The World of Surfski: Epic Kayak’s Jasper Mocke

Two-time World Surfski Champion Jasper Mocke is driven. The South African Epic Kayak team rider excels in river and flat water marathons, but he says exploring new downwind routes is what gets him going. "The adrenalin of a sketchy situation where you are forced to...

Video: Training your balance on the Surf Ski

It's all about the balance! If you think balance is only an issue for the standup paddler, well, you'd be wrong. In this video, James Smith explains how it comes in to play when you are in a sitting position, in a surf ski. And,...

6x World Champion Teneale Hatton joins Paddle Monster as Surfski and Kayak Coach

Teneale Hatton joins Paddle Monster
Paddle Monster has added six-time World Champion, Teneale Hatton as Head Paddle Coach for Surfski and Kayak Training at paddlemonster.com. Coach Hatton will be specializing in surfski and kayak technique and training and will be coaching a select group of paddlers online through Paddlemonster.com and the...

Surfski: Video Recap of the North Shore Cup Paddlesport Race 2016

The North Shore Cup is a Kayak and Paddlesports Race on the North Shore of Lake Marion in Clarendon County SC. It includes both 12 and six-mile race categories. <a href="https://paddlemonster.com/surfski-kayak-coaching-coach-teneale-hatton-updates/"><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-57670" src="https://distressedmullet.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/9.png" alt="training surfski teneale hatton" width="600" height="90" /></a>

Shark V. Surfski Encounter in South Africa

Scary moments for some surf ski paddlers in South Africa, where The Landlord is kind of known to be a bit too attentive, if you get our drift. Oh, and in case you're wondering - 4 meters is a little over 13 feet. This story...

Surfski Event Calendar

surfski calendar
This is a preliminary Calendar of worldwide Surfski Events compiled by Teneale Hatton of Think Kayaks for Paddle Monster and Distressed Mullet. If you have any additions, let us know at [email protected] January 101 Surf Sports paddle race #2 – Redwood city – 21/1 Cockatoo Cup –...
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