Fitness Onboard Certification

The Fitness Onboard Certification (FOC) is a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) fitness program designed by fitness professionals. Developed to bridge the gap between the sport of SUP and traditional fitness programs, the FOC will provide instructors the tools to achieve a safe and effective workout for their clients.
The main focus of the FOC is to grow the sport of SUP by teaching SUP and fitness enthusiasts to be great SUP fitness instructors. There has been a recent influx of group fitness classes on paddleboards, but few have instructors who are trained in both SUP fundamentals and exercise physiology.
At Fitness Onboard, we strongly believe that all training programs for SUP fitness instructors should be based on education and knowledge of the human body. The core emphasis for FOC instructors is to better the lives of people in their communities by providing quality fitness programs through proper technique, exercise form and class execution. 
The Fitness Onboard Certification©  provides detailed information on how to lead a safe and affective workout, while keeping in mind the individual clients, their physical limitations, fitness levels, and how it all relates to exercise physiology.  The certification also provides training in water safety, paddle technique, a better understanding of necessary SUP equipment, the key elements to great instruction, exercise execution, and an understanding of the laws mandated for SUP participants and how to identify when they are necessary to be put to use.  The FOC provides even more info to help FOC instructors build confidence and comfort in knowing each instructor is maintaining their class participation levels with effective workouts due to their education of SUP fitness through the FOC©!   
Not one-group fitness class has EVER had participants who are all the same fitness level, share same past injuries, with the same physical limitations, or all have the same experience in the specific exercise program/sup experience.   So we asked ourselves; "what can we bring to SUP fitness that will help instructors understand and teach their clients based on their own personal needs while keeping everyone injury free and safe without the SUP business and its instructors becoming a liability."   We present to you, The Fitness Onboard Certification©.

With the FOC© program, we teach current and future instructors the principles of exercise physiology and proper technique to prepare them to lead safe and effective SUP fitness programs for their customers, from beginners to elite athletes, to help attain their health and fitness goals.
"Realize that a certification does not make you a professional; a certification alone— WITHOUT the right tools and continuing education—makes you a liability." 
​Cindi and Leah​
Cindi Bear Bonner
M. Ed. Exercise Physiology
Fitness Ambassador for SUP ATX
SUP Fitness Specialist at Stroops®
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