The Official Distressed Mullet Holiday Gift Guide Part III

Mullet Gift Guide Part III This is it, the final chapter in our guide for paddler gifts for 2017. For the BookWorm Giving good books, and certainly receiving them, has always been one of my favorite things. These stick out as great additions to any paddler’s library. Beneath...

Dan Gavere with the New Starboard Astro Stream Inflatable SUP

Dan Gavere walks us through the newest Starboard Astro STREAM signature Dan Gavere Model for 2015/2016 from the Outdoor Retailer Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. New dimensions, graphics and fin setup. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT STARBOARD On Facebook: Go to On twitter: FOR MORE GEAR...

Starboard Brushed Carbon SUP Surf Models

Learn about the latest and greatest of SUP Surfboards from Starboard

Starboard Airborn Review from the 2014 OR

This is an overview of the design features and benefits of the Starboard Airborn from the 2014 Outdoor Retailers Expo in Salt Lake City, UT.  This is the 8'8" model for big guys who want that short-board feel, but comes in 3 sizes for all...

Is this $10,000 designer paddleboard for the wall or the water?

If a board is expensive, does it have to be useful? If a board is beautiful, does it have to be practical? I appreciate beautiful things. The paddleboards created by Saffron James are perhaps some of the most visually beautiful boards I've ever seen. I...

How to Choose Your First Paddleboard: A Beginner’s Primer

How to choose your first paddleboard
How to choose your first paddleboard Paddling season is here!  Maybe you tried SUP last year and have decided it’s time to take the plunge and get your own board. Maybe you just think it looks fun and cool and you want to give it a...

Review: 2020/21 SIC Maui RS

I’ve now owned my 2020 SIC Maui RS 14x23 for just about a month. I’ve had a chance to paddle it in a variety of conditions, including various levels of chop, upwind, downwind, and recently completed a 31-mile virtual Chattajack on it.  At close...

Transitioning to a narrower board

Larry Cain Narrow Board
In a recent post I shared a number of tips you can use to enhance stability on your SUP that are especially useful when paddling in rough water and on narrow boards.  Now that we’ve discussed them, let’s take a look at narrow boards...

The custom Rivieras and the fin setups from the sessions video

Ryan Helm - Riviera "Door 2.0" Custom - 7'4" x 25" Ryan likes finless, but run's FCS Knubsters as a tri or he has some Knubster's that he handshaped. Brandon - Riviera "El Tigre" Custom - 7' x 24.5" Brandon likes the Futures Rasta Quad setup. For more...

Brian Szymanski and John Becker talk about Lahui Kai at the Outdoor Retailers Expo

Brian Szymanski and John Becker have recently joined Lahui Kai. Two of the standup paddle industry's most talented people have the opportunity to bring their dreams and aspirations for standup paddling to fruition though their partnership with SUPATX and Lahui Kai's Mick DiBetta. They...

First look at the 2015 Hobie Prone Paddleboard Line

Mark Johnson from Hobie walks us through the 2015 Hobie Prone Paddleboard line. There are three 12' prone paddleboards in the series. The first 2 are pintails: The Cloud PRO is narrower and has a more rounded bottom for more advanced racers. The Cloud...

Custom Inflatables from ULI

ULI Inflatables
SAN DIEGO—ULI began building inflatable boards in 2003, and have always offered the customization of deckpads, fins and other options.  Now ULI is announcing the availability of custom shapes built to your specifications.  Customers can confer with ULI’s experienced staff to choose the right...

Hobie Mirage Eclipse creates an entirely new class of SUP (stand up pedal)

Hobie Eclipse
Standing. pedaling. How many more divisions are there? Is it a biathlon? Whatever it is, it's going to be at the Carolina Cup to try. Like a segway? Whatever gets you on the water. Go for it. Riding the Eclipse is as easy as walking....

kalama powersup 2012

Some test runs with new Dave Kalama SUP shapes

Hala Gear first to incorporate ITC (Inflatable Composite Technology) into their inflatable SUPs

(Quick Note: Sorry about the audio. We're investing in better sound equipment. Turn up the volume.) We had an impressive demonstration of the new Hala Gear ICT, the inflatable standup paddle board to incorporate Inflatable Composite Technology (ICT). ICT is a high-modulus carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic stringer...

Can Annabel extend her streak at the Carolina Cup?

Lahui Kai Press Release Carolina Cup
Press Release: Lahui Kai looking to new prototypes, continued success at Carolina Cup

2016 12’0″x33″ Atlas – Starboard SUP Allround

At 12’ x33” the atlas is a board with good length for glide, with considerable width for excellent stability. Aimed at the larger rider to be taken on flat water coastal cruises, whilst being more than competent in small to mid size waves. Aided by it’s...

Gear: Bark 12’6″ Contender Review

I recently purchased a Bark pro-elite 12'6" Contender from Carolina Paddleboard in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. I had been riding a Bark pro-elite 12'6" Competitor. Before that a Hobie 12'6" elite standup paddleboard.   Surftech BARK Contender Specs I've been paddling as an "Average Jane" for a...

Hurley Weir Badfish MVP

First trial of the Badfish MVP 9'0 at Hurley Weir, River Thames UK.

Visiting the Hobie Workshop with Carolina Paddlin’

We didn't post this video back when it went up. I don't know why. I was probably distracted. Anyway, it's pretty cool to go behind the scenes at Quickblade and Hobie. There's some BOP footage in there as well.

Ron House toe-hold

By the end of next week, there'll be at least 5 Ron House race boards here in NC. I have a 14' coming. It should ship today. There's a 12'6" carbon race board on its way and possibly a second 12'6"This is just another...

Board Review: Comparing Bullets

Board: SIC Bullet Series Our Man in The PNW - Joel Yang - loves to geek out on boards and gear as much as we do.  The Stoke on the Water Gorge Guide put this comparison of the classic SIC Bullet series, on which he...

First look at the C4 Opea with Trey Knight at the USNWC

The River Pro Opae 8'6 Description: Our most high-performance iSUP for river surfing, rapid riding and ocean surfing for the intermediate, and advanced riders weighing 155, 175 and 215 lbs. respectively. This board is wide enough to handle the roughest waters, but has the short profile...

Surftech Bark D2 Review: First Impressions

My first thought when I stepped on the board was comfort. I felt very comfortable. That could be because I paddled Matt Becker's custom Bark after the 2012 Carolina Cup for a year. The D2 is a modified version of that board. Who would like...
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