New Prone Source: Cynthia Aguilar Prone Paddleboard Accessories

If you're looking for bottle cages, GPS Watch holders, bottles with hoses, Cynthia Aguilar, the same one who has paddled twice from Cuba to Key West, is now carrying them. Go to: https://www.cynthiaaguilar.com/accessories

Gear Review: Mocke Racer PFD

Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion
Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion First of all right out of the gate I have to say that this PFD is NOT US Coast Guard approved.  It does, however carry a number of international certifications. Use at your own discretion. After this summer’s discussion...

Mullet Movie Guide: When You Need a Distraction

Our Favorite Paddle and Surf Movies
Our Favorite Paddle and Surf Movies We did summer reading, but what about movies? There are plenty of  fun water related flicks out there to make it through those times when you can’t get to the wet, are sidelined by injuries or just want a...

Interview: Aussie Pro Angie Jackson and One SUP

Angie Jackson - One SUP We had the opportunity to meet Australian paddle champ Angie Jackson in Hood River this past week and Distressed Mullet's Pacific Northwest Correspondent Jhacoli Yang of the Village of Stoke interviewed her about her new line of paddleboard - One...

The Mullet Summer Reading List Part II: More Suggestions

The Distressed Mullet Summer Reading List Part II
The Distressed Mullet Summer Reading List Part II So many books, so little time.  When we started thinking about summer water-related reading, we realized we had lots of suggestions.  So here's Part II of our recommended reading list to help you get inspired, educated and...

The Mullet Summer Reading Part I: Some Suggestions

 A Paddler's Reading List Much to our chagrine, we can't always be paddling in our copious spare time. But if we can't be out on the water, we can at least read about it.  Whether you're trapped in a car on a long business trip...

Gear Review: Catalyst Waterproof, Shockproof Case for iPhone 7

Catalyst iPhone 7 Case
Catalyst  iPhone 7 Case Several iterations of iPhones ago, I tried a Catalyst case and found it lacking. Bad sound quality was the overall problem.  But I have been impressed with Catalyst’s Apple Watch Case and so when the case for the iPhone 7 came...

Kern River on an Inflatable Prone!

Shredding the Whitewater on a prone paddleboard Jack Bark.  He just makes everything look easy. And fun!  Love this video featuring the prone master taking on the whitewater in the Kern River on the new Bark inflatable prone!      

Gear Review: Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier

A Close Look at the Yakima SUPDawg
A Close Look at the Yakima SUPDawg When Yakima came out with their new paddle board carrier last summer, I got excited.  I was hoping that this new, beefed up board carrier would be a viable alternative to Thule's SUP Taxi. We've all heard horror...

Harrison Deisroth’s Summer Outrigger Journal

Harrison's Aloha Summer Paddle Training in Hawaii
Harrison's Aloha Summer Paddle Training in Hawaii Aloha all! I have been in Hawai’i for the past week and have begun my summer-long stay in the Islands. I have been training with the juniors of Ka Lahui Kai, a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that trains junior...

Gear Review: Watershed Westwater Drybag

Watershed Dry Bags Perfect for SUP Touring
Watershed Dry Bags Perfect for SUP Touring A good touring or expedition drybag needs to be durable, have a secure watertight closure and it needs to be easily secured to the deck of my touring board. Backpack straps for portaging or carrying the gear to...

The Case for Inflatables: Why You Should Have One in Your Quiver

Benefits of Inflatable SUPs I still have my first inflatable paddleboard.  It was one of the first “isups" produced - by SurfTech.  I found it in an REI garage sale, where it had been returned.  I quickly discovered why - it was extremely difficult to...

Footwear Review: Bedrock Carin Pro Minimalist Sandal

Bedrock Minimal Sandals - Perfect in and out of the water
Bedrock Minimal Sandals - Perfect in and out of the water In my sup classes, I am often asked what you should wear on your feet while you sup. I absolutely, positively prefer to go barefoot because of board feel (ie a better connection with...

Gear Review: HiHo SunTek Shirts

HiHo SunTek Shirts
HiHo SunTek Shirts Sunblock clothes are easy to find these days...but it's rare when you find a good piece of technical kit suitable for all kinds of paddling scenarios. I was blessed with fair, Anglo-Irish skin and more often than not, nowadays I need a...

SUP Camping 101

Standup Paddle Camping Basics Most people are at least somewhat familiar with kayak touring...using a longer kayak with water tight hatches to stow gear to essentially camp out of. But  a lot of folks don't realize you can tour with your paddleboard as well...with some...

Gear Review: ENO Nomad Hammock Stand

ENO Nomad Hammock Stand
ENO Nomad Hammock Stand Ah, summer.  To me, that means more beach time, maybe even some paddle camping trips. My fondest memories of recent summers include loading up a touring board and paddling to one of North Carolina's barrier islands for the weekend, or setting...

How to Choose Your First Paddleboard: A Beginner’s Primer

How to choose your first paddleboard
How to choose your first paddleboard Paddling season is here!  Maybe you tried SUP last year and have decided it’s time to take the plunge and get your own board. Maybe you just think it looks fun and cool and you want to give it a...

Waxing Your Surf Ski: Yea or Nay?

Will Waxing make your surf ski go faster
Will waxing make your surf ski go faster? Will waxing your surf ski help or hinder you from getting the most speed out of your craft? Epic Kayak's Greg Barton offers an in-depth look at whether waxing will actually make your ski go faster or slow...

Surfski and Kayak Paddling Essentials for Summer and Winter by Teneale Hatton

THINK kayaks PFD
This short post outlines equipment and apparel I see as essential to make paddling safe and comfortable. I may make some brand suggestions because I’ve tried them out and really like them but it’s all about what feels good for you! Absolute essentials Personal Flotation Device...

Surf Ski Transport Hack: Using a Ladder Rack to Load and Carry your Ski

This is one of those things that makes you scratch your head and say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Epic Kayay's James I. Smith show us how he has retrofitted his van with a Kargo Master Ladder Rack to provide assisted loading...

Gear Review: Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest

Adventure Racing Hydration For Paddle Sports
Adventure Racing Hydration For Paddle Sports It's a well-known fact that I have a bag problem, and that I am always searching for that perfect messenger bag, carryon, and, it seems, hydration pack. I thought I had found it in the Osprey Rev series, but...

Spring Equinox Reminder: Check Your Racks and Straps!

Springtime car rack safety check
Rejoice! Rejoice! All ye in Mullet Land (or at least the ones who live where Winter is a thing) for it is the first day of Spring! Hallelujah!!!!! Springtime car rack safety check As we begin to ramp up our trips to the lake, river, sounds and...

Video: Sizing Your OC Paddle

Picking out your first OC paddle So, maybe you've just succumbed to the pull of outrigger canoe and you're about to get your first OC paddle.  Might want to review this helpful video from Dave and Meg Chun at Kialoa before your pick your blade...

Gear Review: Hyperflex AMP shorts, Neoprene Shorts for the In-Between Season

Hyperflex AMP shorts
Hyperflex AMP shorts Sometimes, I think that I can will the weather to be warm and springlike if I just simply refuse to believe it's cold. Maybe I will wear flip flops all day - the sun's out.  My feet will be warm. (Even if they...

OC1 Care – Tips and Tricks to Prolonging the Life of your Canoe

Outrigger canoe care
So you just bought a canoe, want a canoe, or have a canoe. Regardless of whether you belong in one of those three categories, knowing how to properly care for your outrigger is vital if you want to prolong the life of your craft....

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