“Again!” Danny Ching and Kaimana Fly the Ama!

This is the best thing we’ve seen on the internet in a long, long time.  Bookmark it, put it in your Favorites file and watch it whenever you need inspiration or a smile. We love Danny Ching and this video with his three-year-old daughter...

Looking for a New Life Jacket? Notice the New Coast Guard Labeling

If you’ve looked at new life jackets recently, you might have noticed some changes. The United States Coast Guard made significant changes in the way life jackets are labeled, with the intent of making it easier for consumers to pick the right jacket for the...

Video: The Outrigger

Outrigger Racing in Black and White This short film by Scott Council might be one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen to focus on the art of paddling outrigger canoe. With excellent cinematography by Noah Alani, it captures the beauty and elegance of the...

Video: Water Angles – Shredding with Infinity’s Dave Boehne

On this Christmas Eve, we leave you with a great edit of The Brown Blurr himself, dreaming of the warmer waters of Nossara, Costa Rica! Wishing y’all loads of Stoke this holiday season! Video from Infinity Sup Co./By Esteban Delgado

Video: Down Seas

Even though we do love the holiday season, it’s easy to dream of warm water and long downwind runs this time of year. Enjoy this one by Kekoa Kau...

Peahi Swell: Starboard’s Ryan Funk Ripping

We’ve known Ryan since he was a grom, just moved to Maui from Truckee, CA so he could improve as a paddler. And what a paddler he’s become! Check out his recent session at Peahi, or “Jaws”...courtesy of his Facebook page.  

3 Bay Paddle – Prone Paddleboard Surfing at Parlementia

Mathieu Chevalier, 3 Bay Team rider. Morning prone session at Parlementia - Guethary - French Basque Country.

Mike Tavares: Running Cataract Canyon at 7000 CFS

Mikey T. Makes Whitewater SUP Look So Easy! Haven't gotten out on the river much at all this summer, so when Mike posts up one of his western adventures, we live vicariously! On his Facebook page, Mike explains that Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park is...

Laird Hamilton and Buzzy Kerbox English Channel Crossing circa 1990

We were looking into a potential English Channel crossing and our buddy Adrian Angel (who's actually paddled across on a SUP) found this gem from Buzzy Kerbox with a couple of stock prone paddleboards and some cold water.

The Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathon2019 Recap Video

The Catalina Classic is Everest for prone paddlers. The history. The soul. This is the prone paddleboard race so many aspire to complete and compete in. It has a special place in our heart at Distressed Mullet and few people cover the event as...

Video: Flying Through the Danger Zone with Jeremy Riggs

Kihei Run Downwinding! Maui’s downwinding Jedi Jeremy Riggs has taken “flying” on his foil to a fun new level. See what we mean in this video - guaranteed to get you through this Wednesday and headed toward the weekend!

Never Die Easy: Another inspirational video

"Tomorrow I want to be a better person than today." At 76 years old, Dag is a living legend. Existing entirely off-the-grid and without the trappings of modern day society, he is closer to freedom than most could ever imagine. If that isn't enough, Dag...


This is an amazing short film, shared by Mick Di Betta on Facebook. Just amazing and beautiful. I'm sure this will resonate with so many of you who wake up and head to the water. It's 1:54 and you'll wish there was more.

Kickstarter: Support “The Outrigger Film”

THE OUTRIGGER is a story about how people find meaning in their lives through a connection to the ocean, the power of sports and being part of a community, the Ohana. Lifetime athlete and narrator, John Skorstad shares his wisdom and thoughts on how the...

Video: Look back at the Gorge Downwind Championships with Jules from Last Summer

Distressed Mullet Correspondent Jules Gismondi talks to Lisa Schell about her first time in the Columbia River Gorge and her first time racing her Epic Surf ski in the Gorge during the Gorge Downwind Championships, held July 20 in Hood River, Oregon.

Summer Downwinder in Virginia Beach

6 mile South to North run along the ocean front of Virginia Beach in late June. Wind pushing from the SSE at 15-20mph resulted in an excellent run as Steve and Peter trades waves the whole way.

(people) of water from Chacos

For thousands of years, outrigger canoes have connected diverse cultures and people around the world. Chaco is proud to present (people) of water, a film following the story of Rob Prechtl, a member of the USA Men's Raft Team, as he and his fellow...

Full – Operation Torrent Uncut Movie from Josh Collins. Just Wow!

This is the uncut documentary of Josh Collins and Operation Torrent, the 2018 Race to Alaska (R2A). This grueling and life threatening adventure is the sequel to Operation Phoenix. 750 miles through the Inside Passage from Port Townsend, Washington State to Ketchikan, Alaska. Breathtaking scenery but...

Sneak peak at THINK KAYAK’s Foil Surfski

Surfski Foil Think Kayak
"Given the rising popularity of foils in kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing it was only a matter of time before they were adapted to paddle sports. With the cooperation of Warren Bruce at Surfski Baja the Think Ion Foil has been perfected and is ready...

PGA Tour Pro Scott Stallings and Pro Surfer Golf on Paddle Boards

#PGA Tour Pro Golfer Scott Stallings invites His friend and former Pro Surfer Dave Yearwood golfing. After hitting a few balls Dave comes up with great idea. Considering Scott always makes fun of the way Dave dresses. Dave decides to compromise and dress more...

Surfing Footwork Video

Many of you are trying to improve your footwork. This is a classic example from Batman, Season 3 episode 10 , "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!" (1967)

Paddle to Seattle: Journey Through the Inside Passage Trailer

I know this is from 2014, but it's so worth sharing as some of you are still defrosting your way back into the water. Although I sure as hell don't do bears. "you have a lot of time to reflect, think about where you're going,...

Video:: Millers Run from Massimiliano Fortunato

I never get tired of Miller's Run Downwind videos. It's the stuff dreams are made of...

Video: Winter Down Wind in Virginia Beach from Steve Dullack

Steve Dullack and Peter Morgan scored some ideal conditions for one of their classic down wind runs in Virginia Beach. Along the coast. Southern edge of the Chesapeake bay. Ran west to east along the northern side of Virginia Beach.

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