s Case Review

Thule Atmos 5X iPhone 6/6s Case
It's inevitable. Some day, somewhere, somehow, you are going to destroy your smartphone. Maybe you flood it in some sort of yard sale fall on the Maliko downwind run, or you leave it on top of your car as you check your tie-downs and drive...

Winter Weather Doesn’t Have to Keep You off the Water

Larry Cain
If you’re from some place warm and would never need to contemplate paddling in freezing, icy conditions you don’t need to read any further.  On the other hand, if you have some morbid curiosity about what it’s like for northern climate paddlers for a...

SUPerGirls on must-have gear for Standup Paddleboard Adventures

In this interview, SUPergirls Julieta “Jules" Gismondi and Louanne Harris talk about the critical gear for anyone planning an overnight or longer standup paddleboard adventure. They talk about what they find important and suggest what gear to bring and what to leave at home. Every...

Inland Paddler: Last minute paddleboard gift-giving guide

Maybe it’s too late and your holiday shopping is done. But it you’re still looking for ideas, or just want to treat yourself, here are some suggestions. First, please buy at your local shops. Second, buy from the mullet. Anything ordered today ships Monday....

Connor Baxter on the Maui 2 Molokai Race and the Velocitek Makai

SUP Racing World Champion Connor Baxter paddles with the Velocitek Makai. Connor tells us how he used the Makai to help him win the Maui 2 Molokai Race. For more info, go to Velocitek:

Standup Paddleboard Nearshore Dive Vehicle (NDV) -patent pending

This technology is a converts inflatable standup paddleboard to a dive vehicle and dive buoy so that divers can reach near-shore jetties or reefs. It is to reach the sites that are just out of swimming range. Small trolling motor, cut down and modified, controlled from...

Mullet Insulated Water 15% off Sale with free OX Endurance Packet

Ox Endurance
From now until the end of December or until we're out of bottles and OX Endurance, each Mullet Insulated Polar Water bottle will contain a stick of Ox Endurance and 2 mullet stickers. Each stick is a single serving of OX Endurance containing: This is a...

Insulated Polar Mullet 24 Ounce Water Bottles limited release

Mullet Water Bottle
There's nothing worse than a warm drink on a hot workout. The Mullet 24OZ Insulated Polar Water Bottles keep your drinks cold in your paddleboard or bike bottle cage. It's time to stop using plastic disposable water bottles. Carry this around, fill and refill it...

Starboard SUP Polo The future of SUP

A worlds first, Starboard have launched the first SUP Polo field to host the game in full action. Connor Baxter and Chris Parker from tested the field with the first match in Bangkok. See Polo boards here : See Polo paddles here : For full...

Fin Box Lock: Simple, Brilliant Surf and Paddle Board Security

This is one of the coolest and most simple surf board and paddle board security gear must-haves we've seen. It is simply two pieces of metal that fit into your fin box and once the cable is fed through the two holes, it can...

Mullet Trucker Hat Sale $10 plus shipping

Mullet Trucker Hat
When you buy a hat or shirt, you help support the Distressed Mullet. We are a small company with a huge love of paddle boarding. Every hat and shirt counts and we really appreciate the support. The Mullet Trucker I paddled all afternoon and came to...

Sharkbanz magnetic shark repellant

Sharks hunt with the help of very sensitive electroreceptors. The Sharkbanz magnetic shark repellant bands act like a bright light to their system and repels them. It goes on like a watch or anklet. The tech has been around for 10 years and has...

RinseKit Portable Shower Review

If I had to rank things that I like from Surf Expo and things I'm going to get from Surf Expo, the RinseKit Portable Shower tops the list. I need one. I surf, paddle, fish, get dirty, get sandy, have a 4-year old daughter...

Jeremy Riggs on the Velocitek Makai

Jeremy Riggs ( from Maui discusses the Velocitek Makai. Jeremy is a long-time Mullet contributor and one of the world's best downwind specialists and teachers. This is a walkthrough with Jeremy. I've been paying around with the Velocitek Makai. The display is amazing and clear....

Beautiful Rareform Billboard Bags and Accessories made from recycled billboards

Rareform intercepts billboards on their way to the landfill, then washes, cuts, and sews each bag meticulously in California. Every board, paddle, laptop bag and iPhone case is unique. For more information, go to the Rareform Website: On Facebook: On Pinterest: Go to their Products board: On...

Dryrobe: The Surfer’s Changing Snuggy

Dryrobe is easily one of the best things I saw at Surf Expo. It reminds me of the sideline jackets we had in high-school football. I have been looking on eBay on occasion for one, but never found one. I was standing in line...

Restube: Non-USCG-Approved Floatation Aid a great future option

One of the really great gear finds at the Surf Expo was Restube. This is a twist on the belt PFD in that it trails behind you on a 5-foot lead—like an inflatable lifeguard rescue can. You inflate it in the same way that you...
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