Study: Vibram FiveFingers Lead to Greater Risk of Foot Bone Injury

From Runner's World By Scott Douglas:   In a 10-week study, 10 of 19 runners who transitioned to doing some of their mileage in Vibram FiveFingers showed signs of foot bone injury at the end of the study, compared to one of 17 runners who continued...

Packing a board

Great time-lapse shots of packing a board for shipping and travel, notice how they wrap over the bag

Gear Review: Camelbak Tahoe Model Hydration Pack

I'm a heavy drinker. Of water. When I paddle. GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER. I have a 70 oz Camelbak and a 100 oz Camelbak. The 100 oz version is made for cyclists and it is pretty bulky, but it is good for...

Exploring Lake Tahoe on the Riviera 10’6 Inflatable

Thomas Maximus, Riviera Team Rider, Explores Lake Tahoe on the new 10'6" Inflatable Paddleboard Thomas 'Maximus' exploring in Lake Tahoe, CA on the Riviera Inflatable. The Riviera Inflatable is light & small enough to take almost anywhere! For more information on Riviera Paddlesurf, go to: http://www.rivierapaddlesurf.com Here is the...

Danny Ching talks Hippo Sticks

The paddles have two shaft configurations: One for race and one for surf. Check out the video. Let me know if you have any questions.

Laird SUP Line: Race Board

Chuck walks us through the new Laird Race board at 2013 Surf Expo

7′ Infinity Phoenix w/ Jet Tail

The template is very parallel w/ a wide tail meant for instant speed and planing. The "Jet" style tail adds bite and grip and 4 points of control for changes in direction.  True to mini simmons theories the twin fin is the recommended set up....

View from the Back: Cold Weather Paddle Gear

Winter 2012-2013 marks my third winter of stand up paddling. I think I'm finally getting the hang of my gear. Granted, the longer paddling is around, the more stuff people come up with for us to use. I'm kind of a gearhead, too. Not...

kalama powersup 2012

Some test runs with new Dave Kalama SUP shapes

Danny Ching FCS Stand Up Paddle Race Fin

http://surffcs.com/us/index.aspx Danny Ching FCS Stand Up Paddle Race Fin introduction. The all in one SUP fin. More at http://surffcs.com/us/index.aspx Buy now

Hurley Weir Badfish MVP

First trial of the Badfish MVP 9'0 at Hurley Weir, River Thames UK.

The Ultimate Guide to SUP Surfing, stand up paddle instruction

The newest instructional DVD from Liquid Lifestyles Productions focuses on all aspects of surfing a SUP board. From ocean swell to standing river waves to wind generated swell to boat wakes the stand up paddle board opens up the surf potential no matter where...


Description http://www.yoloboard.com/ Perfect for taking your workout outside, the EcoLite can be used for core training but also offers faster paddling and easier turns. Constructed with YOLO Board's exclusive 3D Expanding Technology, the EcoLite features front glassed-in bungee grommets, back leash grommets, traction Pad, box fin,...

Lesson 1: Determining the right paddle length

How to find the right paddle for you. A SUP instruction with Dave Kalama. How to paddle on a stand up paddle board. Check out the Naish 2011 stand-up paddling collection at: naishsurfing.com

View from the Back: Our Boards, Our Cars, Ourselves

If my car ended up parked overnight at the mall, it would probably be towed because someone would think a homeless person lived in it. What's in my car? Screwdriver Locking straps Board lock Non locking straps Long straps Dog life jacket People life jackets (2) Adjustable paddle Regular paddle Rash guards Beach towels Duct tape Vinegar Surf...

How to Buy a Board

First let's start with how NOT to buy a board: One: If you want to take up standup paddleboarding, do not go into a surf shop, or even a paddleboard shop, and buy the prettiest board there. Oh, you will want to. Believe me. And...

Review: Yolo Yak Stand Up Paddleboard

The Yolo Yak could quite possibly be the toughest SUP on Earth. It's heavy duty, made of roto-molded polyethelene. It's a beast. It is hard to paddle in strong currents and wind, but super stable. You can fit 5 kids on this thing as a...

What Not to Wear (While Paddleboarding)

Hopefully Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear will never show up at my house with a camera. I guess being a freelancer means the only "coworker" who could turn me in is my dog, and she likes to go naked, anyway, so...

Starboard interchangeable paddle system video with Mark Colino

Mark Colino talks about the Starboard interchangeable stand up paddle and shaft system designed by Dan Gavere. Great for traveling, lays flat in a suitcase and allows you to swap blade sizes. Image by Distressed Mullet via Flickr Image by Distressed Mullet via Flickr Related articles Starboard's NRG...

Waterproof Bandages—Nexcare works

Nexcare Waterproof bandages—If you've ever taken out a new paddle or have a problem with death grip or monkey grip with your paddle, then you've had blisters. I took out a great new paddle the other day and unfortunately, went too hard for too...


BOSTON, MA (August 8, 2011) –Outside editors named their favorite 10 outdoor gear products from Outdoor Retailer, held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the PUMA/Laird Board was the lone watercraft to make this year’s list. Laird Hamilton stands in front of the PUMA/Laird Board...

Ron House toe-hold

By the end of next week, there'll be at least 5 Ron House race boards here in NC. I have a 14' coming. It should ship today. There's a 12'6" carbon race board on its way and possibly a second 12'6"This is just another...

Check out this race board from Australia

This board is called the Penetrator and it's made by Balmoral Boards. Check out the drainage and how forward the fin is... I emailed them for more information. I'm curious to see how the longer boards fit into the slot here on the east coast. In Hawaii, they...
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