Tabata Thursday and fitness test on Facebook live today at 3pm EST

Base fitness test the first part (its like 5-8 mins) then a 10-12 min tabata workout Join us on the Paddle Monster Facebook Page at 3Pm EST

Paddle Monster RX: Virtual Training with Nutrition and Human Performance Coach Victoria Burgess, PhD, CISSN

We are launching a new program this week: The Paddle Monster Rx Program: This is an all-encompassing virtual fitness/wellness program by Victoria Burgess, PhD, CISSN, Paddle Monster Nutrition and Human Performance Coach. This is great for paddlers who paddle for fitness and not necessarily for racing....

Coach Larry Cain talks LIVE (recorded) about training in the time of COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus and on Paddle Monster Facebook

Larry Cain
Larry Cain spoke about his approach to staying healthy and paddling in the difficult time on Paddle Monster Facebook love yesterday. This is part of a series of Facebook Live events we'll be hosting over the next few weeks or months. It’s not our position...

Spring Base Paddle Training Launches This Week with Coach Larry Cain

Spring Base Training Coach Larry Cain
The Spring Base Program launches March 9 and is designed to help those Northern Hemisphere paddlers that haven't been able to paddle consistently through the winter a chance to get back on the water and begin preparation for the summer competitive season in a...

Southern Hemisphere Paddle Strength Program- Winter is Coming…

If you are part of the Paddle Monster Family, it means you are passionate about paddling. Perhaps you are competitive and your main goal is to win races. Maybe you are time limited and you thrive under the guidance and structure of a professional...

Improved performance can be as easy as extending your warm up and cool down

Larry Cain Warmups
A new post by Coach Larry Cain Getting a little extra distance in each workout has a big impact on your paddling over time. What may seem like insignificant extra distance on a particular day, if repeated daily or even just semi-regularly will yield big...

Larry Cain’s Spring Competitive Program Launches THIS WEEK on Paddle Monster

For those with consistent access to open water and racing major early season events like the Carolina Cup at the end of April, this phase begins on January 27. Here is where we start to ramp up work on the water, with anywhere from...

2020 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis 20-week Training Program with Coach Seychelle on Paddle Monster

Are you ready to start training for the paddle of a lifetime? If your goal is to cross from Bimini to Florida this June, this program is designed to get you there. It is scalable to all levels of paddlers and to individual or team...

How to deal with falling short of your goals

There’s nothing that feels better than setting a lofty goal and achieving it.  Beyond the fact that you’ve accomplished something that you’ve set your mind to, reaching your goal is the culmination of a long process and lots of hard work.  Successfully completing that...

How to Survive the Holidays and Enter the New Year from a Training Perspective

How to Survive the Holidays and Enter the New Year from a Training Perspective So, if you’re reading this you’ve survived Christmas and, if you’re American, Thanksgiving and the whole holiday buildup.  But you’re not in the clear yet.  There’s the holiday season between Christmas...

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