King of Wrightsville Beach Biathlon: No Paddling Required

I don’t usually post events that are unrelated to paddling, but when I do, I think of something witty to write that would make it sound like a Dos Equis commercial.

This event is brought to you by good friends of the Distressed Mullet: The Blockade Runner Beach Resort and Bike Cycles. It’s not the Wrightsville Beach Biathlon with paddling and running. This is a bike and run.

If you have a fat bike, let’s get out at low tide for this  first-of-its-kind event anywhere on the East Coast.

The King Of Wrightsville Beach Biathlon be be fun yet challenging and consists of a 4 lap, 6.32 mile bike ride on the soft and hard sands of beautiful Wrightsville Beach, followed by a 3.2 Mile run to the Southern most point of the island and back, this race will test even the most seasoned adventure racer. Total distance will be approximately 10 miles.

The tide will be going to low but the course will take the bicycle racers all over the beach on a course which will traverse thick sand, soft sand as well as on the hard packed low tide waterfront. The 5k run will take the racers through the thick sand where they will have several thick sand sections through which they will be required to run. The whole race will take place on the South End of Wrighstville Beach with the transition area being in front of the historic Blockade Runner. This will be a spectator friendly event with multiple laps on the bike so fans can watch and cheer on their favorite racer as they peddle and push their bikes through the serpentine course.

fat tire 2

Age groups will be 15-19, 20-29,30-39,40-49,50-59,60-69,70-79,80+ in both Female and Male categories.

Teams are allowed and encouraged. Teams will be catagorized as Female/Female, Male/Male or Co-ed.

First finisher in each division is crowned the winner of that division or team category. Second place and beyond are cheered for and will be forever known to have completed the first and toughest Biathlon on Wrightsville Beach!

Any style of bike is allowed but a bicycle with tires bigger than 4″ wide is recommended! Fat Bikes are definitely the best choice. The course has been tested using a bike with 4.6″ tires and running them at 8psi gives you sufficient traction and allow the bike to float over the sand. Tough legs are the best bet for the running section. The course will take you up and down the beach in thick sand as well as in and out of the truck tracks left by the lifeguards. Drafting is legal but you must ride at your own risk and be in control at all times. The run will take you south and there will be two points where you must run up to the dune line before proceeding down the beach. There is normally a fairly strong wind in one direction so this course will be sure to introduce you to the suffering brought on by mother nature.

A Portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to The Wrightsville Beach Foundation who are friends of The King of Wrighsville Beach Biathlon.


This event is brought to you by:

The Blockade Runner Beach Resort




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