Laird Hamilton on being a beginner and mixing things up

Laird Hamilton talks about when he feels like a beginner and how important it is to mix things up. This is part 3 of a 4-part interview series. For more information on Laird Standup, go to: SUBSCRIBE TO THE DISTRESSED MULLET YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO SEE VIDEOS...

Interview with Suzie Cooney, trainer, author, paddle athlete

Lisa Schell interviews Suzie Cooney in the Suzie Trains Maui fitness studio on Maui. Suzie discusses her new training book, How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance. It's become the Training Bible for SUP. Suzie discusses fitness on the water and that lifestyle...

Big Wave Surfing famous surfer Laird Hamilton 80-100 Feet

Big Wave Surfing famous surfer Laird Hamilton 80-100 Feet January 2015 Big Wave Surfing Dick Dale Surf Music Garrett McNamara record holder 2015 Big Waves Garrett McNamara 100FT World Record - Dick Dale The Wedge Big Wave Surfin Big Waves Garrett McNamara 100FT https...

Interview with Outrigger OC-1 Champion Kai Bartlett in Maui

Kai Bartlett talks about the growth of outrigger canoeing, design and technique with Lisa Schell on her recent trip to Maui. Kai gives some great tips on learning the bumps from a skill, sight and feel point of view. Kai Bartlett owns Kai Wa'a, designers...

Johnny Puakea on standup paddles, pitch, scoop and drag

Talking about the Catch 22 series at Surf Expo ranging from the 8" paddle to the 7 1/4" blade made with less angle to increase the grab or catch of the paddle and help bring the paddler past the blade. The scoop is decreased to...

SUP 11-City Tour Interview with Mistral Team Rider Seychelle Hattingh

We caught up with Seychelle Hattingh at the Surf Expo. Seychelle is a Mistral Team Rider, fresh off her SUP 11-city tour win in Holland. SUP 11-city tour Approximately 200 participants paddle 220 kilometers (136 miles) in five days through the Friesland, the northern province of Holland, from the water. They pass...

Interview with SIC Maui’s Mark Raaphorst at the SIC Maui Factory

Lisa Schell stopped in at the SIC factory in Maui for this exclusive interview with Mark Raaphorst. Mark discusses design, materials, the women's paddleboard market and the potential of a future SIC prone paddleboard. For more information on SIC Maui, go to: SIC Website: SIC Store...

Shaping 101: Mark Johnson from Hobie explains surf and SUP board rocker and foil

We caught up with Mark Johnson at Surf Expo and asked some Shaping 101 questions on Rocker and Foil—what they are and why they are important. Mark also answers how these concepts differ from surf to Stand Up Paddleboards. Basic Definitions: Rocker: In its most basic...

Meet Travis Grant’s M2O-winning board from NSP

DC (Dale Chapman) and Chris Chamberlain walk us through Travis Grant's Molokai 2 Oahu-winning stand up paddle board, the first unlimited production board to win the M2O. DC is the shaper and was also on Travis' support boat for the 5+ hours across the M2O's Channel of...

Interview: Louanne and Jules Standup Paddleboard from New York to Miami

Louanne Harris and Julieta “Jules" Gismondi are paddling standup paddleboards from New York to Miami to raise awareness of issues that effect our health, our environment and our lives. "Our expedition's objective is to inspire action towards  a healthier planet and a healthier way of life. Two thirds of...

Retail Discussion with Michael from UrbanKai: 2018 Surf Expo

Perspectives from  Florida's Urban Kai Michael and Aimee Conlee own Urban Kai, a Standup Paddleboard retailer with 2 locations in the Tampa Bay Area and one more opening this spring. They've had some growing pains but have found a few things that have helped them...

Dave Kalama: How to Introduce Family to Paddleboarding

Dave Kalama from Imagine Surf talks makes suggestions on how to introduce family members to paddle boarding. The biggest thing is making it fun, not pushing it on them. If you make it fun, like a game, For more information on Dave Kalama and Imagine Surf,...

Victoria Burgess To Paddle from Cuba to Key West: 2018 Surf Expo Interview

The Chica Libre Crossing South Florida standup paddleboarder Victoria Burgess will attempt to paddle across the Straits of Florida from Cuba to Key West. Dubed the Chica Libre SUP Crossing, the world record attempt as the first female to standup paddle (SUP) across the Straits,...

Maui interview with Standup Paddleboard downwind instructor Jeremy Riggs

Please Share Jeremy Riggs is one of the world's best downwinder specialists. Jeremy competes all over the world and has become one of the premier instructors specifically for downwinder or open-ocean surfing. His guide service, Paddle with Riggs, is based in Maui and takes paddlers...

2014 BOP: The Massacre at Salt Creek

The 2014 Battle of the Paddle in Salt Creek Dana Point, CA threw the best paddlers in the world into crazy huge thumping surf. Broken boards and total carnage ensued. Shot by the amazing, April "Vanilla Gorilla" Zilg who coincidentally got 7th in the elite...

DJ and Lacie talk about the Prone Paddleboard technical race at the Pacific Paddle Games

DJ O'Brien and Lacie Flynn talk about the Prone Paddleboard technical race at the Pacific Paddle Games: Three laps in and out of the surf, through overhead waves.

Foil Surfing Discussion with Mark Raaphorst, SIC Maui

Lisa Schell talks about the future of foil SUP with Mark Raaphorst of SIC Maui.

Pacific Paddle Games Day 2 videos, schedule, and results from day 1

We caught up with Fiona Wilde, Travis Grant, Jeramie Vaine and Kai Lenny right before the start of the distance race. Great insights on the race dynamics, strategy and technique. Interviews: Fiona Wilde Interviews: Travis Grant Interviews: Jeramie Vaine Interviews: Kai Lenny Day 1 Results Schedule for today Watch it live Watch it...

Awesome interview with Travis Grant and Steve West from

Travis Grant and Steve West sit down with the Dez, editor fo Standuppaddle Mag UK to talk story. Read the original Article here

Laird Hamilton on family and making paddleboarding fun

Laird Hamilton talks about the things that can help make paddleboarding fun for families, kids and new people to the sport. This is part 2 of a 4-part interview series. For more information on Laird Standup, go to: SUBSCRIBE TO THE DISTRESSED MULLET YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO...

Futures Fins new line of SUP fins

Here is a first look at the Manta, Red Fish, Small Triangle Cutaway, and Flexible Polyurethane River and Rental fins from Futures Fins for 2015/2016 from the Outdoor Retailer Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Futures Fins Go to your local Futures Dealer or check them...

Mark Johnson and Colin McPhillips discuss reversing the size trend in SUP

We caught up with Mark Johnson and Colin McPhillips at the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Sale Lake City, Utah and talked about the new trend away from the smaller shorter, less volume to longer boards with a longboard shape, with less total volume (strategically...

Talking with Connor Baxter: Why He Paddles

Connor Baxter on the 2018 SUP Season Sup Racer's Chris Parker sat down with Starboard's Connor Baxter and talked story... (with a nice shout out to Paddle Monster)  

Zane and Matty Schweitzer Interview from their home in Maui

We caught up with Zane and Matty Schweitzer on a recent trip to Maui. They discuss their upbringing, family roots in ocean sports. There is a fascinating section on their grandfather, Hoyle Schweitzer and his relationship with Hobie Alter, Gordon “Grubby” Clark, Tom Morey. How...

National Geographic Live! – Greg Long: Big Wave Rider

In 2012, international surfing champion Greg Long set out to ride the biggest wave of his life. The monster wave nearly killed him. To truly recover, Long knew that he had to face the wave once more. Upcoming Events at National Geographic Live! The National Geographic...
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