NCP heating up the Prone paddleboard molds and continues killer customs tradition

It’s awesome to see the variety in designs and the start of some new discussions. I know NCP is making a custom for Matt at Riding Bumps and I can see Brian is stoked on the ones he’s cranking out. The glassing jobs look amazing. And they are 1.2 lbs per foot which is insanely light.

Check them out:



Available At:
Patagonnia Cardiff
Address: 2185 San Elijo Ave, Cardiff By The Sea, CA 92007
Phone:(760) 634-9886
Brian Syzmanski is creating some insane looking boards


  1. What volume and size prone board should a 300 lb rider use? Trying to stay at 15ft or under so I dont need a rudder. Hard to find anything on the market for a big guy like myself.


    1. I’m not entirely sure. It does sound like you’d have to go unlimited which means custom. I know Joe Bark can work with you to figure out the dimensions, volume, etc. He’s really good at it and I’m sure he can make you something that will be great.