The Inland Paddler: Selecting a New Board & Finding That Perfect Dance Partner

My first love… she was a gorgeous blonde beauty with long lines, a smooth glide and a distinctive tattoo marking her lineage…it was a Naish Nalu 11’6”…and she slid me across a choppy Lake Crabtree like no other watercraft I’d ever paddled. It was...

Swiss quality control for Inflatable SUP

by  SipaBoards This is both disturbing and hilarious.

Surftech’s Saber Stand Up Paddleboard Wins Outside Magazine’s 2015 Gear of the Year Award

Surftech's Saber Stand Up Paddleboard Wins Outside Magazine's 2015 Gear of the Year Award
How cool is this? Congratulations Surftech! Surftech, the original board manufacturing company, is proud to announce that the Saber model stand up paddle board has just earned Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year Award for Summer 2015. “You won’t find a better finer board for the...

Custom Board Candy: Erik Kaufman’s Infinity Cutthroat

Custom Infinity Cutthroat
"Being a bigger guy and weighing 245lbs, I wanted to see just how good a custom race board could be made for me rather than compromising and going with a production board. I also wanted Infinity to create something based on my Nike kicks...

First look at the C4 Opea with Trey Knight at the USNWC

The River Pro Opae 8'6 Description: Our most high-performance iSUP for river surfing, rapid riding and ocean surfing for the intermediate, and advanced riders weighing 155, 175 and 215 lbs. respectively. This board is wide enough to handle the roughest waters, but has the short profile...

Riding With The Wind from Paddle With Riggs: Custom SIC Board Candy Test

Jeremy Riggs takes out the custom SIC Bullet "rocket pop" from Maliko gulch to Kahului harbor on Maui. Here's the story on his custom board from two weeks ago: Check out Jeremy who teaches downwinding/ open ocean surfing in Maui:

Riviera Paddlesurf is experimenting again, this time with a prone prototype

Riviera Paddlesurf prone paddleboard protoype
It looks like the Rambo lab in San Clemente, CA is churning and bubbling out some new shapes including a stock prone design for Thomas Maximus Shahinian and Rob Rojas. (The black one is Thomas' new race board. It is a flat deck prototype, full nose, wide deck,...

QuickBlade launches new stand up paddle board to devour existing brands

QuickBlade Gator
One of the keys to the success of this board is it helps paddlers go from the stock division to 14, to unlimited in 2-6 seasons. The board grows with the paddler.—Jimmy Terrell The QB Gator comes in a 12'6" which grows to a 14' in 2...

Custom Board Candy: Anthony Maltese’s El Tigre from Riviera Paddlesurf

Riviera Paddlesurf El Tigre
This is Anthony Maltese SUP Surfing his Riviera "El Tigre." El Tigre is the custom model based on the the Nugg that Taylor and Brandon Rambo, Brennan Rose and Anthony Taylor have been using and making subtle changes in the past few years. It's still a...

Custom Board Candy: Dean Burke’s AC Racer 14 from King’s Paddlesports

Dean Burke King's Paddlesports
14' Kings Paddlesports AC Racer, the sexy little hot rod. Dean is an "early King's rider" in the Pacific Northwest (Tacoma, WA.) and has worked with Dave and Rhonda Daum from Kings Paddlesports on a few boards, and test driven dozens of Dave's various race iterations over...

Custom Board Candy: Jeremy Rigg’s Custom SIC

Jeremy Riggs custom SIC stand up paddle board
From Jeremy: I've been paddling canoe and surf ski lately and really like the way they glide and connect bumps. I thought that adding length and softening the rails would help a SU achieve those kind of glides. The skis and canoes don't slow down...

First look at the 2015 Hobie Prone Paddleboard Line

Mark Johnson from Hobie walks us through the 2015 Hobie Prone Paddleboard line. There are three 12' prone paddleboards in the series. The first 2 are pintails: The Cloud PRO is narrower and has a more rounded bottom for more advanced racers. The Cloud...

First look at the 2015 BIC SUP Tracer paddleboard series

BIC SUP’s new TRACER series (“Touring-Racer”) excels as both a performance race board and an all-purpose touring board. Designed for riders who want speed and glide as well as comfort and stability, these new shapes are heavily influenced by the RACE-PRO series of high...

A month of SUP in Patagonia video

Mark Kalch spent a month camping in Patagonia and driving down the Ruta 40 (Argentina) with 3 kids (4 years, 3 years and 4 months!). He was lucky enough to bring along my Red Paddle Co. 12' 6" Explorer inflatable SUP board. We got to...

Explanation of Twin Fins on Infinity Race Standup Paddleboards

Dave Boehne walks us through a short explanation the Twin Fin project we've been working on with Larry Allison and ProBox fins. Why it works, what are the key design features behind the set up, and it's advantages.

Shaping a Champion – Matthew Moir Profile

Meet the man behind the board. Matthew Moir talks about the experiences he has learned from life as a competitive surfer, suffering from a stroke, his routine to stay in prime condition and his future plans as husband, father and as professional surfer.

2015 Infinity Blackfish ST Stand Up Paddle Raceboard

From the Infinity 2015 Catalogue: Blackfish series of boards is the latest evolution in design by Dave Boehne. Taking the concept of hydrodynamic surf design in an all-new collection of boards that have taken the race paddle scene by storm. The concept was simple as...

Visiting the Hobie Workshop with Carolina Paddlin’

We didn't post this video back when it went up. I don't know why. I was probably distracted. Anyway, it's pretty cool to go behind the scenes at Quickblade and Hobie. There's some BOP footage in there as well.

EARTH SUP – Deep into Nature: Bio-sourced, renewable and/or recycled materials

0 - At Earth our mantra, Deep into Nature, is as much about the equipment we use as the places we go. The board and paddle are the tools we use to engage and interact with our surroundings. We feel the same principles that...

First look at the 2015 Hobie Apex 4R 14’x27.5″ Stand Up Paddle Board

Hobie Apex 4R 14 Stand Up Paddleboard
The first thing you'll notice about the 2015 Hobie Apex 4R 14'x27.5" stand up paddle board is how light it is. At 25 lbs, this is a one-hander all-day long. Carrying it to the shore, dock, garage or car is easy. The next thing is...

Riviera Paddlesurf 2015 Catalogue

We saw the whole line at the 2015 Surf Expo in Orlando, FL earlier this month and the boards look great. Check out the Nugg, which is a blast to paddle. I also got to try the new downwind board. It's really worth checking...

SUPTHINKTANK: Makers of LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plugs

We got to meet up with Matt with SUPTHINKTANK at the 2015 Surf Expo in Orlando and walked through LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plug system. LiftSUP is the first reinforced, injection molded handle designed specifically for Stand Up Paddleboards. hey sit flush with the deck...

Sneak Peek: Riviera Paddlesurf Whirling Dervish Standup Paddleboard

Ryan Helm walks us through the Whirling Dervish Stand up paddle board designed to be surfed with normal fins as a normal SUP surf board, or with small or no fins to be able to spin the board and do tricks. It comes in...

First Peek: 2015 Annabel Anderson Touring Board from Lahui Kai

This is the newest offering from Lahui Kai for 2015: The 11'6" Annabel Anderson Touring Board enlists all of the elements Annabel loves about her Lahui Kai race board, only at 11'6" with more stability and tons of tie downs courtesy of SUPTHINKTANK's ConnexSUP....

Introducing BlkBox

We are excited to welcome a new advertiser to Distressed Mullet. You've seen their boards around, and several of the 100/100 paddlers have them, including Deb K. up in frigid Wisconsin. They're going to be at Surf Expo and the Neptunalia Challenge (as are...
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