QuickBlade Gator

QuickBlade launches new stand up paddle board to devour existing brands

One of the keys to the success of this board is it helps paddlers go from the stock division to 14, to unlimited in 2-6 seasons.

The board grows with the paddler.—Jimmy Terrell

The QB Gator comes in a 12’6″ which grows to a 14′ in 2 seasons and a 14′ that grows to an unlimited in 4 seasons. It has a top speed of 20 miles per hour (32 kph), unassisted, and 18 mph when you paddle.

I tie a chicken to my longest paddle and just dangle it in front. My Gator board won’t stop. —Dave Kalama

Drafting is interesting. The trick is keeping the gator’s nose more than 6 inches from the person you’re drafting or it’ll take the tail right off it. Also, when people see I’m drafting them, they seem to get faster. We’re not sure why.—Jamie Mitchell

QuickBlade Gator, to hit shops and aquariums in the summer of 2015. They come with a built in deck pad. Although they’re not sure how to get one on your roof rack or how they’ll ship.

We’re still working out the details.Weight is an issue. The average weight 360 kg (790 lb) and then there’s the fact that you have to feed them.—Jimmy Terrell

These are very territorial boards and tend to dominate local races. QB suggests zig-zagging to your car to get the board near the rack or trailer.

This is truly a killer board design —Jimmy Terrell

In 2016, we’re launching a kids version called the Caiman.

Thank you Maggie Adams