StrongRabbit: 5 must-have cooking tools for tasty, healthy, and idiot-proof cooking

When I think of my favorite activities, cooking has never made the list. However, over the last few weeks, my free-lance work as a medical consultant has been a bit sluggish. This mandated some serious tightening of our dining out / take-out budget, and so I’ve found myself in the kitchen a bit more than usual. Cooking at home is soooo much less expensive that eating out! Plus, we’ve found that cooking at home has been much more nutritious and satisfying. We have the ultimate control over what we’re putting in our bodies. We’re eating more veggies, saving money, and feeling better than we have in a long time!

With my increased presence in the kitchen, I’ve discovered that I actually have favorite kitchen tools. They are relatively inexpensive and super simple, as I tend to hate giant, complex machines that have 98 parts to assemble then clean. Do not ask me to EVER use a Cuisinart food processor. It makes me angry.

StrongRabbit’s Favorite Cooking Tools

Here are my top 5 cooking tools and why I like ‘em, besides the fact that you spend just $100 bucks total for all 5 combined. We’d spend that easily on just 4 to 6 restaurant / take-out meals depending on the venue.

  1. A high-quality knife. I never knew the importance of this until I met the Mullet. I grew up in a family that used dull paring knives for cutting up fruits and veggies –no cutting board involved. Hold the knife in one hand and the object to be sliced in the other. Not the safest technique! Needless to say, the Mullet was appalled at my primitive skills, and surprised that I still had all my digits. He quickly showed me the superior safety and efficiency of a good cutting board and a sharp knife. Here’s the knife we use umpteen times a day. $69 at Amazon.
  2. Cutting board: see above for reasons why you need one. $15 at Amazon.
  3. A garlic peeler (looks like a rubber tube).  Why it’s on my top 5—I hated dealing with fresh garlic before discovering this contraption. Insert garlic clove, press firmly while rolling and the cloves roll right out sans skin. $6 at Amazon.
  4. A paddle grater (no relation to SUP paddles). Why it’s on my top 5—I use it for everything from zesting lemons to mincing garlic. Easy to clean and doesn’t take up precious cabinet space.  $8 at Target.
  5. A glass lemon juicer / squeezer. Why it’s on my top 5—I really don’t like using bottled lemon juice in recipes. It just has an overly strong, antiseptic taste to me. We use this lemon juicer ALL THE TIME when recipes call for citrus juice–lemons, limes, and even oranges. It’s a great tool for extracting all the juice possible and it even separates the seeds from the juice. Can’t remember where we got ours, but I found one like it online for $4 at Amazon.

So, what are your favorite cooking tools? Please share! And please tell me what you want me to post about next!!

All for less than $100!

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