Easy Reader Recaps the Rock 2 Rock Race

In a typical year, the South Bay’s prevailing westerly winds and accompanying west swell favor stand-up paddlers over prone paddlers in the Rock 2 Rock Paddleboard race, held each year on Father’s Day. Rock 2 Rock begins at Two Harbors on Catalina Island and...

The Blues(t) Thing in Chicago Is the Water: Midwest Paddle League Completes Double-Header Weekend

by Harrison Withers and photos via Doug Vojtko There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. -Elwood I love starting these recaps with some great anecdotes about the event location, but...

Bay Bridge Paddle Results and Recap

The Bay Bridge Paddle had an amazing showing for their first year, attracting over 350 paddlers to Annapolis, Maryland. Competitors paddled the length of the Bay Bridge from shore to shore and back while Coast Guard closed down the shipping channels. Bay Bridge Paddle gives the Mid-Atlantic...

Molokai Hoe: Epic Race in the Channel

Molokai Hoe 2017: More Battles in Hawaii's Channel of Bones Yesterday's running of the 65th Molokai Hoe six-man outrigger race from Molokai to Oahu was epic.  Conditions in the  Ka'iwi Channel were less than ideal, and the 150 teams participating in Hawaii's oldest sporting event really...

Families dominate in Wrightsville Beach SUP Surf Pro Am

The rain didn't damper the fun waves, clean conditions, and awesome crowd at the south end of Wrightsville Beach today at the WB SUP Surf Pro Am. The dynamic brother and sister duo of Izzy and Giorgio Gomez took top honors winning the Pro Women and Pro...

The Inland Paddler: Chattajacked Up and Ready to Go!

Lisa Schell at Chattajack
At about Mile 18 the gunshots started. The first one was, well, attention getting. Then the second one rang out. “That’s a bit....disconcerting,” I said to the young woman in the recreational kayak I’d been trading places with on the river for the last three...

Update from the IVF Worlds in Tahiti

Update IVF Worlds Outrigger
The boys from Hawaii did fantastic in the Juniors finals of the 3 IVF World Distance Outrigger Championships!!  Our Harrison Deisroth and his Ka Lahui Kai team completed the six-man finals - 16.7 miles in 2:02:48, right behind home town favorites Tahiti! Job well done...

The Official Chattajack 2017 Highlight Reel

The Guts and The Glory of Chattajack 2017 How anyone could turn out any footage of the cold, rainy and windy Chattajack 2017, let alone one this beautiful is beyond us. If you were a participant this year, just go ahead and get the box...

Chattajack Stories: Paddler’s Notebook: Kathy Summers

Chattajack 2017: Kathy Summers
Chattajack 2017: Kathy Summers Editor's Note: This is another in series of first-person posts recounting individual paddler experiences of this year's Chattajack 31 endurance race in the Tennessee River Gorge. It's from Kathy Summers of Washington, DC. Photo Credits: Deb Action Photo By Kathy Summers For the...

Dean Randazzo Brings ‘Won’t Quit’ Attitude To Paddle Race :: Official Results

Dean Randazzo of Ventnor finishes his first 22.5-mile Paddle For A Cause Saturday, June 8 in Atlantic City.
On Saturday local surf legend and cancer survivor Dean Randazzo joined paddlers from around the world in a 22.5-mile race around Absecon Island. The 12th annual Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation Paddle For A Cause presented by Seashore Construction brought competitors and spectators to the Frank...

M(idwest) 2 Oahu

M2O a 32-mile race from Molokai to Oahu. It’s 4,000 miles from Molokai to the Midwest. For many, it would be the trip pf a lifetime to fly to Molokai, hire and escort boat, and paddle the M2O race along side the likes of Travis Grant,...

2016 Chattajack Race Results and photos

By all accounts, this year's 31-mile Chattajack race was the most difficult of the 5 years. Winds in the 15mph range with gusts to 25 seemed to be in our face for most of the race past the 8 mile mark. It seemed mathematically...

Early Results from the 2018 Gorge Downwind Championships

Gorge Downwind Championships
We got wind, but the timing company had issues with the results yesterday, pushing the awards to Friday at 5:30. They changed the start and the start order. I've been a race director and there are some things timing companies can't comprehend and having...

Midwest Paddle League Crowns Season Award Winners

On September 22nd, after all the racing was done for the day, and the season, the Midwest Paddle League took a moment to recognize the folks who made the community better, AND who showed competitive excellence by winning or placing in the top 5...

Surf to Sound Challenge Results and Photos

Welcome to Wrightsville Beach and the Blockade Runner Beach Resort This was a phenomenal weekend and a great way for many to cap off a great 2015 race season. Paddlers came in from as far as Ontario, Canada and Minnesota to enjoy the warm water and paddler...

2015 Colonial Cup Recap, Results and Photos from New Bern, NC

Colonial Cup
The first thing you'll notice are the bears. Everywhere. And they're sticking their tongues out. They are on pennants. There are huge carved and painted bears around every corner. When you look up at the buildings, there are even bear gargoyles.A bear with a curving scarlet...

Chattajack Debrief: 2017 Hell Frozen Over Edition

Another Chattajack 31 for the Books
Another Chattajack 31 for the Books I am not going to write a long winded, mile by mile account of our race this year.  I think I am still too cold for that. And besides, there are 600 or so stories in the naked Gorge,...

Anderson, Casey Win Maui 2 Molokai Challenge and Foil History is Made

Maui Jim's Maui 2 Molokai Challenge
Maui Jim's Maui 2 Molokai Challenge It was a stellar weekend of racing this weekend in the waters off Maui and Molokai. Saturday, paddlers took to the Pailolo Channel and  competed in the 26-mile long Maui Jim's Maui 2 Molokai Challenge.  Australia's James Casey won...

Lake Ontario Crossing Race …and then Some!

Editor's Note: Paddling on the US's Great Lakes is just epic.  We asked Ken Lambrecht from Madison, WI to tell us his story from the Lake Ontario Crossing, held earlier this summer. If you don't know Ken, you might be familiar with his Adventure...

Payette River Games Final Results: Mo Freitas, Rebecca Giddens, Noa Hopper

Payette River Games
WOMEN'S CHAMPION: Rebecca Giddens Rebecca Giddens Fiona Wylde Izzy Gomez Annabel Anderson Sage Donnelly Candice Appleby Mariko Strickland Lum Shakira Westdorp Nadia Almuti April Zilg Haley Mills Natali Zollinger Hannah Hill Nikki Gregg Jenny MacArthur Anna Fischer Brittany Parker Sonni Honscheid Lina Augaitis Evelyn Trosin MEN'S CHAMPION: Mo Freitas Mo Freitas Dane Jackson Zane Schweitzer Sean Poynter Eric Giddens Slater Trout Bernd Roediger Masayuki ‘Yacu’ Takahata Toby Cracknell Giorgio Gomez Fernando Stalla Noa Ginella Mike Tavares Spencer Lacy Luke Hopkins Chuck Glynn Mike Harvey Bradley...

April Zilg: Cayuga SUP Cup Recap

Cayuga SUP Cup
Aerial yoga, SUP yoga, log rolling, adaptive races, clinics, movies, and parties are just a few of the activities available at the Cayuga Lake SUP Cup that was held August 16th in Ithaca, NY. I knew I would be visiting family in the area...

A Look Back at the NCA DC Monumental OC Race

Paddling OC6 In Washington, DC
Paddling OC6 In Washington, DC The Wrightsville Beach Outrigger Canoe Club is a major factor in the growth of the OC community in SE North Carolina and a leading force behind the club is Emily Deisroth. The club recently sent a team up to the...

Beach2Beach from Start to Finish: Midwest Paddle League Recaps 4th Race of the Season

It has been an interesting season so far is probably the understatement of the century. Over half of the Midwest Paddle League’s planned 16-race schedule has been cancelled. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and 7 races have found a...

2015 Mongoose Cup Results and Photos

Photos courtesy of Mike Muir from Riviera Paddlesurf. TIME TRIAL Top Men's Finishers Brennan Rose 00:09:55 1 1 1 Rob Rojas 00:10:10 2 2 1 Taylor Rambo 00:10:10 Top women's finishers: Candice Appleby 00:11:01 Shae Foudy 00:11:06 Lexi Alston 00:11:23 KIDS Top Girl's finishers Willey Reagan 00:02:18 Nipper Kitsy 00:04:35 Ring Malaya 00:04:42 Top Boy's finishers Mencinsky Trevor 00:02:29 2...

Race Recap: Tofino Paddle Surf Championships

Editor's Note: Genna Flinkman sent us this awesome recap of an amazing late season event in British Columbia. When one thinks of Canada I am sure that they don’t immediately think of epic surf and a big SUP surf competition. However, on October 21 that is...
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