Surfski and Kayak Paddling Essentials for Summer and Winter by Teneale Hatton

THINK kayaks PFD
This short post outlines equipment and apparel I see as essential to make paddling safe and comfortable. I may make some brand suggestions because I’ve tried them out and really like them but it’s all about what feels good for you! Absolute essentials Personal Flotation Device...

Surf Ski Transport Hack: Using a Ladder Rack to Load and Carry your Ski

This is one of those things that makes you scratch your head and say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Epic Kayay's James I. Smith show us how he has retrofitted his van with a Kargo Master Ladder Rack to provide assisted loading...

Gear Review: Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest

Adventure Racing Hydration For Paddle Sports
Adventure Racing Hydration For Paddle Sports It's a well-known fact that I have a bag problem, and that I am always searching for that perfect messenger bag, carryon, and, it seems, hydration pack. I thought I had found it in the Osprey Rev series, but...

Spring Equinox Reminder: Check Your Racks and Straps!

Springtime car rack safety check
Rejoice! Rejoice! All ye in Mullet Land (or at least the ones who live where Winter is a thing) for it is the first day of Spring! Hallelujah!!!!! Springtime car rack safety check As we begin to ramp up our trips to the lake, river, sounds and...

Video: Sizing Your OC Paddle

Picking out your first OC paddle So, maybe you've just succumbed to the pull of outrigger canoe and you're about to get your first OC paddle.  Might want to review this helpful video from Dave and Meg Chun at Kialoa before your pick your blade...

Gear Review: Hyperflex AMP shorts, Neoprene Shorts for the In-Between Season

Hyperflex AMP shorts
Hyperflex AMP shorts Sometimes, I think that I can will the weather to be warm and springlike if I just simply refuse to believe it's cold. Maybe I will wear flip flops all day - the sun's out.  My feet will be warm. (Even if they...

OC1 Care – Tips and Tricks to Prolonging the Life of your Canoe

Outrigger canoe care
So you just bought a canoe, want a canoe, or have a canoe. Regardless of whether you belong in one of those three categories, knowing how to properly care for your outrigger is vital if you want to prolong the life of your craft....

Drysuit Comparison: Starboard All Star SUP Suit v. Ocean Rodeo Heat

Cold Weather Options
Dress for the Water: A Comparison of Cold Weather Options The days are starting to get longer, and here in the South we've had some extremely unseasonably warm weather lately, but the water is still cold. My flatwater paddling venues still are well below the...

Video: Training your balance on the Surf Ski

It's all about the balance! If you think balance is only an issue for the standup paddler, well, you'd be wrong. In this video, James Smith explains how it comes in to play when you are in a sitting position, in a surf ski. And,...

KumoBoard Kickstarter: Balance Board that won’t impale you

Good friends of ours Dan Smith and Jimmy Blakeney are kickstarting their really cool inflatable Balance Board Project called the KumoBoard. They've done a ton of work and it shows. We havne't tested it but it looks super promising. We know how many of you...

Fat is where it’s at: A look at the next new thing – Fat Tire Bikes

fat tire bike
As paddlers, no matter what our craft, we thrive on being outside, preferably on the water. But when the weather, injury or even time constraints force us to dry land, we still look for activities that keep us outdoors. We hike, ski, run, climb,...

Training Tech: Whoop Strap 2.0

Fitness trackers are a dime a dozen these days - whether it's the old school analog pedometer that's been around counting steps since forever, to the high tech multi-tasking Apple Watch, Garmin Fenix 3, Suunto Spartan or the paddle specific NK Speedcoach. I love...

Gear Review: Smartwool for Ladies Only

Okay guys - as in the gentlemen-  sorry but...you might want to sit this one out. This one is for the girls. Recently someone sent me a not-so-subtle hint to take a look at merino wool sports bras, and I have to admit, at first...

Gear Review: NRS HydroSkin Paddling Gloves

It is 25 degrees here today in Virginia Beach but with the wind chill it is about 13 so I think today is a great day to stay inside, have a good cup of coffee, and talk about cold weather paddling.  In past winters...

Have Yourself a Gear-y Little Christmas: The Inland Paddler’s Holiday Gift Guide

Photo credit: Halekulani
Are you making your list, checking it twice? Looking to find something special for that paddler in your life who's been especially nice? Need to drop some big hints? Let us help!!! We've had the chance to take a look at a boat load of gear...

Izzi Gomez, 2-time SUP World Champion Launches Signature line of 3DFINS

By signing with 3Dfins and releasing her signature “the Izzi’s” 5 fin set, Izzi Gomez becomes the first woman in Surf or SUP history to receive her own signature set of surf fins. The 16 year old champ said “Once I tried the dimple technology...

Restube turns to Kickstarter campaign to raise money for US Coast Guard-certification process and production ramp up

Restube is working its way through the U.S. Coast Guard certification process. If approved, Restube will be the smallest approved life jacket on the market, at about 270 grams and the size of a dollar bill.   RESTUBE IS NOT A CURRENTLY APPROVED PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE...

Gear Review: Fusion Stereo Active

One of the best additions to my arsenal of electronic training tools came late in this past season, and it was something completely unexpected: a bluetooth stereo. But not just any bluetooth stereo. The Fusion StereoActive. It's made by a New Zealand company that has been in...

It’s a Safety Thing, Y’all

On Black Friday during my #OptOutside paddle I faced a dilemma. The air temperature in my part of North Carolina was a balmy 75 degrees or so. But, after several seasonally cold days and nights prior, the water temperature was already about 55. While...

Gear Review: Wetsox Split Toe Therms

Oh Winter.  How I love you so.  Let me count the ways. Not. One of the worst things about winter paddling - cold weather paddling -  that is to say paddling when the water temperature drops below, oh, I don't know, 68- is neoprene.  Now, I...

Gear Review: Virus International Bioceramic KL1 Active Recovery Pant

Now is the time on Sprockets when we are doing lots of other things besides paddling.  It's the post-season, "Yay-training-is-over-I-really-need-a-break-I've-forgotten-how-much-I-love (Insert other forgotten sport here!)" time.  Take a quick peek at the 100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group and you'll hear about folks mountain biking,...

Gear Review: Season Five Basalt Hoodie

In order to stay comfortable and safe during the winter paddle season, you have to be prepared for anything. And that means having a well-rounded arsenal of kit to handle whatever Mother Nature is going to throw out at you between Fall and Spring. Season...

Winter Workout Motivation: Look for the Instant Gratification!

If you've already started looking ahead to the next paddle season or you just want to kickstart your workout strategy, Amy Beausang makes a good argument regarding motivation.  Think about focusing on the immediate benefits, not necessarily those long-term goals. "Reframe your thinking around exercise....

Gear Review: Surf-Fur WaterParka

The last couple of weeks here in North Carolina have definitely been Autumnal. Leaves are changing, even falling, there’s a pleasant lack of humidity in the air, the nights have dipped into the 40’s. And most sadly, my local lake temp has dipped below...

ChattaTravel: Creature Comforts to Help Make it to Race Day

Editor’s Note: This is part of a Distressed Mullet series on on Chattajack Prep.  I've had the good fortune to attend a lot of races this year and I have had some hits and misses when it comes to mastering the Art of Travel getting to...

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