Starboard SUP Fishing Boards

Starboard has launched their 2016 line of Fishing SUPs. With 3 models to choose, you can find the Sportsman in composite technology, ideal for open ocean or choppier conditions with it's ultra wide tail, the Stealth, which is super quiet with great glide to...

Sneak Peak at the 2016 Starboard Bolt Paddle from Starboard SUP with Dan Gavere

Have you ever considered floatation and volume in your paddle? Dan Gavere walks us through the 2016 line of Starboard Paddles and in particular the Starboard Bolt Paddle. For more info about Dan Gavere: For more info on Starboard SUP, go to: On Facebook: On Twitter:...

Fin Box Lock: Simple, Brilliant Surf and Paddle Board Security

This is one of the coolest and most simple surf board and paddle board security gear must-haves we've seen. It is simply two pieces of metal that fit into your fin box and once the cable is fed through the two holes, it can...

Starboard Whopper Jr Stand up Paddle Board preview for 2016

Dan Gavere walks us through the new Starboard Whopper Junior at Surf Expo in Orlando, FL. The Whopper Jr is new to the surf series for 2016. It's 9'5" x 33" and is a refined version of the Whopper, only a little smaller. It's...

Sharkbanz magnetic shark repellant

Sharks hunt with the help of very sensitive electroreceptors. The Sharkbanz magnetic shark repellant bands act like a bright light to their system and repels them. It goes on like a watch or anklet. The tech has been around for 10 years and has...

RinseKit Portable Shower Review

If I had to rank things that I like from Surf Expo and things I'm going to get from Surf Expo, the RinseKit Portable Shower tops the list. I need one. I surf, paddle, fish, get dirty, get sandy, have a 4-year old daughter...

Jeremy Riggs on the Velocitek Makai

Jeremy Riggs ( from Maui discusses the Velocitek Makai. Jeremy is a long-time Mullet contributor and one of the world's best downwind specialists and teachers. This is a walkthrough with Jeremy. I've been paying around with the Velocitek Makai. The display is amazing and clear....

Shaping 101: Mark Johnson from Hobie explains surf and SUP board rocker and foil

We caught up with Mark Johnson at Surf Expo and asked some Shaping 101 questions on Rocker and Foil—what they are and why they are important. Mark also answers how these concepts differ from surf to Stand Up Paddleboards. Basic Definitions: Rocker: In its most basic...

Dryrobe: The Surfer’s Changing Snuggy

Dryrobe is easily one of the best things I saw at Surf Expo. It reminds me of the sideline jackets we had in high-school football. I have been looking on eBay on occasion for one, but never found one. I was standing in line...

Restube: Non-USCG-Approved Floatation Aid a great future option

One of the really great gear finds at the Surf Expo was Restube. This is a twist on the belt PFD in that it trails behind you on a 5-foot lead—like an inflatable lifeguard rescue can. You inflate it in the same way that you...

Jabra Sport Pulse: Wireless sport earbuds with built-in heart rate monitor

It has all the basic features of a wireless sport headphone: IP55, water, sweat and dust protection. 5.5 hour battery life is kind of short, but it's doing a lot and I'm sure later versions will last longer. The heart rate monitor is integrated into...

A Preview of the 2016 Starboard Hypernut SUP Surf Paddle Board

The Hypernut is based on the new parallel rail design, squeezing a lot more volume into a shorter package enabling people who want to get into a more performance SUP surfing board to take what they’re riding now and subtract a foot and find...

NSP turns to Coconuts for new line of paddle boards

This video is about the 2016 line of NSP Paddle Boards with Cocomat Construction. These boards are made with coconut mulch, a renewable material that is normally thrown away, but results in a paddle board that is 30% lighter and 50% stronger than standard...

Meet Travis Grant’s M2O-winning board from NSP

DC (Dale Chapman) and Chris Chamberlain walk us through Travis Grant's Molokai 2 Oahu-winning stand up paddle board, the first unlimited production board to win the M2O. DC is the shaper and was also on Travis' support boat for the 5+ hours across the M2O's Channel of...

Lahui Kai Annabel Anderson High-Performance Fitness Board for 2016

This is a sneak peak at the Annabel Anderson high-performance yoga and fitness board for 2016. This triple-carbon yoga board is as good for yoga and fitness as it is for general touring and paddling. It comes with the LiftSUP handle and ConnexSUP components. That's all...

Surftech 2016 Preview Bark Commander Light, Bark Contender Light and Bark Vapor

Mike Pilgrim with Surftech Product Development walks us through some highlights of the Surftech Bark Line for 2016. Specifically, we walk through the Bark Contender Light, Bark Commander Light, and the Bark Vapor. Bark Contender Light Race SUP Specs: Finally a Contender smaller paddlers can call their...

Futures Fins new line of SUP fins

Here is a first look at the Manta, Red Fish, Small Triangle Cutaway, and Flexible Polyurethane River and Rental fins from Futures Fins for 2015/2016 from the Outdoor Retailer Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Futures Fins Go to your local Futures Dealer or check them...

Aerial Central Cal SUP by Boardworks Surf

Boardworks Surf took out a Kraken 9'3" and 12'6" SUP in Central California. The aerial video is breathtaking. They are also using the new (for 2015) FGR adjustable carbon and fiberglass paddles. It looks like Mike Tavares and Gretchen Gamble were having a lot of fun out there.

Explanation of Twin Fins on Infinity Race Standup Paddleboards

Dave Boehne walks us through a short explanation the Twin Fin project we've been working on with Larry Allison and ProBox fins. Why it works, what are the key design features behind the set up, and it's advantages.

2015 Infinity Blackfish ST Stand Up Paddle Raceboard

From the Infinity 2015 Catalogue: Blackfish series of boards is the latest evolution in design by Dave Boehne. Taking the concept of hydrodynamic surf design in an all-new collection of boards that have taken the race paddle scene by storm. The concept was simple as...

Visiting the Hobie Workshop with Carolina Paddlin’

We didn't post this video back when it went up. I don't know why. I was probably distracted. Anyway, it's pretty cool to go behind the scenes at Quickblade and Hobie. There's some BOP footage in there as well.

EARTH SUP – Deep into Nature: Bio-sourced, renewable and/or recycled materials

0 - At Earth our mantra, Deep into Nature, is as much about the equipment we use as the places we go. The board and paddle are the tools we use to engage and interact with our surroundings. We feel the same principles that...

SUPTHINKTANK: Makers of LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plugs

We got to meet up with Matt with SUPTHINKTANK at the 2015 Surf Expo in Orlando and walked through LiftSUP handles and ConnexSUP plug system. LiftSUP is the first reinforced, injection molded handle designed specifically for Stand Up Paddleboards. hey sit flush with the deck...

Kialoa Adjustable Pro-T Grip Standup Paddle Handle: Surf Expo Goodies

Kialoa just came out with a brilliant new handle for your paddles—the 6" Pro-T. You can install them into any round shafted carbon fiber and it only adds 1.5 ounces to the weight. It allows you to adjust your paddle in a 6" range...

Sneak Peek: Riviera Paddlesurf Whirling Dervish Standup Paddleboard

Ryan Helm walks us through the Whirling Dervish Stand up paddle board designed to be surfed with normal fins as a normal SUP surf board, or with small or no fins to be able to spin the board and do tricks. It comes in...
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