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Flashback. Just found this. It was a great event this past spring. Michael Owens turned the race into a paddle clinic. A lot of fun.

Wetsand SEA Paddle Photos


Gerry’s impression of SEA NYC the year before: Not as fun

http://www.seasurfer.org/node/12"Most were on longer boards like the Jimmy Lewis distance paddler, my Brewer board was barely planing and pushing water badly. I could see how far we had to go and how slowly we were moving. I had every ...

Support Jason-DONATE TO THE SEA NYC RACE-Autism awareness

Jason Colclough and John Beausnag are paddling SUPs in a 28-mile event around NYC organized by Surfers' Environmental Alliance (SEA). Please consider donating to the cause. Jason has to raise $1500 to paddle in the race. Through generous donations, John has already met his goal. DONATE FOR JASON AT: http://www.firstgiving.com/jasoncolclough Donating...

Check out Gerry Lopez on the SEA Paddle Around Manhattan (2007)

http://www.thecleanestline.com/2007/10/gerry-lopez-on-.html"The water was rough and turbulent, wakes from the numerous ferries tossed us around and not a person in our group relished a dunking in the dirty water of this busy harbor. Many of us were on stand up paddle boards,...

Amazing day at the inlet

Brad, Jim and I hit it just before the wind shifted ESE. The Southswell broke off the low-tide sandbar all the way to Figure 8. Longestrides I've had since traveling to Mainland Mexico in March. Rode boththe 11' August and Brad's 10' 6" C4.Bait...


That's right you heard it!  SideArm is your southeastern NC dealer for Gerry Lopez and Ron House paddleboards.  We also just added Quickblade paddles.  Marinate on those chickens.  As always we have a gaggle of demo boards for FREE...

Distressed Mullet Sounds Off

This is in response to a great discussion thread on NC Paddle Surferhttps://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=917314788148682800&postID=3115745873623933087&page=1Wow. Jason and Chris you two rock. Friggin hilarious.The bottom line are the etiquette problems. If you don't come from a surfing background, you don't necessarily understand how lineups work. ...

Chest-High floaters

Y'all missed three sets of chest high floaters at Masonboro this afternoon. Big Jim, Brad and I witnessed a Reef-girl bonanza straight from Argentina. I don't know which was more surprising, the consistent cupping waist-high groundswell or the flashes of the...

Dwight Blog Comment emailed anonymously to me…

Check out the Dwight blog and his head-high floaters on his Sub-Vector……it concerns me that Brad Jones is always hanging out with him.  It also sounds like Dwight is gonna be up in the Beach House like Norm from Cheers – that ought to...

Waiting for my 9’3″ C4 Subvector

In route:"Based on Dave Parmenter's proven Stub Vector, the Sub-Vector is the perfect short board for stand-up paddle surfing. If ever you were wondering which short board to add to your SUP quiver, this is it. The BoardWorks TEC construction makes...

How to cut your paddle to the right length

From SUP Global— Great sitehttp://www.supglobal.comhttp://www.supglobal.com/stand-up-paddle/tips-and-techniques/90-how-to-cut-your-paddle-to-the-right-length.html

The definition of a W.A.F.I.

W.A.F.I.   Wind Assisted Fucking Idiot!!!

The WB Loop

I left Harbor Island at 6 am, heading south under Causeway Drive andsouth down Bank's Channel. The headwind was tempered by the outgoingtide. In 35 minutes, I'd already passed the Coast Guard Station,rounded the bend of Masonboro Inlet and hopped the wall at the...

Cape Fear Surfrider comes out in support of Stop Titan

This is the release from Surfrider:Our Position on the Titan Cement PlantThe Cape Fear Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation believes that the environmental impact of the proposed Titan Cement Plant strongly outweighs any economic benefits associated with the project. Many of the residents of...


PRESENTED BY MADDog SurfBoards, Leslie Rules, Bark Ocean AND THE East Coast Paddle Board AssocationOn July 18th a new paddleboard and SUP champion will be crowned for the east coast in Ponce Inlet, Florida. registration starts DAY OF RACE 7:30 AM...

Welcome to the distressed Mullet

This site is dedicated to Standup Paddleboarding. From sessions to training, equipment to technique, we'll cover it all. The title comes from a fishing trip I went on recently with a fly fishing guide buddy of mine, Seth Vernon. We were "walking the dog"...
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