Kit Review: Localish Digi Camo Band Leggings

Localish Leggings
Localish Leggings Ah, Fall and Winter! Time to get the tights and other cold weather paddling gear out. But, if you live in a place where the temperatures are extremely changeable and you need something to get you through the in-between season, when it's not warm...

Gear Review: Vaikobi V Ocean UV Paddle Pants

Vaikobi's New V Ocean Paddle Pants
Vaikobi's New V Ocean Paddle Pants Normally, it stays warm enough in North Carolina to make it through most of Fall without having to pull on the tights. But this year, I needed a little extra help keeping my waterproofing bandages for my surf injury...

Footwear Review: Bedrock Carin Pro Minimalist Sandal

Bedrock Minimal Sandals - Perfect in and out of the water
Bedrock Minimal Sandals - Perfect in and out of the water In my sup classes, I am often asked what you should wear on your feet while you sup. I absolutely, positively prefer to go barefoot because of board feel (ie a better connection with...

Gear Review: HiHo SunTek Shirts

HiHo SunTek Shirts
HiHo SunTek Shirts Sunblock clothes are easy to find these days...but it's rare when you find a good piece of technical kit suitable for all kinds of paddling scenarios. I was blessed with fair, Anglo-Irish skin and more often than not, nowadays I need a...

Gear Review: Hyperflex AMP shorts, Neoprene Shorts for the In-Between Season

Hyperflex AMP shorts
Hyperflex AMP shorts Sometimes, I think that I can will the weather to be warm and springlike if I just simply refuse to believe it's cold. Maybe I will wear flip flops all day - the sun's out.  My feet will be warm. (Even if they...

Drysuit Comparison: Starboard All Star SUP Suit v. Ocean Rodeo Heat

Cold Weather Options
Dress for the Water: A Comparison of Cold Weather Options The days are starting to get longer, and here in the South we've had some extremely unseasonably warm weather lately, but the water is still cold. My flatwater paddling venues still are well below the...

Gear Review: Smartwool for Ladies Only

Okay guys - as in the gentlemen-  sorry might want to sit this one out. This one is for the girls. Recently someone sent me a not-so-subtle hint to take a look at merino wool sports bras, and I have to admit, at first...

Gear Review: NRS HydroSkin Paddling Gloves

It is 25 degrees here today in Virginia Beach but with the wind chill it is about 13 so I think today is a great day to stay inside, have a good cup of coffee, and talk about cold weather paddling.  In past winters...

Have Yourself a Gear-y Little Christmas: The Inland Paddler’s Holiday Gift Guide

Photo credit: Halekulani
Are you making your list, checking it twice? Looking to find something special for that paddler in your life who's been especially nice? Need to drop some big hints? Let us help!!! We've had the chance to take a look at a boat load of gear...

Gear Review: Wetsox Split Toe Therms

Oh Winter.  How I love you so.  Let me count the ways. Not. One of the worst things about winter paddling - cold weather paddling -  that is to say paddling when the water temperature drops below, oh, I don't know, 68- is neoprene.  Now, I...

Gear Review: Virus International Bioceramic KL1 Active Recovery Pant

Now is the time on Sprockets when we are doing lots of other things besides paddling.  It's the post-season, "Yay-training-is-over-I-really-need-a-break-I've-forgotten-how-much-I-love (Insert other forgotten sport here!)" time.  Take a quick peek at the 100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group and you'll hear about folks mountain biking,...

Gear Review: Season Five Basalt Hoodie

In order to stay comfortable and safe during the winter paddle season, you have to be prepared for anything. And that means having a well-rounded arsenal of kit to handle whatever Mother Nature is going to throw out at you between Fall and Spring. Season...

Gear Review: Surf-Fur WaterParka

The last couple of weeks here in North Carolina have definitely been Autumnal. Leaves are changing, even falling, there’s a pleasant lack of humidity in the air, the nights have dipped into the 40’s. And most sadly, my local lake temp has dipped below...

Gear Review: Virus Aquatic Performance V2 Airprene Compression Tech Shorts

I'm guessing the folks at Virus might have heard about my OC wardrobe malfunction of late. 'Cause not too long after that rather gripping experience, these shorts arrived in the mail for me to test. Where have they been all my paddling life?? Now, make no...

Behind the Scenes: Sonni Hoenschied & BLUESMITHS Hydrophobic Shirts Pre-Molokai2Oahu

Some "behind the scenes" footage from our latest Hydrophobic Shirt. Best wishes to @sonnihoenscheid and she defends her M20 Molokai2Oahu title

100/100 Challenge Shirts and Hats 1-week sale

We have shirts. Summer 100/100 Challenge gear sale. SUPER soft mens and womens t-shirts. $15 and 100/100 hats for $10. We can't do local pickup, but everything ships within 2 weeks. The shirts are on sale for one week. We can ship to Canada,...

Gear Review Redux: Another Look at a Classic – Bluesmiths Kanaha Shirt

Bluesmiths Kanaha
Three years ago, Cousin Mullet extolled upon the Mullet Nation the virtues of the Kanaha long sleeved paddle shirt from Maui-based Bluesmiths. But, after spending nearly three weeks just about living in one, I am compelled to take another look at it.  In three...

Gear Review: Virus International Women’s Lunar Active Tech Pant

Virus Lunar
Virus International, you had me with a stretchy pocket on the thigh of your  LUNAR Active Tech Pant.  That one little detail is huge. Brilliant.  How many times have I wanted a place to quickly stash my keys, wallet or phone while loading boards,...

100/100 Paddle Challenge Gear is here until Sunday

GET YOUR 2016 100/100 Paddle Challenge gear until Sunday. We have bamboo long and short sleeve, hats, and stickers. The sale goes until April 9th. It is a PRE-SALE. You can either get free shipping to your home. Or free pickup at the Carolina...

Gear Review: Virus International Keep Warm Coffee Charcoal Series

Virus base layers
To say I love coffee is an understatement.  Not only do I love the taste and texture but I love the way it makes me feel - whether it is waking me up and getting and keeping me going, or warming me up. So, naturally,...

Gear Review: Hey Dude Vigo Easy Life Work Boot – The Anti-UGG

Jay Manning and his Vigo boots
I have never been an UGG person.  I have nothing against those boots from Australia. They have their purpose, just not on my feet.  Can’t explain it.  Just not my thing. Actually, I think I can explain it.  I love slippahs.  Flip-Flops.  Go-Aheads.  I love...

2016 Surf Expo Day 2 highlights and photos

Day two began with a bang. Literally. My head and a luggage rack. And while I tried to blame it on a stuffed Bobcat who suddenly came to life and slapped me. No one bought the story. However, people will be buying a lot of...

Inland Paddler: Last minute paddleboard gift-giving guide

Maybe it’s too late and your holiday shopping is done. But it you’re still looking for ideas, or just want to treat yourself, here are some suggestions. First, please buy at your local shops. Second, buy from the mullet. Anything ordered today ships Monday....

100/100 bamboo paddle shirts and pullovers

It's that time again. You've done the paddling. You've earned your sticker and gear. It's here. There are Paddle Jerseys and Quarter-Zip Pullovers PREORDER and SHIPPING Here's how this will work. Pre-ordering will begin on November 18, 2015 at 5pm and be live for one week...

Dryrobe: The Surfer’s Changing Snuggy

Dryrobe is easily one of the best things I saw at Surf Expo. It reminds me of the sideline jackets we had in high-school football. I have been looking on eBay on occasion for one, but never found one. I was standing in line...
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