Yukon SUPDate: RACE IS ON!

She kind of is. She is in the WILDERNESS!

Here is what the WILDERNESS weather forecast looks like for today, start day:


Back it Up

After they got to the Yukon they met up with other paddlers. Here’s how that went:

They also went to check out the area upriver, which is the top picture of this post.

They worked on packing at the hostel they stayed at:

Look: the Mullet is on the Bear Canisters!

What is in the canisters?

Clif bars, pro bars, peanut butter crackers, snickers, shot bloks, freeze dried dinners, trail mix, granola, beef jerky, smoked salmon

Some scenery:

The river is moving VERY FAST. They shot a video but I can’t share it to our FB page. You can follow them for the next couple of weeks here:

Kim’s Spot Tracker:


Ben’s Spot Tracker:


Yesterday they inflated their boards. The Starboard Touring Astros:

Stay tuned for more info! Please send up a prayer today when they get started. The Satellite phone doesn’t work with clouds, so I might or might not talk to them and have updates for y’all.

Good luck and Godspeed

UPDATE: 1:13pm EST: They’re at the start line!

Actually it is on at 2pm EST