Carolina Paddlin’ Episode 3

The only surf video I've ever watched with a Johnny Cash soundtrack. Stellar music! Learn more about Carolina PaddleBoard Co >>

PGA Tour Pro Scott Stallings and Pro Surfer Golf on Paddle Boards

#PGA Tour Pro Golfer Scott Stallings invites His friend and former Pro Surfer Dave Yearwood golfing. After hitting a few balls Dave comes up with great idea. Considering Scott always makes fun of the way Dave dresses. Dave decides to compromise and dress more...

Snow Edit from Kenny Kaneko

Snow Day! Some fun in the snow. Music: Husbands- You, Me, Cellphones From the SIC Blog

Quickblade Year in Review “The Mix Tape” 2014

A look back at the year that was 2014 through the lens of an old fashioned mix tape.


I love Shred Dog. Shredder is Mike Tavares' water dog. He adopted him in Chattanooga before the first Chattajack 31 and neither of them knew how much they'd won the lottery.  

Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 1

Join the Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew to see what a day in the life of a paddler is like. Learning new techniques, sharing paddling with kids, trying out new equipment, and eating right are just a few aspects of the paddler lifestyle that can...

SUP Giant

from geoff vaquié  4 days ago  NOT YET RATED SUP GIANT is on to UCPA PORT D'ALBRET filmed & edited by geoff vaquie

Surfers Healing – Wrightsville Beach 2014

Surfers Healing is a group who is very special to me and the Mullet. We've been involved for nearly 6 years. This was the first year I've had to miss the best day on the beach, but fortunately, the weather held, there were waves,...

A crew on the Big Board hits a Gorge Downwinder

from Big Winds in Hood River

Paddleboard boxing video: Another great use for the big boards

There's no paddle. The paddleboard boxing gloves are huge and it looks like fun. Video by devinsupertramp Big shoutout to BoardCo who was a big help in making this video happen! Check them out! http://www.boardco.com/ Follow them on Instagram: @boardco

The next BIG thing in SUP… Monster SUP Relay in Costa Brava Spain

The Starboard crew unleashes the next BIG thing in the world of Stand Up Paddle at the World dealer meeting in Costa Brava Spain, September 2014.

‘Tis the Season Santa Paddle

Santa's are showing up on paddleboards everywhere. These were observed in Greenwood Lake, NJ. Are you getting your Santa Paddle on? Check out this video from Dee Schmitz. SUP SantaCon at Jersey Paddle Boards on Greenwood Lake.

Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 12

Join the crew for "Local's Summer," arguably the best time of the year!! We're almost to December and the weather is still warm and mild. CPC Barnacles are enjoying the warm water on SUPs, Erik is leading the charge in the OC-1, and April...

Carolina Cup Throwback Video: Savanah Baus and Dana Stephens

This was our favorite interview from 2012. That was the year Heather Baus pulled the upset and won the Carolina Cup. Savanah and Dana have grown up a lot. Savanah's going crazy windsurfing. And this year, Dana will be singing the National Anthem and performing...

T Rexes Dominate Pirate Paddle, finishing 1st and second despite limited reach

In a surprise 1-2 finish T-Rexes Micki and Dee dominate last weekend's Pirate Paddle despite limited reach. "We have a lot of power if we can get our legs into the stroke," says Micki. "It's good to show T-Rexes everywhere that they can do...

Micky Muñoz stars in Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 13: The lost grill

This episode is hilarious. Micky Muñoz in a Baha 100 desert racecars loses his teeth and more. Lucky number 13! Join Carolina Paddleboard Co. riders April and Corey as they venture to the west coast for the Pacific Paddle games and some time in the...

Chill out on an inflatable, have a drink and surf?

I don't even know what to say about this, but a hard-core surfer buddy of mine wants to SUP now that he saw this.

Seal Jumps On Guy’s Paddleboard And Makes A Friend

He found a leaner. In this video, a seal has hopped on a paddleboard and is leaning against the paddler in a sort of hug. Can you even imagine having this little guy hop up on your board for a hug?

Carolina Paddlin’ Episode 2

"This week we meet the local Naish & Kialoa rep, Chad Baird, and get a view into what it means to be a representative for some of our favorite brands. Some of the locals are also busy prepping for the upcoming Chucktown Showdown, one...

Train Hard. Go Fast. Have Fun

This is awesome... from Quickblade Paddles There are lots of amazing sports motivational videos that are collections of speeches from different sports films cut to major sports and Hollywood moments. Our inner office video geek asked himself "why hasn't anyone done one on paddling?" So-...

Have Fun: V Drive – The Game Changer from QuickBlade Paddles

The V-Drive: It's a game changer, but don't change your game.

SUPZILLA C4 Waterman Sets Guinness World Record

C4 Waterman set the Guinness World Record for the largest stand-up paddle board in the world on August 3, 2011 with SUPZILLA and the support of Goal Zero, Teva, and GoPro. SUPZILLA is a 32ft inflatable stand-up paddle board that was powered by 31...

Taking the Hippo Stick for a spin

Fast, light, and perfect for Halloween

What to do if you’re Snowed In: From Starboard

Yeah, there's a santa in this, but whatever. We have snow now!
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