Key West Classic Full Results Stories from the people who inspired us this past weekend

Key West Classic
Race Conditions This year, the conditions were ideal. Key West has a unique wind-measurement system much like Hawaii has a unique wave-measuring system—5 foot Hawaiian is 10 foot anywhere else. For Key West, 10 miles per hour of wind is 20 miles per hour anywhere...

Q&A With Karl Kruger – First Standup Paddler to Complete the R2AK

Interview with R2AK SUP Paddler Karl Kruger
Interview with R2AK SUP Paddler Karl Kruger Earlier this week, Karl Kruger made SUP history by becoming the first stand up paddler to finish the Race to Alaska, a 750 mile epic race from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska.  He completed the race in...

Midwest Paddle League Starts Strong with the Gun Lake Paddle Battle

Gun Lake Paddle Battle 2019
by Harrison Withers and photos from Doug Vojtko The Midwest Paddle League kicked off the 2019 season this past Saturday, June 1st, at the Gun Lake Paddle Battle in Shelbyville, MI.  The event, put on by Shaka SUP Racing, featured 1,3, and 6-mile courses with...

2019 Treasure Island Pirate Paddle 5 Recap and Results

2019 Treasure Island Pirate Paddle, photos from Patricia Burke
They FINALLY had great weather at the Treasure Island Pirate Paddle! Paddlers from up and down the east coast from New Hampshire to Florida came out to perfect weather and a real positive vibe. In total, 130 paddlers racing in one of the three races:...

2019 Rincon Beachboy SUP Race Results

Rincon Beachboy SUP Race X April 6th 2019 Results Total competitors: 263 registered Conditions: Perfect conditions. Sunny day. High tide. South wind. The strong shore wave was a GREAT challenge. Epic arrivals. Highlights: Pan-American champions participation: Itzel Delgado - Elite 14 Male 1st place -Peru Mariecarmen Rivera - Elite 12-6 Woman...

2021 Virtual Paddle League – The February Five

The Virtual Paddle League is Back The Virtual Paddle League is back this year with a series of virtual events with shorter windows. Leading off is "The February Five", a free, 5 km out and back race to help you get a jump start on...

Midwest Paddle League Competes 5th Race in the Land of Cheese and Beer: Midwest Paddle Festival

Midwest Paddle Festival Photos by Doug Vjotko
(Authors note: I could not personally attend this year’s event, this article was compiled from the personal experiences and recollections of Bernie Isacovici and Doug Vojko.) Oconomowoc /oʊˈkɑːnəməˌwɔːk, WI Other than having one of the best SUP scenes in the country, the Midwest is filled...

14th Annual Jay Moriarty Memorial Paddleboard Race Video Vault

Jay Moriarty Memorial Paddleboard Race
The 14th Annual Jay Moriarty Memorial Paddleboard Race in the beautiful waters of the Monterey Bay is set for June 20 this year. See the event info for 2015 here The recent movie, Chasing Mavericks was based on his life and experience surfing Mavericks. Here are some...

Jimmy Austin Wins Ozone Kai Wa’a Maui to Molokai

Jimmy Austin Wins M2M OC1 Race
Jimmy Austin Wins M2M OC1 Race For the third year in a row, Puakea paddler Jimmy Austin won the Ozone Kai Wa'a OC1 Maui to Molokai this past weekend with a time of 2:52:16.95. Kaihe Chong came in second, with Mario Mausio taking the third place...

Fin Film Company Director’s Reel 2017

Our buddy, contributor, paddler brethren Chris Aguilar of Fin Film Company just put out his director cut. It is amazing. If you are looking for someone to video your event, to present it in its most inspiring light, to have people see it and...

The Kai Lenny Buoy Turn that made the Battle of the Paddle Roar

Kai Lenny's buttery buoy turn at the Hammer Buoy had people shaking their heads. It doesn't get more perfect than this.

Video: Copenhagen SUP Crossing 2017

Paddling in Denmark Not all of the festivities and events surrounding the recent ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark centered around the pros.  250 recreational paddlers participated in this year's inaugural Copenhagen SUP Crossing, which organizers say "was all about having fun and...

2016 Chucktown Showdown Recap and Results

ChuckTown 2016
The Chucktown Showdown just continues to get bigger and better. Tropical Storm Julia stayed far enough offshore not to create too many issues: the weather was overcast with an east wind at about 12 mph but gusting to 23 or so. That made for a...

Lachie Lansdown, DJ O’Brien, Costner McIntosh take top finishes in 2018 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race

Lachie Lansdown by Chris Aguilar
photo by Chris Aguilar, Fin Film Company This is one of those magical events that happens each year without much fanfare, with no mainstream coverage, only the core paddlers with gear—thank you Chris Aguilar—and with boatloads of heart and soul for paddling. Congratulations to everyone...

Congratulations Fiona Wylde, winner at Sunset Beach Pro

Fiona Wylde
After a dramatic and challenging day of competition, Fiona Wylde has been crowned Sunset Beach Pro Champion for 2019. In the lead up to the event, Fiona was looking quietly confidant and self assured in the tricky line-up at Sunset Beach, rapidly gaining respect...

2015 Florida State Paddleboard Championships Results

Florida State Paddleboard Championships
Thank you to John and Marie Hugest from the Cocoa beach Surf Museum and all the volunteers and competitors. It was a great day with some wonderful paddle people. TRADITIONAL PADDLEBOARD MEN OPEN 1, Jens Hoffman, 0:53:57 2, Daniel Prosser, 0:55:46 3, Michael O'Shaughnessy, 0:59:44 4, Jason Geiger, 1:10:57 TRADITIONAL...

Midwest Paddle League Completes Triple Header Weekend in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan

Article by Harrison Withers, Photos from Karl Eugster, Todd Michael Jolicoeur, and from the Clear Lake Paddlefest Facebook Page The Midwest Paddle League (MWPL) had a busy Saturday 7/27 with three races all on the same day! Clear Lake Iowa Paddlefest in the heartland, while...

2019 Molokai 2 Oahu Same Day Highlights

Here's a quick edit of some of the highlights from the 2019 Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships. Congratulations to everyone that stood on the start line this morning and thank you for supporting this event! See you in 2020 for the 24th Molokai...

Endless SUP Race Unofficial Results

Endless SUP Race
Photo courtesy of April Zilg It looks like they had a fun day of racing on the Jersey Shores of Ashbury, NJ at the Endless SUP Race. Men's Sprint Ryan Helm Kody Kerbox Chuck Patterson photo from James Gregorio Women's Sprint Annabelle Anderson April Zilg Stephanie schidler Women's 6 mile Annabelle Anderson April Zilg Stephanie schidler Photo from Thomas Maximus...

Dispatches From Tahiti: News from the Te Aito

Harrison Deisroth and the Te Aito
Harrison Deisroth and the Te Aito Okay, we here at Mullet Central just have to brag.  We are so, so proud of our own OC Correspondent and Local Boy Harrison Deisroth! As you may have read, he's been training all summer in Hawaii with the Ka...

2016 CCCCcccCold Stroke Classic

cold stroke classic
This is definitely a race where there were winners, but no losers. Everyone who stepped into the water Saturday at the 8th Annual Cold Stroke Classic deserved applause. Or a straight jacket. And while we'll have the results at the end, this recap is far...

Download the Updated Salt Life Cup Standings for the World Paddle Association WPA

Here are the latest updated women's and Mens standings for the Salt Life Cup Standings for the World Paddle Association WPA as of August 24, 2015. Lahui Kai's Annabel Anderson and Riviera's Ryan Helm lead the way going into these final 2 races. The 2015...

Video :: 2019 East Coast Ocean Surfski & Paddleboard Championships / Part 01

It looks like they had great conditions in Florida this past weekend. I missed this race this year, but have been to 4 or 5 in the past 10. I think I see Paolo at 2:48 lol.. Buoy turns!

R2AK Getting Closer!

Karl Kruger is paddling strong in the Race to Alaska
Karl Kruger is paddling strong in the Race to Alaska The Race to Alaska is a 750 mile unsupported race from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK and it's open to any craft without a motor. $10,000 first prize, second place is a set of...

SEA Paddle NYC Race Recap and A Note on Recovery

SEA Paddle Recap
Grateful. Really Really f-ing grateful. That’s about sums up SEA Paddle NYC 2016 for me. For those that didn’t know, I had double shoulder surgery on May 11th. It was arthroscopic and nothing was getting rebuilt or re-attached, but still…kind of a scary thing for...
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