Surf Expo 2016 Winter Show SUP vendors and a plan of action

Surf Expo Gear
We're looking forward to the Surf Expo in Orlando. Lisa Schell, Mark Colino are all here on team Mullet getting looks at the latest board and paddle lines and gear, gear, gear. It's like going to Disney for a SUP monkey like myself, except...

Board Review: Comparing Bullets

Board: SIC Bullet Series Our Man in The PNW - Joel Yang - loves to geek out on boards and gear as much as we do.  The Stoke on the Water Gorge Guide put this comparison of the classic SIC Bullet series, on which he...

Surftech’s Saber Stand Up Paddleboard Wins Outside Magazine’s 2015 Gear of the Year Award

Surftech's Saber Stand Up Paddleboard Wins Outside Magazine's 2015 Gear of the Year Award
How cool is this? Congratulations Surftech! Surftech, the original board manufacturing company, is proud to announce that the Saber model stand up paddle board has just earned Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year Award for Summer 2015. “You won’t find a better finer board for the...

Badfish surf teaser

This video is about Badfish Surf Teaser 2013

2016 12’0″x33″ Atlas – Starboard SUP Allround

At 12’ x33” the atlas is a board with good length for glide, with considerable width for excellent stability. Aimed at the larger rider to be taken on flat water coastal cruises, whilst being more than competent in small to mid size waves. Aided by it’s...

Riviera Paddlesurf FishOn for 2016

I got to take a tour of the 2016 Riviera FishOn at the Fall Surf Expo in Orlando. It has every tie-down and ram mount imaginable. Extremely stable and efficient hull design. 12'6" x 34 x 6, 350 liters. Fully equipped with 5 neoprene...

SUP In the City with Fanatic SUP

Oh the places you can go with their new inflatable. Fanatic SUP team riders Klaas Voget, Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Paulina Herpel went for a SUP adventure in Hamburg. "Moin! Moin! Fly Air City Fun" shows how much fun Stand Up Paddling in the city can...

A few of my favorite things from 2014: Starboard Astro Stream Inflatable

I love and own Starboard Astro Stream Inflatable. Perhaps I am a coastie with lofty whitewater aspirations. I can own that. Yes. I want to do more whitewater. I had a few sessions this past year and it was insane, a combination of bullriding...

Preview: 2015 The Starboard Nut

"For the SUP long-board enthusiast, there’s no doubt this is a massive leap forward.” A variation of a theme from the 11’2”x30” Blend for those willing to look outside the box. Maintaining the excellent glide charcteristics of the blend, the unique outline shape greatly enhances...

Fanatic Fly Air Inflatable Fun in Berlin City

Join Fanatic riders Paulina Herpel, Phine Scheibe, Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Klaas Voget on a SUP tour through the capital of Berlin with their Fly Air Inflatable boards. For sure pretty cool to quietly paddle far away from the hustle and bustle of this big...
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