Video: The Other Part of the Gorge

Gliding in the Eastern Columbia River Gorge We've learned from our good friends at Stoke on the Water that there's more to the Columbia River Gorge than just the storied Viento Run.  In this amazing video, SOTW's Russel Peart displays his fancy footwork and overall...

Outrigger Monday: Can’t Rescue Me if You Can’t Catch Me

Virginia Beach OC1 Downwind Run Virginia Beach paddler and 404 Team Rider Steve Dullack, who has significant background in things maritime (if we told you, he might have to kill us) safely took advantage of recent weather conditions to log an epic East Coast downwinder. ...

Maui SUP Surf Maliko Downwinder with Suzie Cooney and Dual GoPro Cameras by Suzie Cooney

Super cool video, watch whole thing to be sure you see "what happens".. Had a blast making this. Mellow day but lots of steep drops and long rides. Lots of downwind action covered by my GoPro Hero2 on nose of Naish Glide AND one on...

Surfski Tuesday: Downwinding on the Douro with Oscar Chalupsky

Downwinding the Douro River Via Surfski Paddle along with Oscar Chalupsky and turn up the volume to get some downwinding instruction from his session on the Douro River in Porto....want more? Sign up for a clinic with Oscar at this year's Carolina Cup!    

Maui To Molokai Downwind Run by Paddle With Riggs

The four of us met the boat captain at Mala Wharf and loaded the boards and canoe onto the boat racks. The captain took us up to Honolua Bay where we unloaded and started our 27 mile adventure. The wind was gusting up to...

The Olukai: Aloha and Ohana All Wrapped Up in One Race

Olukai Ho'olaule'a: Celebrating Water Culture We can't lie.  We are starting to get just a little excited about the month of April.  After all, weather is starting to get and stay warmer. Booties are starting to come off, and some of our most favorite races...

Maliko Downwinder Wind 30-40mph by Paddle With Riggs

Downwind surfing from Maliko gulch to Kahului harbor with Scott Trudon, Livio Menelau, and Jeremy Riggs

Kai Lenny SUP Downwind Hydro foiling

Going 20 mph on open ocean swells? Flying downwind with the Malolos (Flying Fish). My perspective of the ocean has been changed completely. SUP Hydro foiling downwind is the future! A huge thanks to Alex Aguera at Go Foil, and Naish for making this dream...

Surf Ski Tuesday: Another Durban Downwinder

Surf ski Run in South Africa This video by Gareth Miles of a ripping downwind beach finish is full of challenging surf and resulting carnage. If you paddle anywhere and in anything on this Fourth of July, remember to wear your PFD, your leash (even in your...

A crew on the Big Board hits a Gorge Downwinder

from Big Winds in Hood River

Downwind with Jeremy Riggs

Downwind standup paddling with SIC Team Rider, Jeremy Riggs in Maui.

Maliko Downwind Surfing by Paddle With Riggs

A group of friends get together and surf open ocean swells down the coast of Maui's north shore.

More Foiling on Maliko

Kalama Foils Down Maliko Legend Dave Kalama joins Finn Spencer in a foil run down Maliko on Maui with the GoFoil. Yep.  Looks like this is definitely becoming a thing! Video by Alex Aguera.

Video: Cold Water OC1 Downwind Run

Maybe because it's French.  Maybe because the water is clearly frigid (how often do you see video of someone downwinding in an outrigger with a neoprene hood on?) Or maybe it's all the ama flying, but we are mesmerized by this classic European oc...

Wanna Go For A Ride? Dave Kalama Downwinder Video

Dave Kalama runs Maliko to Kahului Harbor.

Video: Father and Son OC Downwinder

Christmas Day Florida Downwinder How Team Geiger spent their 2017 Holiday....we love this video by Floridians Jason and Dylan’s Geiger.  Pure joy!  

Video: Winter Down Wind in Virginia Beach from Steve Dullack

Steve Dullack and Peter Morgan scored some ideal conditions for one of their classic down wind runs in Virginia Beach. Along the coast. Southern edge of the Chesapeake bay. Ran west to east along the northern side of Virginia Beach.

Maliko with Onshore Winds and a North Swell

Maliko run with north winds and a north swell. Paddling S.I.C. stand up paddle boards with rudder systems.

Downwind Run From Kihei To Makena from Paddle With Riggs

Stephen and Bill paddle a Tempest OC-2, Livio paddles an SIC 17' Bullet and I paddle my custom SIC Bullet from Kihei to Makena.
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