StrongRabbit Research Roundup

Hi Mullet Readers! We’ve already made it over the mid-month hump, and I’ve found myself inspired to start a new monthly StrongRabbit feature on the Mullet.

I am a nutrition and health news hound—so why not have me do the legwork to find the latest and greatest health information? I’ll be scouring, distilling, and then sharing the latest health news and tips with you once a month.

I’ve narrowed it down to five components that I am passionate about and that I hope you will find helpful in creating your own healthy, happy state of being. They’re simple—Cook, Eat, Do, mEducate (see explanation below), and Dance.

Holla if you like it!

I’ll keep the recipes, news, tips, and tunes from around the webisphere coming each month! The other weeks will be regular StrongRabbit articles.


Green Chili Turkey Burgers >> Another fabulous recipe from Elana’s Pantry. Super easy, super tasty, and you can make enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day. Cook once, eat multiple times!

Roasted Delicata Squash >> Giddyup, ya’ll! It’s fall, and this oh-so-seasonable winter squash recipe from Summer Tomato will have you springing into action in the kitchen! I admit that—until this week—I was a delicata squash virgin. And then I spied them at Trader Joe’s for just $0.99 so I decided to give it a whirl. If you are looking for a way to “squash” your sugar cravings, this is a fantastically yummy and healthy option! My sugar cravings are strongest at night, and I find if I incorporate more sweet veggies such as this one into my food, I can more easily shun the refined junk. A cool feature of delicata squash is that when cooked, you can eat the skin! Thus, easy-peasy prep, no peeler required! Keep reading to find out how having naturally sweet healthy foods on hand may keep your brain from sending you on a sugar quest…


Brain Cannot Be Fooled By Artificial Sweeteners; Higher Likelihood of Sugar Consumption Later >> This’ll have you rethinking that diet soda pick-me-up at 4pm in the afternoon. Add this one to the growing number of studies that are discovering the not-so-sweet consequences of artificially sweetened products on brain function. As presented in a recently published mouse study in The Journal of Physiology, scientists have discovered a specific brain signal that regulates dopamine—our “reward transmitter”—and they found that this signal only happens when there is usable fuel (ie, sugar or energy). The scientists showed that artificial sweeteners (which of course contain minimal to no “energy”) interfered with this signaling, and ultimately led to “sugar seeking”. So put down that diet soda when you’re hungry or need a pick me up. Step outside and get some fresh air, drink a glass of water, and if that doesn’t work, go for a healthy sweet snack–have some of that roasted delicatta squash with a handful of cashews!


How Surrendering Can Get You What You Want In Life >> Great tips from fellow IIN alum Jill Shapiro on how to stop forcing life to happen and to just surrender to life’s path. Easier said than done, right? So, read on to see how clarity, belief, trust, presence, and rejection (yes, rejection!) can be the secrets to a happy life. Oh—and for all you manly men out there—you might want to get more in touch with your feminine side.


First, a bit about what my “mEducate” segment is about. As you know by now, I am a PharmD, which means I spent nearly 7 years in school (Go Tar Heels!) learning about drugs and how they affect the body. After graduating, I spent another 15+ years in community and pharma industry settings. I have come to appreciate the vast over-reliance of our country’s healthcare approach on pharmaceuticals. It is staggering! (Like $326 Billion spent by Americans in 2012 alone staggering!) So…I’m guessing there are a few of you Mullet Readers (myself included) who are or who have in the past been taking prescription or OTC medications.


All too often, medications are prescribed or used inappropriately, or are prescribed as the key approach to disease with little to no emphasis placed on lifestyle modifications and motivations to build healthier habits. In many contexts, medications can be downright harmful. So in this segment, I hope to provide easily digestible information on commonly prescribed drugs. I’ll then tie this information into what I believe to be the best prescription for health and happiness—preventive measures such as food, movement, and other good habits. My intention is to arm you with information that you can use to help make your own determinations for treatment in conjunction with your personal healthcare team. Think of me as your personal cyber PharmD.


6 Steps to Healthy Cholesterol, Or Why You Should Stop Your Statins Now >> First, let me be clear—I am not the one suggesting you stop statin therapy (ie, Lipitor, Zocor, etc) if you are currently taking one of these meds! As a PharmD, it is my belief and my duty to inform you that you should not change your medications without discussing it with your healthcare practitioners. HOWEVER, I wholeheartedly agree with this insightful article by Dr Mark Hyman. We have gone too far and too low in terms of cholesterol goals. Did you know that cholesterol is a vital component of cell membranes? That it is a vital ingredient for hormone synthesis? That it is a vital component of your brain cells? Read (or watch) to learn why it’s the “GEOMETRY” of the cholesterol in your body, and not so much the AMOUNT that counts.  At a recent checkup, I was very happy to learn that I have nice, fluffy LDL particles floating about with very low levels of the small dense LDL that is associated with bad heart health. Read (or watch) Dr Hyman’s 6 doable steps for healthy cholesterol. Hmmm, any of these sound familiar????


Eple (Original Edit), by Röyksopp >> This happy tune came back to me this week during an iPod “shuffle” workout. Because I’m so happy that fall is here, thought I’d share the bubbliness with you. Bonus fact: “Eple” is Norwegian for “apple”. Now take 3.6 minutes to dance (no one has to see) today and everyday til we meet again!

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