Warehouse Sale: OC-6 and SUP Trailers, Paddles, Boards and Accessories

Aloha, Y'all Carolina Paddleboard Company is clearing out its warehouse and THE MULLET is helping liquidate the inventory through our STORE. And when we say liquidate, we don't mean throwing everything into a giant Vitamix. We mean sell it ALL at TAKE-IT-NOW prices. SHOP HERE All sales...

Quickblade: How a paddle shaft breaks

Often we get the email from paddlers saying "I was paddling and my shaft snapped" - in about 99% of the cases, it was not the shaft randomly snapping..but something that could have happened long before. In this video, Jim Terrell shows how a...

Art of the Paddle

One thing that I think is pretty cool is seeing the different graphic designs that paddle-related businesses come up with. (Wow, that's a clunky sentence, but you know what I mean.) Of course, function is paramount, but it doesn't hurt to have something pretty...

Quickblade FAQ: how to make your paddle shorter

Short Description Jimmy Terrell tells you how to do it.

Riviera Choke Hold Paddle Grip and Surftech Bark Excursion

I got a chance to take out the Riviera Choke Hold Paddle Grip on the bump paddle and surf the Surftech Bark Excursion in Newport, Oregon. It was awesome. For more information about Riviera and the Choke Hold paddle grip, go to: http://www.rivierapaddlesurf.com and...

Puakea Paddle Designs Features The Catch 22 Stand Up Paddle

Puakea Paddle
An in depth interview with John Puakea from Puakea Paddle Designs featuring The Catch 22 Stand Up Paddle. Filming and Editting by The Production Garage. Thanks to our team: Jose Coli, Robert Lee, Michael Steel & Shane Verdult for making this happen. Do you like...

Latest SUP Crowdfunding Venture: Cedar Boat Works Wooden Paddle Kit

I met the Cedar Boat Works crew out at The Gorge Paddle Challenge in Hood River, OR this past August. They build the cedar boards and paddles by hand out of a small workshop in NW Portland. At the time they were preparing to launch...

A few of my favorite things from this year: Riviera Bump Paddle and Ergo Grip

The Riviera Bump Paddle is a great option for SUP Surfing. It has a great grip from the top to bottom. It's a lot of fun.  The shaft gets tacky when it's wet for a great grip. The Ergo Grip Handle, is perfect because you hand just...

Cousin Mullet Reviews the World (of SUP): Patty Reviewing the Quickblade V Drive

This is not actually my review of the V Drive paddle. It is my review of my friend Patty reviewing the V Drive paddle. Patty gets 1 out of five paddles for the specificity of her review (not thorough). But she gets five out of...

Werner Small Fit Paddle

Werner debuted a new smaller fit paddle for Women this fall. Learn more at: http://wernerpaddles.com

Werner Rip Stick Surf Specific SUP Paddle footage from Santa Cruz

This is a cool quick video of Jeramie Vaine and Fiona Wilde in Santa Cruz. That wave looks amazing! wernerpaddles.com/paddles/stand-up/sup-surfing The Rip Stick is the answer to what surfers want. More power from a smaller blade. Smaller blade size means a higher cadence for bursts of...

Kevin Woodin Reviews Everything: Quickblade V Drive and Kanaha Paddles

This is part of the Kevin Woodin Reviews Everything column. To read all of his entries, click here.  I’ve been paddling for several years now and getting better each summer.  For me I made the mistakes of buying before trying and the end result is...

New Riviera Bump Paddle

The grip on this paddle is totally unique. When it gets wet, it tacks up and gets grippy. It's perfect for surfing and super comfortable. The Riviera "BUMP" Paddle comes in 2 blade widths 8" and 8.5" and is the most technical paddle Riviera has...

Why standup paddle blades are at an angle with Kialoa’s Dave Chun

Dave Chun from Kialoa Paddles discusses why paddles have a bent shaft (or offset blade) and some trends and considerations for establishing that angle. For more information on Kialoa Paddles, go to http://www.Kialoa.com

Why to buy an adjustable standup paddle with Dave Chun

I got to sit down with Dave Chun at Kialoa Paddles and talk about adjustable paddles. Here are just some of the reasons why adjustable standup paddles are great option: You are new to paddling and you do not know what length paddle is right...

Congratulations KIALOA: Celebrating 25th Anniversary

It's so cool to see this. I knew Kialoa had been making paddles for a long time, but had no idea they'd been at it for 25 years. Dave and Meg Chun were two of the first people I ever met in the industry...

Pau Hana Surf Supply Monkey Grip

Pau Hana Surf Supply Monkey GRip
For a limited time, Pau Hana Surf Supply will be sending out a free Monkey Grip with every carbon fiber paddle. Warning, monkeys have been known to throw feces. And they tend to grip you, not the paddle. Choose from Howler, Spider or Golden-headed lion tamarin versions. For...

Lesson 1: Determining the right paddle length

How to find the right paddle for you. A SUP instruction with Dave Kalama. How to paddle on a stand up paddle board. Check out the Naish 2011 stand-up paddling collection at: naishsurfing.com

“Have Fun” -Dave Kalama and Jimmy Terrell – The Quickblade V Drive Paddle

Dave Kalama talks about working with the mad scientist Jim Terrell at Quickblade Paddles on their new paddle design for Stand Up Paddle. The V Drive. An innovative paddle that is a collaboration between this legendary waterman and Olympian, Paddle Designer and innovator -...

Kialoa Adjustable Pro-T Grip Standup Paddle Handle: Surf Expo Goodies

Kialoa just came out with a brilliant new handle for your paddles—the 6" Pro-T. You can install them into any round shafted carbon fiber and it only adds 1.5 ounces to the weight. It allows you to adjust your paddle in a 6" range...

Quickblade: Quick Shift Discussion

In this episode of Lunch with Jimmy - Morgan Hoesterey stops by and gets a lesson in the benefit of the "choke down" paddle stroke and is introduced to the new "Quick Shift" paddle grip coming from Quickblade. Featuring a new instrumental from the...

Gear Review: Naish Kaholo Race LE Paddle

I’m not one for trends; I sometimes even go out of my way to do the opposite of whatever is in style. When people started increasing blade size, I was skeptical. When people started cutting their paddles longer, I was skeptical. Then the trend...

2014 Riviera paddles brighten up the waterways

These are full carbon, light, durable amazing paddles from Riviera Paddlesurf. This was the most visually arresting display at the Outdoor Retailers Expo. I really liked the chamo, but could see my buddy, the rainbow tornado grabbing the rainbow version. These are not decals....

Johnny Puakea on SUP paddling and his new Puakea Hawi Standup Paddle design

On the Puakea Hawi, by SUP ATX: The Hawi Standup paddle was designed after the Tahitian style blade, putting more surface area down at the bottom of the blade to allow a good bite when you enter the water. I went with a very slight...

Gear Review: Quickblade Trifecta Paddle

Today we welcome Mullet friend and 100/100 paddler Corey Taylor with his review of the Quickblade Trifecta. Welcome, Corey!   *****   About a week ago I snapped my Werner Grand Prix paddle. The paddle that I have raced every race and surfed with. As paddlers these paddles...
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