Epic Kayaks Transportation System

Can you imagine a system like this for your OCs, Prones, and SUPs on a  van or SUV? It's brilliant. Make from a Ladder rack used by painters and builders. Transporting Epic kayaks and surfskis using a Ram Promaster Cargo Van, with the assistance of...

SUP Surfing in AUSTRALIA from Bernd Roediger with Fiona Wilde

This is an AMAZING video. Fiona Wilde sent this to me this week. "I am really excited to share with you my latest video from Australia. I traveled there with my boyfriend, Bernd Roediger to meet up with our good friend Kai Bates. To say...

Reading Bumps by Yuval Lavy

Jeremy Riggs sent this to us and it's amazing. Listen to his commentary on how to read the downwind bumps as they catch huge glides and connect bumps. "Here's a clip from a 2-man session with Yuval from New York. It was his first time in...

RIVIERA RP-12 Prone Paddleboard fun session in Tahiti with Natua Teriitahi

One of the Tahitian Riviera team riders Natua Teriitahi just put a video together of a few sessions on their prone board, the RP-12. This looks like so much fun.

Meet Joe and Jane Paddler: Steve and Cindy Scherrer,Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

Joe and Jane Paddler Scherrer
Where were you born and where do you now live? We were both born in Denver , CO. SS – My family moved to Portland, OR when I was a child. CS- I moved to Portland in 1984. We now live on Long Beach Peninsula...

Meet Joe Paddler: James Gregorio, Marlboro, New Jersey

Joe Paddler James Gregorio
Where you were born and where you live now? I was born in Brookhaven, NY, moved to Montauk, NY at 12 and live in Marlboro, NJ now. What is your occupation? TV Meteorologist Where do you SUP the most? Jersey Shore. Manasquan River with my training partners, Will Sodano...

Buy Local Shop Profile: Idaho River Sports, Boise, Idaho

Idaho River Sports
Location Idaho River Sports 601 N. Whitewater Park Blvd. Boise, Idaho 83702 What board companies do you carry? Starboard, Hobie, NRS, Boardworks, C4 Waterman, Badfish, Glide, Surftech, Hydrus Board Tech and more! What paddles do you carry? Werner Paddles, Kialoa, Sawyer, Carlisle, Quickblade, NRS and more! Do you have Paddleboard Rentals? Yes Do you...

The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling

The Golden Rules are a set of rules that will help you stand up paddle most efficiently and safely. Produced by StandUpPaddlingTV in partnership with the ACA http://www.aca-sup.com

Sunset SUP Series at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort tonight

This is a summer staple at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. Thursday night free races. Tonight is going to be perfect weather. See you there.

Gear Review: Reflekt Unsinkable Polarized FLOATING Sunglasses

Reflekt sunglasses
It's well-known that the bottoms of Falls and Jordan lakes, as well as many other aquatic substrates are littered with things that belong to me. And some things that don't, like a sup yoga 10-pound anchor I lost Sunday (sorry Outdoor School!) But, usually...

The Baxter Family Needs our Help!

Baxter Family
Paddling ohana, one of our own is in dire need. Keith Baxter, an amazing waterman and father to Connor, has a serious infection following a boating accident last year.  The situation is critical and he needs treatment in California.  Baxter is known for his...

Complete list of Clinics at the 2016 West Marine Carolina Cup in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Carolina Cup
Wednesday, April 20 3-day Lazy Dog Paddle Yoga Training with the addition of a WPA level 1 certification When:  Wednesday-Friday. April 20-22, 8am to 4pm each day Where to meet: Meet at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort Lobby Price: $695 Spots: Limited to 12 Paddle Yogis Description: Lazy Dog is...

Buy Local Shop Profile: Lake Powell Paddleboards, Page, AZ

Lake Powell
Lake Powell Paddleboards is a family owned and operated Stand Up Paddle (SUP) shop located in downtown Page, Arizona, just minutes from Lake Powell. Location 836 Vista Ave, Page AZ 86040, mailing address is P.O. Box 2187, Page AZ 86040 (post office doesn't deliver to our...

Meet Joe Paddlers: Dylan and Jason Geiger, Satellite Beach, FL

Dylan and Jason
If you live in Florida or have been at Chattajack the last two years, no doubt you know, or at least know of this father and son duo. And you've no doubt been inspired by their dedication and skill on the water in both...

Go Paddle Race Profile: California 100, Redding, CA

Cal 100
Beginning under the Sundial Bridge in Redding and finishing near Chico, this moving water round the clock event is open to all paddle sport enthusiasts in kayaks, open canoes, surfskis, standup paddleboards, outrigger canoes & prone paddleboards. And it supports a great cause! Date June 11, 2016 Location Redding,...

Johnny Puakea on the growth of outrigger popularity on the east coast

Johnny Puakea discusses the explosion of outrigger canoeing on the Mainland and specifically the East Coast. According to Johnny, Florida and other areas along the east coast have perfect conditions, flatwater and ocean options making it a great fit. Also standup paddling is causing a push toward...

Travis Grant SUP Training Camp Video from New Zealand

Here's a quick look at the NSP SUP training camp in New Zealand with Travis Grant from Sam Thom

2015 Year End Wrap-Up – Riviera Paddlesurf

Here's a look at our 2015 Highlight reel, and all the good times we had paddling! 2016 makes Riviera 10 years old! Thanks to our Retailers, Ambassadors, Customers and everyone else for a great year! Were excited for 2016... Can't wait to show the...

SUP Surfing in Tahiti with Riviera Paddlesurf

Amazing footage: There’s one scene early on with a waterfall. It looks fake. Like something out of Willy Wonka. I love the one part where Drew Brophy says, "The waves were too big to surf, so we were looking for a reform to ride."...

Whitewater SUP Germany

Whitewater SUP-Training with the 1st German Whitewater SUP Champion Mario Stecher and his Twin Brother Manuel Stecher

Herd of manatees sneak up to swim alongside paddleboarders

A couple, named only as Tyler and Lauren, lucked out when took paddleboards for a spin in Florida in the Weeki Wachee River with SUP WEEKI, a company that specializes in Stand Up Paddle Boarding. A herd of approximately 10 magical manatees cruised past them.

Hybrid/Electric Triple Action Pump|for Kitesurf, SUP & Boats Kickstarter Campaign

This is a really cool idea. I know manufacturers have been struggling with how to make pumping up inflatable boards easier. The electric version, attached with jumper cables to a battery can be sketchy for the non-mechanically inclined. The Hybrid Electric Triple-Action Pump is the "first...

April Zilg talks about a new drafting rules concept

April Zilg talks about a concept for changing the drafting rules once a race has begun and racers have reached a certain point. It would allow paddlers who are racing at a similar speed to work together regardless of their class or gender. I kind...

Cayuga Lake SUP CUP Schedule of Events

FRIDAY July 31st 5 pm - 8 pm Pre-Race Registration Party at Rogue's Harbor Inn Pick up your race registration and swag bags, sip local wines and beer, munch locally-sourced appetizers, and enjoy camaraderie before the big day!  Check out Rogues' Harbor Inn in Lansing New York. SATURDAY August 1st...

“NEVER GIVE UP” America’s Cup Winner Jimmy Spithill on the Molokai 2 Oahu Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Challenge

Bluesmiths announces the release of “Never Give Up” – a short documentary film about the experiences of James “Jimmy” Spithill in the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships. Jimmy Spithill needs no introduction. He is an accomplished Australian yachtsman and two-time winner of the America’s Cup as skipper...

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