Paddleboarder dies in flood waters in Escondido, Northeast of San Diego

Authorities are reporting that someone thought the floodwaters surging through the Escondio flood channel would present a thrill on a paddleboard. However, from the look of the board, it seems to be a Wavestorm, although it's hard to tell. If it is the SUP...

The 2019 Jay Race is on! And it’s going back to its roots…

Jay Race
From the Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddleboard Race "While the Jay Race has grown into a multi faceted world class paddleboard event, we wanted to change it up this year and refocus on why we started the Jay Race in the first place. So, we are taking...

Kayak Tour, Civil Trial to Focus on Formosa Plastics’ Pollution of Texas Waterways

Plastic pellets from the Formosa Plastics plants line Cox Creek in Texas
Citizen-activists who exposed Formosa Plastics’ rampant pollution of Texas waterways with plastic pellets and debris and will lead a kayak tour to its Point Comfort plant on Saturday, and supporters will hold a press conference before Monday’s opening arguments in the company’s civil trial....

430 Miles Down the Wisconsin River to tell a “Good News Story”

Jesse Hieb Wisconsin River
When I talked via smartphone to Jesse Hieb, he had only been off the Wisconsin River for about an hour or so, after a full day of paddling 32 miles. It was his second day on the water and he was trying to make...

Please donate to help families who are dealing with cancer: 24 Paddle Year 5

The 24
Every year, groups of paddlers gather for a 24-hour fundraiser. This is the 4th year we've participated in Wrightsville Beach, NC. What is the 24? First, some background: Cancer is a taker. It wants everything from us - our health our confidence, our families. And it is relentless. Statistics...

NCP heating up the Prone paddleboard molds and continues killer customs tradition

If you are following Brian Szymanski on Instagram (@brianszymanski8560), you've been watching some seriously cool boards coming out of North County Paddleboards (NCP) (Instagram @ncp_paddleboards). If you are unfamiliar with NCP, you should look into them. They've been around for a LONG time and...

Pacific Paddle Games is postponed until 2020 due to strategic changes at SUP Magazine and Adventure Sports Network Group

Pacific Paddle Games 2015
SUP Magazine is announcing it will not hold the 2019 Pacific Paddle Games (PPG). Despite its decision to no longer produce the event, SUP Magazine is working with its sanctioning partner, the Association of Paddlesurf Professionals (APP), and California State Parks to explore options to...

Q&A With Karl Kruger – First Standup Paddler to Complete the R2AK

Interview with R2AK SUP Paddler Karl Kruger
Interview with R2AK SUP Paddler Karl Kruger Earlier this week, Karl Kruger made SUP history by becoming the first stand up paddler to finish the Race to Alaska, a 750 mile epic race from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska.  He completed the race in...

Wild Buffalo Relay Raffle: To Benefit Ocean of Hope, Puakea Kahele OC1 to winner

Puakea Designs is stoked to announce their partnership with Ocean of Hope for the 2019 Wild Buffalo Relay. Portions of the events raffle will go towards the sea of people affected by cancer! There will also be more opportunities to support O2H throughout the...

Sup Think Tank: LiftSUP Handle Now Available in New Colors

LiftSUP Handle
We spent some time hanging with the SUP Think Tank guys at Surf Expo. They're super cool. Not in the least because they have these amazing velour track suits. I just wanted to pet them. But we are here to talk about gear. Matt sent...

Another Olympic Gold Medalist turns to SUP for cross training: Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan SUP
Alex Morgan from the US Soccer Women's National Team is another on a long list of celebrity athletes who have looked to stand up paddle boarding for cross training and fun. This first shot is of her having fun on Thursday afternoon on her Surftech Bark Contender. I...

Custom Inflatables from ULI

ULI Inflatables
SAN DIEGO—ULI began building inflatable boards in 2003, and have always offered the customization of deckpads, fins and other options.  Now ULI is announcing the availability of custom shapes built to your specifications.  Customers can confer with ULI’s experienced staff to choose the right...

Kialoa joins Werner Paddles, Werner to take over production

This is really cool news from the Northwest. Werner Paddles and Kialoa are joining together in their "Together on Water" initiative which involves Kailoa entering into the Werner family and Werner taking over production. “When we began to consider a manufacturing partner for us to...

Introducing BlkBox

We are excited to welcome a new advertiser to Distressed Mullet. You've seen their boards around, and several of the 100/100 paddlers have them, including Deb K. up in frigid Wisconsin. They're going to be at Surf Expo and the Neptunalia Challenge (as are...

Help us out with a SUP and Surf survey for a High School Project

Jack Ballard is an avid paddle board racer and a high school student in the STEM program at South River High School in Edgewater, MD. As part of his senior year graduation requirements, he must complete a capstone project. "In my class, I must engineer...

Bucket List Race: Corinth Canal Paddle Crossing on October 30

NEW RELEASE The most fascinating race of the year, the Corinth Canal Paddle Crossing in Greece is about to start. On Sunday October 30th 2016, the naval traffic on the 4-mile canal will be stopped, for  more than 200 stand up paddlers, canoeist and kayakers to...


Dragon World Championships
Editor's Note: We just received this news release about the Dragon World Championships from the folks at Red Paddle Co. and we have to say, this race looks like a blast!! News Release Red Paddle Co Racing has set its sights on the Caribbean as the...

Jay Race may not happen in 2019

Jay Race
Catalina Classic Paddleboard Association alerted people hoping to qualify that the race may not happen this year. We spoke to a few sources trying to keep the event going and they confirmed the event was cancelled or in the process of being cancelled. IT's...

On July 13th, Ian “Kanga” Cairns survived a “widow maker” heart attack: This is how

From Ian "Kanga" Cairns: This photo of me at Waimea in 1975 turned up on social media the other day. It’s just before a picture I have hanging in my living room. That’s Gary Speece in front of me. I’m posting this to say thank...

Q&A With Robert Norman: New 24 Hour SUP World Record Holder

New SUP World Record Set
New SUP World Record Set This past weekend, Florida resident Robert Norman went after the world record for most miles paddled in a 24 hour period on a SUP on flatwater and he crushed it. He needed to beat the current record of  99.8 miles,...

Beaver Attacks Paddleboarder in Asheville, NC

Asheville Times Courtesy Photo
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the fresh water....Actually, this kind of encounter is pretty rare.  This report is from The Asheville Citizen Times. Note that the wildlife officers point out that beavers can be aggressive when defending their dams...

Fire Destroys MHL Facility in Puerto Rico

MHL Fire
Sad news today out of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico - Greg Jaudon of MHL Custom posted on Facebook news of a fire in the company's shop last night that has apparently destroyed most everything in the facility:   Here's a link to a local news account, in...

Dave Kalama inducted into Hawai’i Waterman Hall of Fame

Dave Kalama
Congratulations to Dave Kalama for his induction into Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation’s “Hawai‘i Waterman Hall-of-Fame." Dave, along with Woody Brown, Kalani Vierra and Ann Yoshida enter the ninth class of inductees into this hallowed group of watermen on September 24, 2018. There is literally nothing...

Public Water Access Upheld in Great Lakes in Key Court Victory

Great Lakes
We came across some great news on the wire yesterday out of Detroit. U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Great Lakes beach access case A couple sued in Indiana to restrict the public from accessing any land abutting Lake Michigan. As you can imagine, that would suck. According...

We have a new favorite SUP ad and we’re simply dumbstruck

Joel Yang found and posted this on Facebook the other day and we can't stop thinking about it. It's like a 20-layer disaster find-Waldo SUP cake via Serene Life. I don't even know what to do with this photoshop glory sinkhole.
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