Spencer Lacy on Skookumchuck

The legendary Skookumchuck rapids are on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. They are not on a river. The current that flows through the narrows changes on schedule with the moon. During the peak flow, a monstrous standing wave forms. I surfed this wave...

Your average SUP paddler, on an EPIC adventure down the Grand Canyon.

Go Paddle Race Profile SUP Music City
With permits hard to come by, it is a blessing to be asked to join a Grand Canyon trip, for some a once in a lifetime opportunity. So when Danny Mongno, Werner Paddle's marketing manager, a kayaker for close to 30 years, was invited...

WhiteWater SUP: Ben Friberg’s High Water Run on the Ocoee

Running the Ocoee on a SUP While Chattanooga's Ben Friberg might be more known as the awesome creator and race director of the Chattajack race,  he's also one darned fine whitewater sup paddler.  Take a look and you'll see what we mean...        

Whitewater SUP on the Hood River from Northwest Rafting Company

Learn more about Whitewater SUP and River Stand Up Paddleboarding on Oregon's Hood River with Dan Gavere, Tim Thorton, and Zach Collier from Northwest Rafting Company

2015 Payette River Games TV Broadcast

Watch this full replay of the Payette River Games TV broadcast that aired on CBS Sports Network. Oh and pencil in next year's event on your race calendars: June 17-19, 2016 in beautiful Cascade, Idaho. Thanks for watching PRG15 and we hope to see...

Dan Gavere paddling staircase on lower South Fork

Amazing footage by from LS3 Aerial of Dan Gavere standup paddling staircase on lower South Fork.

Chattooga III-IV SUP Descent from Trey Knight by Mitch Davis

This is from Trey Knight at the USNWC in Charlotte. He lead this recent trip down Section 4 of the Chattooga River.  This river is a SE classic whitewater run that has seldom been attempted by SUP.  This is a big move forward in the...

Payette River Games Video Archive: A collection of River SUP Delight

Distressed Mullet is headed west to cover the Payette River Games at Kelly's Water Park in Cascade, ID. The event runs from June 16-21. We'll be working with Werner Paddles to be on the ground, providing up-to-the-minute updates and videos. We're creating a dedicated...

GoPro: SUP with Chuck and Izzi – GoPro Mountain Games 2015

Chuck Patterson and Izzi Gomez give us a run down the river in this SUP course preview. Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from http://GoPro.com.

Whitewater SUP at the USNWC in Charlotte

This video is by Claxton Baer at the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) in Charlotte, NC. How much fun does this run look? Whitewater sup usnwc big drop 8-14 by Claxton Baer For more information on the USNWC, go to: http://usnwc.org  

Paddleboarding The Upper Green River

Green River Games Athletes Ben Moore and Trey Knight give us a tour featuring SUP on the Upper Green River in Saluda NC.

Winter Watersports Triple Crown: Stand-Up Whitewater Paddling, SUP Surfing, and Kiteboarding in 36 hours!

Kevin Cullen
From Kevin Cullen and Kristin Edie. WNY Winter Watersports Triple Crown: Stand-Up Whitewater Paddling, SUP Surfing, and Kiteboarding in 36 hours! Growing up in Western New York I had no idea there was whitewater paddling, surfing, and first saw kiteboarding 13 years ago as a...

Mike Tavares: Running Cataract Canyon at 7000 CFS

Mikey T. Makes Whitewater SUP Look So Easy! Haven't gotten out on the river much at all this summer, so when Mike posts up one of his western adventures, we live vicariously! On his Facebook page, Mike explains that Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park is...

14 year old Miles Harvey, SUP river surfing highlights 2016

Team Werner Paddle’s Miles Harvey has been on the SUP river surfing scene for what seems like a LONG time now, but then you realize he is still just 14 years old!  Showing a talent level on the river and a maturity off the...

Hala Paddle Boarding in Japan, part two from Paul Clark

This is a video from Hala team rider, Paul Clark from his whitewater standup paddleboarding in Japan adventure. It's part 2 of 1. SUP road trip in Japan with Hala paddle boards. Photography by Paul Clark/SUPPAUL.  

Paddleboarding Oak Springs Rapids from Hala Gear

Oak Springs Rapids on the Deschutes near Maupin s one of the more challenging rapids on the Deschutes and makes for a fun run on a paddle board. It is one of Paul Clark's favorite rapids. Here he rides the Hala Atcha. Photography by...

Spencer Lacy Highlight reel, Whitewater SUP

This is an amazing whitewater SUP highlight reel. Spencer Lacy Whitewater, River Surfing to surfing behind a sternwheeler video.

Colorado River Surfing With Badfish SUP

A session with team Badfish SUP surfing the Glenwood Springs Wave on the Colorado River during high flows in the summer of 2014. The team is surfing the wave on the 6'11 and 8' River Surfers. www.badfishsup.com shot and edited by Heather Jackson

Whitewater SUP – Stand Up Paddleboarding on the Colorado River

It's like walking on water, only better. That's the sensation that drove Vail Valley local Ken Hoeve to pioneer the growing sport of whitewater SUP, also known as river SUP. It's a high-octane variation of the SUP that’s traditionally been done in Colorado—and from...

Trey’s cross bow peel out at the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC)

Trey Knight at the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) in Charlotte, NC

Mikey T from LS3 Aerial in Durango, Colorado on the Animas River

Michael Tavares getting it done for Badfish SUP in Durango, Colorado. Animas River, Smelter 2500 cfs.

Day #1 in Idaho With Zane Schweitzer & Brenan Rose

Whitewater river sup in Idaho during the week of the Payette River Games. Filmed & edited by Matty Schweitzer

Some fun whitewater stand up paddling from the UK

A quick white water run and river surf on local river. @redpaddleco flow 9'6" UK www.activeadventuresw.co.uk

G-Form at the H20 Overdrive Summer Series stand up paddling race

On July 28-29, Parker Brown, David Brownschidle and Mike Girard, known together as the "G-Form Swarm," attended the H20 Overdrive Summer Series in Park City, Utah. This two-day Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) event included both flat-water and river races, held at the the picturesque Jordanelle...

Sternwheel SUP Surfing

Sternwheel SUP Surfing the Columbia Gorge with Mike Tavares and Dan Gavere. Mike T was surfing the Badfish 12.6 MVP by Boardworks Surf. The sternwheel allows for up to 2 hours of continuous surfing if the conditions are right and you are up to...
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